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  1. Thanks a lot @MTrop, I was using older versions which I believe I downloaded from the link in this thread. I'll upgrade and try again.
  2. MAP09: Where the Dead Go to Die (work in progress)
  3. Rook

    Subreddits for Classic Doom and its mods?

    I only joined Reddit recently and r/Doom is disappointing. 95% of posts are about Eternal, the mods seem to be permanently asleep, and it's full of unfunny memes. There is a classic Doom subreddit here, but it's very small and barely active.
  4. MAP08: State of Decay (work in progress)
  5. It does, there are some excellent skies in the OTEX texture pack but I think this one best suits the theme. There will be three maps in this desert tomb style. And yes you have successfully identified my not-so-subtle pun!
  6. MAP06: Last Hurrah for Chivalry
  7. MAP02: Live-Fire Exercise MAP05: Rhythm of the Knight These are screens from mostly-finished maps for Sucker Punch 2, the sequel to my 2018 WAD (for real this time).
  8. Processed Meat is a single, one-player map for Doom II, tested in PrBoom+, GZDoom, and Doom Retro. It's a small, grimy techbase with Tyson-style gameplay and it uses the OTEX texture set by ukiro, which you will need to load alongside the WAD. // DOWNLOAD //
  9. Thank you both for the videos! The map seems extremely dark in certain engines, might have to think about increasing the lighting levels a bit in certain areas.
  10. Wasn't enjoying these maps at all so played in a very rushed way and was turned into raspberry jam by a revenant rocket on MAP06. Category 1: dwironmanrooktvr.zip
  11. Having read a few posts about this (ammo starvation? "Quirky" design?) , I was fairly certain that this WAD and I wouldn't get on, and so it proved. However, I'd interpret my death in MAP01 as a noble one, as I punched a vile to death at the exact moment it fried me, Rick Dalton-style. Category 1: dwironmanrookan17.zip
  12. Well, that was a fairly inauspicious first Ironman attempt for me. I was pleasantly surprised with how Lunatic went (which I played first) - had two very near deaths in MAP03 but soldiered on to reach MAP05 where I panicked and ran around instead of using my BFG effectively. I love Vanguard but my run ended very early on a disastrous attempt at MAP03 (a real early bump in difficulty), where almost everything that could have gone awry, did. Category 2 demos: ironmanjulyrook.zip
  13. I've read these threads with interest before, but I've never submitted an entry (although I nearly did with The Darkening last year). As Vanguard is my favourite WAD, I may have to give this a go even though I'm already sweating at the thought of one or two threats in MAP03, let alone MAP10...
  14. MAP05 of my set Sucker Punch is a small arena map in which the chaingun is the only accessible weapon.
  15. Rook

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    I've always been quite fond of the Spider Mastermind, especially its intimidating sounds. For me personally I think the size of the monster is the biggest issue, because as you've said it has to be mapped around in a way that's quite restrictive. Recently I played Back to Saturn X E2 MAP09, which I think uses one well. It makes sense to me that the BFG is effective at close range and it'd be a shame to lose that, I think - but I wonder if a secondary defensive tactic that kicks in at short range could be a useful addition. For example, a kind of stomp or psychic attack that pushes the player back into chaingun range.
  16. Sucker Punch features 9 small single-player maps for Doom II, tested in PrBoom+, ZDoom, GZDoom and Doom Retro. The WAD is made up from three mini-episodes of three maps each which escalate from easy (with green details) to harder (yellow) to hardest (red). The maps should take no longer than two or three minutes each to play and are designed for pistol starts. Difficulty settings are implemented. This WAD was originally shared in January 2016 with three maps; this version has minor improvements to those three, six additional maps in two new themes, and some new custom graphics (a TITLEPIC, level names, etc.) Currently Sucker Punch requires the Community Chest 4 texture set to be loaded alongside the WAD. Maps and Music Title music: 'Main Title' from Eternal Champions Intermission music: 'The Selection' from Rolling Thunder 2 MAP01 - "Maintenance Run" ('Warhead' from War Gods) MAP02 - "Attrition" ('Regeneration' from F-Zero X) MAP03 - "Those Who Wait" ('Chinese Revolution' from Chamber of Shaolin) MAP04 - "Assault and Battery Acid" ('Jetta' from Eternal Champions) MAP05 - "House Full of Bullets" ('Act 1' from Crack Down) MAP06 - "Rev-olution" ('Stage 7 Bellon' from Zero Wing) MAP07 - "Compression" ('Fire Field' from F-Zero) MAP08 - "Nothing Dead Will Go" ('Descent into Cerberon' from Quake II) MAP09 - "Hardpoint" ('Gravity Well' from Quake II: The Reckoning) Thank you to all those who played MAP01 to MAP03 in 2016 and offered suggestions, to all CC4 texture artists, and to gaspe who playtested MAP04 to MAP06. I don't plan to make major changes to the maps, but would appreciate bug reports and suggestions for minor alterations before I make the WAD final. I'd love to see demos and videos! // Download via idgames // // Read my design post-mortem //
  17. Thank you for playing and recording! I hope you give the remaining maps a go - MAP03 is a bit of a difficulty spike but the remaining episode-ending arena-style maps (MAP06 and MAP09) are probably more forgiving. As you liked the first two maps, you'd probably enjoy MAP07 and MAP08 as well as they're in a similar style.
  18. I've very nearly completed a small, invasion-style map set within an ice base. This may turn out to be the beginning of a sequel to Sucker Punch, or may be released standalone. Ice Station Buffalo (working title)
  19. Rook


    I much prefer any of the "Big Three" Build games to classic Doom/Doom II. id's games paved the way for everything that has come along since and make for a fantastic and accessible platform for modding and map-making, but DN3D's humour, wonderful level design and high level of fun interactivity is for me unbeatable as far as '90s shooters go. I'm very fond of Blood and Shadow Warrior as well - actually I've just started writing and designing a kind of zine (for want of a better word) that celebrates the "Big Three".
  20. Thanks for playing rdwpa! Your comments on the first three maps were helpful back in 2016 also. I definitely know what you mean. With the more gimmick-oriented maps I was very wary of making them longer because I felt that some of them might be a little divisive (MAP04 particularly). MAP05 was originally three arenas, each accessible by teleporters and playable in any order. It was nice because completing each arena raised part of a bridge to the exit, but I found it difficult to balance to my satisfaction so I reduced it to one, multi-stage fight. I think MAP08 is the one I'm most pleased with because it has some non-linearity, it's a bit more open, and I was able to make a fun rocket-oriented map in a small space. In the future, I think that my maps may well have less of a hard division between conventional and arena/gimmick-based play.
  21. I'm happy to say that Sucker Punch is now available via the idgames archive. It still requires cc4-tex, which is linked in the first post. While there are two maps of mine available there in community projects (Plutinya 1024 and Doomworld Mega Project 2015), this my first solo entry. Thank you again to everyone who has played and commented on the maps, and especially to @HAK3180 and @Suitepee for their recent video/stream playthroughs!
  22. No worries, I'm fairly sure it'll work. Hope you enjoy the maps - let me know what you think!