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File Reviews posted by Rook

  1. A sprawling and grandiose castle map, with a magical sword providing an ideal MacGuffin. The flow of the map and its intelligent reuse of areas - especially a wide, curved walkway - is very impressive and there's a real sense of adventure and escalation across the 30 to 40 minutes this will likely take to complete. The long-awaited finale is a little underwhelming and there are areas where the textures ought to be more varied, but this is a fine piece of work.

  2. The final, sadly unfinished entry in the Scythe series is a WAD I enjoyed very much with the exception of the final two maps. MAP09 has slightly obtuse progression and very little health even on HMP, while MAP10 is admittedly atmospheric but represents an aggressive step up in difficulty which I found very jarring.


    These maps aside, Erik Alm did a superb job here. These are small, intense but not excessively difficult maps with a broadly tech-oriented theme. Because this was intended as the start of a megawad the higher-tier monsters and weapons are barely used, but the encounters are all very thoughtfully designed. It's a testament to the quality of Scythe X that I almost completed it in a single sitting.

  3. UAC Ultra (v1.2)


    An amazing mapset that dark, grim and challenging but still put a smile on my face. The new monster is excellent as is the map that introduces it - in short these are my kind of maps, and now in my top 5 WADs.