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  1. gOrEE33

    custom color palette doesnt work

    Well, ok not saying anything, but: Ok ok, nevermind...
  2. gOrEE33

    custom color palette doesnt work

    1. Heretic DOES have the playpal on the top 2. I already know that it wouldnt be between s_start and the s_end 3. Sorry, i said it incorrectly: Only Iwads maded from scratch must have their custom palette, not the sequels of doom... Yeah?
  3. gOrEE33

    custom color palette doesnt work

    Any playpal lump must be in top of the list. Every iwad it have like that.
  4. gOrEE33

    Zandronum open gl problems

    Oh, it samed happened in my older laptop. It wasnt affected the gameplay much.
  5. gOrEE33

    Android port?

    Try doom touch ;) its pretty cheap price so get it on!
  6. gOrEE33

    Bullet puffs

    OK, Im editing a weapons mod and gotta upload it on the internet. It was some kind of magic weapons and so forth. Btw, how do you make weapons that have different puffs each? I do it many times, doesnt work. Any suggestions? Edit: Problem solved, ill upload it batch-like, but you can stil help me to solve this solution. Ill change the puff according to the weapon.
  7. gOrEE33

    How to make a hub level?

    Recently, i was expecting how to make the doom rpg's junction. I know where to start, but, how to make it like hexen where you can go back? Doom RPG has already this feature. With a lack of editing skills, how to do it? Oh help!
  8. gOrEE33

    Barrels and co-op

    Well at last, barrels are flag of monsters (theyre modified, but they do not move). But i think these barrels doesnt affect item respawn...
  9. gOrEE33

    Barrels and co-op

    The Barrels respawn only if you set in. The item respawn only affect items, while the barrels respawn option will ONLY spawn the barrels. Logical no? When you look at the barrel, type in the console linetarget (the barel must be in front of you) The barrel has 30 hp. When you use the code to an item, it says just: no target found. Thats the difference from items and barrels.
  10. gOrEE33

    Looking for skybox textures

    Wait, why are they dead? Are you joking me? I already checked it out, and its working! Oh, nevermind..... That ghost just stealt my help again...
  11. gOrEE33

    Looking for skybox textures

    There are a lot of sky textures around here. Try this website but im not sure. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=16768
  12. gOrEE33

    Doom RPG Question

    I actually have plans to create these maps and any of that s***. But how to get there? I dont have any ideas! Im really delayed with all of my other projects and, with a lack of time, im only I to a BIG megawad. Oh, and for the junction... Only For Strife. As only for the strife, strife has a nifty little action, that (tele)ports you to the next (previous) level. Pretty good no? In this case, that megawad must be in Zdoom Strife in Doom Format. But the option is NOT there. Any big ideas around here?
  13. gOrEE33

    Can't pickup medkits

    Medicare, lol :d
  14. gOrEE33

    Doom RPG Question

    Wait, ive got some pk3 that has everything that has doomrpg related, even the axe! But im really lazy to got to make another weapon, all it is weird and complicated as F***. So, ive got my good ol' doom builder 2, but the junction is a hub level ; thus i dont know how to create it. Some one has some tutorial to create it like from strife? And sorry for bad english guys!
  15. gOrEE33

    Doom RPG Question

    This may be really stupid, but has someone doom rpg tc? Doom rpg was actually for nokia mobiles, and i was expecting how to (re)create a secret doom map in slot map31 in my doom 2 revisited (like the entrance from the famous doom rpg game, but my d2r is still unreleased). It will be great no? I will add even the original Sector 1 or Junction (junction is smaller though, but i can make it bigger...). So, if some1 has (or had) some kind of this tc, ill be happy. It can be for every sp you like, just nevermind it.