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  1. I'm funny. Seriously.

    By goodbye I mean hello. Just dropping in, I have a break between my busy college and social life. Heh.

    I'm toying round with the idea of going back to editing (AGAIN) actually. Nothing major, probably just a map with some custom textures. Since college work forced me to get a new computer that doesn't totally suck (For the record, my crusty P200 dies, I now have a cheap P3-800... it'll do).

    So, ah, HI FELLAS!!!!

    Glad to see that some of the old faces are still here.


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    2. Sharessa


      Damn, it's been a while.

    3. Jayextee


      Lüt said:

      In concordance with your recurring affinity for inversion: bug off you infernal sap.

      I'm laughing so hard right now. No, it's not my usual irony. So, uh, thanks... I guess ;)

      I don't think I'll kid myself this time here; I'm (now) working on NO projects, and don't plan to. Nor am I going to help any. There, anything productive you get out of me now should be a welcome surprise... and if I do, it'll be Exhumed.

      And, yeah, some of the young faces are cool. Man, I been lurking this place anyways between then and now, and some of the morons have been quite entertaining. Well, for me. Not username entertaining, but I guess I'm spoiled, huh? ;)

    4. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Jayextee said:
      [B Not username entertaining, but I guess I'm spoiled, huh? ;) [/B]

      Well, there was Taylor and the whole Imp Encounter debacle. Which I personally find to be the most well executed and outright beautiful troll I've ever seen.