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  1. So, the planning for my new proj is going as smoothly as possibly can without a working monitor :D

    Given that I'm changing game balance, I can do a lot of working out purely on paper, using math. Damn, you know you're a geek when you can do that.

    This thing is going to rock. It's going to play more traditionally (In terms of "old-school" play mechanics) than most Doom projects, due to the simple changes I'm making... certainly have some VERY interesting ideas here. And, given my love of boss levels in games, look for lots of "set-piece" encounters. When I can gets me a freakin' monitor, heh.

    I can't think off the top of my head how to describe how this will play, but it'll be an interesting experiment, diversion even, if nothing else.

    And for all you narratology-whores out there; the atmospherics will be as good as I can get them. Story is basically already written (Since I'm using an old one of mine). Working title of "Necros"... that's about all I can really tell at the moment.

    I mean, I'd scan some planning sketches, but nobody ever previews a WAD like that... hey, maybe I ought to ;)