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  1. Well, I usually blog instead on my livejournal (Mostly locked to friends only these days, apart from when I show off artwork), but I'm blogging here, since my recent LJ posts are weirdass things like how there's a BREAST on one of the wallmounts in our local Subway. Not a vegetable, a BREAST.

    Anyways, for the curious ("Who the hell is this?") here's me;

    Taken at college in September. Yes, pink hair. It's all black now. Alltogether now with the chants of "Goth" if you want, but I'll make some sorry excuse how I'm not, and all that. You know the drill :P

    Also, check my page for artwork and stuff, which I spend a lot of time doing.

    Anyways, blogging. Wow, it's been a helluva year. March now. Wow. This is an entire year since I was last discharged from my local Mental Health Ward. Wish I was kidding you, folks. Depression got reaal bad, and a year since, I've picked things up. Doing well at college (I'm there again!), got my own place (Yay, no annoying parents) and a gorgeous girlfriend (No, I'm not posting a pic. Perverts :P Actually, had I any, I would. I may have to get handy with the ol' scanner). Things are working out.

    And I'm back here, DW. I loves you guys, you knows it (Yes, GLC). I don't know how go the editing, because my monitor's broken, so I'm probably going to make the leap and go flatscreen ^_^. Maybe. I'm toying around with making a level to display some gameplay concepts I'm toying with. Nothing revolutionary, just basic gameplay stuff, refined and unified completely. Should be fun.

    Yeah, I'm a biiiig nerd now, when it comes to ludology (Noun: Study of gameplay, basically). I started to hate talking games at college, because nobody knows what I'm talking about when I blather on about manipulating virtual space, time management and peripheral factors... I'm writing a paper. I'm not even at uni yet, and I'm writing a bloody paper on something that nobody has a bleeding clue about. Well, the literati and academia seem to have at least half a clue.

    What? Videogames are, as we're all told, as a media very much in their infancy. There are tons of concepts and ideas waiting to be discovered, or in my case recognised. At some point in the paper, I'm probably going to use Doom as an example of axes within dimensions... Doom is indeed 2D in gamplay terms, but not by the classically recognised standard, since in terms of manipulable spatial dimensions, X,Y and Z don't really cut it -- they're merely axes of one form of manipulation, one dimension. Of a possible three (Manipulable dimensions; Position, Angle and Size of a player entity. Since Doom has no crouch as standard, the player's size never changes - crouching makes the entities' are smaller - therefore we have manipulation of position; 2 axes; and angle; 1 axis). Lost you? I guess I really need to finish the damn paper. I feel like I've discovered the motherfucking videogame atom here, metaphorcally speaking. Being a far-lefty, I'll share the info when it's properly realised, so that (theoretically) y'all can be playing far better user-made levels. Or if I make it into The Industry, better games. Who doesn't want that? ;)

    I'd love this to turn into a discussion, if anybody has any kind of feedback to this waffle. ^_^

    Hmmm... I rambled. In such a way I can't on LJ, under my friends' scrutiny. Heh.

    Told you blogs are llame, this is proof ;). Well, ciao.

    [edit]This read (less) like Japanese, so I clarified a bit.[/edit]

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    2. Sharessa


      Lüt said:

      What giant tarantula died on your head?

      Heeey, you stole that one from Yablonski!

    3. Lüt


      He stole the Greg Robbins hairstyle first.

    4. Ralphis


      Lüt said:

      What giant tarantula died on your head?