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  1. ...I need something to focus on, since I just became single, this very morning, yay.

    So, anyways, till I get a new monitor (Better than the 16-colour display I'm forced to work with right now), I'm doing all the planning on paper, with a pen.

    Spent the night last night crucnhing numbers. I like the monster balance I've got, it all works out well. I mean, I'm going to havwe to adjust damages and things (probably DDF) so that all figures are EXACT, as opposed to this little random thing Doom tends to do, but this should add a new flavour to the gameplay. Bear in mind, how much I love my shmups, so this is going to be a lot of fun.

    I'm also drafting in a friend who has absolutely no experience in Doom editing to help; he's got a good knowledge of 3D space, through his model and stage set making experience, and he used to work for Games Workshop; he's going over my figures to make sure they work, which by and large -- they do.

    This is, of course, audacious. To think that I can adjust a classic game's balance to make it better. But in all, it's an experiment, as a precursor to a much larger project, possibly a univeristy portfolio filler. But then, by taking development away from a PC, and making things work in a "real" context first, I think this will turn out to be something very special. Not innovative in any way, just very, very finely honed.

    I'll post details if anybody shows interest ;)