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  1. I feel creative. VERY creative. I had an idea for such a kickass level theme... and my monitor is still broken. I wanted to spend the night drawing textures, and later make a map.

    You might have to newproject me when I get a new monitor. :p

    I think the time is right for me to work on the levelset I've been wanting to. Probably be for EDGE, though because I can 'do' extrafloors and vertical lighting with it (Yeah, I know "Blah blah otherport can do blah. SHUT UP. Between college, I don't want to learn anything new. Too stressed).

    The official line is that I'm not working on Murderous Intent 2 anymore, because I'm fed up with the sequel thing altogether; the mindset, the mentality. It no longer floats my boat.

    Hmmm... well, I guess I can do some planning on paper, since I've never done that for a wad before. Let me reel off the planned features;

    - LEVELS! This level set has levels!
    - MONSTERS! There are monsters in the levels!
    - WEAPONS! You can pick up weapons to kill monsters!
    - POWREUPS! Ditto!
    - FEATURES! This wad will be utterly devoid of bandwagonesque features!

    Sorry about the sarcasm. I'm in a negative mood, possibly because a split with my girlfriend is looming. Sorry y'all. I'm going to need some outlet to get over this. You'll see another map from me soon.

    1. Psyonisis


      Jayextee said:

      - LEVELS! This level set has levels!

      Holy shit I can't wait!

    2. Jayextee


      I spent the night playing Astro Boy: Omega Factor, and doodling on paper some of the plans for this thing.

      New UAC logo. Looks schweet. I'm kind of going for an "elseworlds" story where the UAC lied about those damn gates to hell... all because I needed a new "Dimension" for Doom to take place in, to justify one of the new level themes. Takes place in the Doom future, so the UAC have evolved into something just plain scary.

      I'm going to need Edge for definite, since I'm making adjustments to the monsters (Now you can just hear the fanboys crying "It's gonna suck!") for some better game balance.

      I'm toying with the idea of new weapons, I don't know.

      Story is, back at school, when Doom first came out (Those were the days), I wanted to make an FPS. Seriously. Took me a while to even get a freaking Doom editor. Anyways, I can't make the game I wanted, so I'm transferring most of the ideas to Doom. It'll rock. More details later.