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  1. Rook

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    I thought we were going to meet Bela Lugosi in this WAD and then I realised he was Hungarian, not Bulgarian - ho hum. This looks to be quite something. I'll be sure to boot it up.
  2. This project sounds promising - the uploader/compiler is very impressive. While I'm not quite in the newcomer bracket the brief is targeting, I hope to be able to contribute a map. Like KubaloBlackMT I've got a DMP21 map underway at the moment, but hopefully I can get to this next.
  3. I was delighted when I found out fairly recently that I have a Doom wiki page. When Sucker Punch 2 goes up on idgames, I will have 20 maps on the archive which is a nice milestone. Since 2015 I've got in and out of mapping, but I have a sense that I may stick around this time. We'll see.
  4. I've updated the OP with an update to the mapset, plus a link to my post-mortem article. Thanks again for the plays and comments so far.
  5. As I've just finished a project, I'll sign up for this and will most likely begin work on a map for it next. It'll be nice to be part of a community project again, for the first time since 2015.
  6. Rook

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW of a map/mapset you played?

    UAC Ultra (2010) by 40oz and Super Jamie [idgames] [wiki] (Boom format, linear, dark, 1x custom monster, sector boss, 11 maps, custom textures) UAC Ultra won a Cacoward back in 2010 and still stands up well today. I've played it a number of times, on this occasion using the Final Doomer mod with the Hellbound weapon set which is a good fit. It does show its age in its very linear design and relatively boxy geometry, but I keep coming back to it because of its straightforward, energetic gameplay. The texture set created specifically for the WAD is dark and grimy, and has enough variety to sustain itself over 11 maps. MAP07 and MAP10 are particularly good - the former introducing a new enemy, the "Haymaker". While I always wish there were more outdoor areas, and that 40oz and Super Jamie let us play with the big guns a bit more often, this is a personal favourite. Playable in something like 90 minutes, this is a good choice for a quick and modestly challenging blast. Screenshot (MAP09: "Counteraction Terminal")
  7. Thanks for the demos! Glad you enjoyed the WAD. Good spot! I will try to fix or at least mitigate this in the next version.
  8. Thanks for playing @BlipBlerp, @ScrappyMcDoogerton and @Arbys550 and I'm glad you enjoyed the maps. I'm noting down the errors you've noticed, which is a big help.
  9. No worries - thanks for a quick fix! I can recommend these tools to others. I'm not very used to command line utilities but these ones save a lot of time and hassle. I've run the new version of WTexport and the WAD now works correctly in GZDoom, PrBoom+, Doom Retro and Eternity. Now, to finish my maps...
  10. I've almost completed a nine-map set using OTEX 1.1, and am now looking into adding the textures I used into the WAD file which contains the map geometry. I've tried to use MTrop's WTexscan and WTexport utilities to do this, but it produces an error message. My input string is: wtexscan sckrpnch2.wad | wtexport OTEX_1.1.wad --base-wad doom2.wad --output \SP2tex --add Which produces the following output: C:\SP2Textures>wtexscan sckrpnch2.wad | wtexport OTEX_1.1.wad --base-wad doom2.wad --output \SP2tex --add Input texture/flat list: Scanning doom2.wad... Scanning TEXTUREx/PNAMES... 428 entries in TEXTURE1. 469 entries in PNAMES. Scanning patch entries... 475 patches. Scanning flat entries... 153 flats. Scanning texture namespace entries... 0 namespace textures. Scanning OTEX_1.1.wad... Scanning patch entries... 4042 patches. Scanning flat entries... 1309 flats. Scanning texture namespace entries... 0 namespace textures. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at net.mtrop.doom.tools.WTExportMain$Context.scanWAD(WTExportMain.java:278) at net.mtrop.doom.tools.WTExportMain$Context.doTextureExtraction(WTExportMain.java:983) at net.mtrop.doom.tools.WTExportMain.call(WTExportMain.java:1447) at net.mtrop.doom.tools.WTExportMain.main(WTExportMain.java:1462) My guess at this point is that the problem is to do with OTEX's use of a TEXTURE2 lump. I presume other people have encountered this problem as OTEX and (I would guess) MTrop's utilities are widely used. Despite reading a number of tutorials I find texture management very confusing so would appreciate any tips on how to get these utilities to work in this case, or suggestions of an alternative approach.
  11. By using the latest version of the utilities above, I've successfully merged the textures that I used from OTEX into my WAD. However, I've encountered a crash when testing in Doom Retro and PrBoom+. I presume by these error messages that this has to do with switches; the WAD runs just fine in GZDoom and Eternity. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
  12. Thanks a lot @MTrop, I was using older versions which I believe I downloaded from the link in this thread. I'll upgrade and try again.
  13. MAP09: Where the Dead Go to Die (work in progress)
  14. Rook

    Subreddits for Classic Doom and its mods?

    I only joined Reddit recently and r/Doom is disappointing. 95% of posts are about Eternal, the mods seem to be permanently asleep, and it's full of unfunny memes. There is a classic Doom subreddit here, but it's very small and barely active.
  15. MAP08: State of Decay (work in progress)
  16. It does, there are some excellent skies in the OTEX texture pack but I think this one best suits the theme. There will be three maps in this desert tomb style. And yes you have successfully identified my not-so-subtle pun!
  17. MAP07: Tomb Eternal
  18. MAP06: Last Hurrah for Chivalry
  19. MAP02: Live-Fire Exercise MAP05: Rhythm of the Knight These are screens from mostly-finished maps for Sucker Punch 2, the sequel to my 2018 WAD (for real this time).
  20. Processed Meat is a single, one-player map for Doom II, tested in PrBoom+, GZDoom, and Doom Retro. It's a small, grimy techbase with Tyson-style gameplay and it uses the OTEX texture set by ukiro, which you will need to load alongside the WAD. // DOWNLOAD //
  21. Thank you both for the videos! The map seems extremely dark in certain engines, might have to think about increasing the lighting levels a bit in certain areas.
  22. Rook

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Wasn't enjoying these maps at all so played in a very rushed way and was turned into raspberry jam by a revenant rocket on MAP06. Category 1: dwironmanrooktvr.zip
  23. Having read a few posts about this (ammo starvation? "Quirky" design?) , I was fairly certain that this WAD and I wouldn't get on, and so it proved. However, I'd interpret my death in MAP01 as a noble one, as I punched a vile to death at the exact moment it fried me, Rick Dalton-style. Category 1: dwironmanrookan17.zip