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  1. I've done a few of these. They're dumb.

    Been playing Heretic a lot recently. I tend to go through phases where I play something a hell of a lot to the detriment of all else. Heretic is the current game I'm doing this with. The levels aren't up to much, visually, but the weapons are awesome, and it's so much fun to play.

    Hah, college is finally going fine again, since I busted my ass, and went overboard with it. I've now got my final major project nearly ready to be handed in... with only two weeks to spare.

    Never mind. I could do with some more spare time ;)

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    2. chilvence


      Jayextee said:

      I've now got my final major project nearly ready to be handed in... with only two weeks to spare

      Thats nothing. My flatmate pretty much did everything for his final project in the last two weeks, the last two days of which he was working solidly without sleep, finally finishing everything moments before walking out the door to go and hand it in, and then followed that up straight after with an uninterrupted 12 hour drinking bender in pretty much every pub in town. Then after about 3 and a half hours of sleep, went and did an 8 hour day course on VHF radio for his wakeboarding club. I have never seen a human being punish themself so much.

    3. kristus


      OI, You still alive? Sweet

      Hitler isn't funny.

    4. Jayextee


      Ja, still alive. Über-stressed due to college/own house/girl troubles/trying to get art published, but hey. Alive, yeah.