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  1. It was a pleasure to contribute 0.5% of this mapset (!). David has done an extraordinary job on RAMP, going above and beyond what could ever be normally expected of a project lead. Congratulations to David and to everyone who worked on this project. I popped my head into the Discord at one point, but I couldn't possibly keep up with the amount of frenzied activity in there! As the mapset is so enormous, hopefully there will be more streams and videos to better expose more of the maps.

  2. I'm pleased to say that Sucker Punch 2 is now available via idgames. This latest version has a few mostly minor changes - small bugfixes and balance adjustments. The music for MAP03 has also been replaced with a MIDI more suited to the map's length. Thanks again to everyone who has played the mapset so far - I'll be interested to see any more streams or YT videos, which I will add to my playlist.


    For other, newer maps by me see MAP132: "Sand Trap" in RAMP and "By Inferno's Light", my contribution to the Doomworld Maximum Project 2021.

  3. Congratulations on releasing an excellent set SCF - I very much enjoyed this. It's easy to see where the inspiration from MSCP comes from, but you put your own spin on things and while that (otherwise great) mapset had a few dips in quality this one is quite consistent throughout. Great visuals from a thoughtful use of OTEX, as well - and I really appreciate how each map has its own distinct look.


    A strong recommendation from me, especially to anyone who enjoyed MSCP.

  4. As an only moderately experienced mapper, for me Boom format is the happy medium between the fussy restrictiveness of vanilla and the excessive feature set of UDMF. I'm not particularly fond of advanced port features, so it makes no sense for me to use a format which incorporates a wealth of options I don't use, which clutter the editor UI.


    I sometimes worry that a perception that UDMF is the "default" format, especially for new mappers, can lead to a situation where people feel that learning and including advanced features like 3D floors is somehow mandatory. I wouldn't want to restrict the options available to new mappers, but I'd suggest that learning to map in something limit-removing, and then potentially pivoting to vanilla and/or UDMF on subsequent projects might make sense. To me it's easier to learn the fundamentals if you are freed from vanilla limits or any expectation of making grandiose, multi-level structures with slopes and coloured lighting - and it's the fundamentals which make for good maps.

  5. 8 hours ago, The_SloVinator said:

    Populous The Beginning is rather a unique one on pretty much every aspect, though it lacks any variety in objectives. It's basically a 'conquest' game by destroying enemy tribes on each planet. Regardless, the spells you unleash on the enemy are satisfying.


    Populous: The Beginning is superb and a game I will often recommend to people. It was very much ahead of its time in 1998 and was likely punished for that in terms of sales. I wrote a piece about it last year, trying to capture what I think is so unique and special about it. If you pick it up on GOG, you get an expansion with it which was very hard to get hold of for a long time.


    I'd also echo some of the comments about StarCraft II. To me it is really the definitive old-fashioned, "classic" RTS polished to near-perfection by Blizzard. I played it online extensively for a while, but the campaigns are also extremely good and worth playing. My one gripe with them is Blizzard's determination to constantly create urgency by imposing time limits of one kind or another - this is the reverse of the original, which tended to give players all the time in the world.


    Also last year, I finally got around to playing Company of Heroes and its expansions for the first time and thorougly enjoyed it. The level of realism is just right, and it modernised the RTS in ways which I think few (if any) developers picked up and ran with subsequently.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Tarnsman said:

    A dead Bulgarian actor who is also a necromancer kidnapped Liam Neeson and is holding him hostage on The Sun as revenge for some dumb thing or another. So now you need to rescue him.


    I thought we were going to meet Bela Lugosi in this WAD and then I realised he was Hungarian, not Bulgarian - ho hum. This looks to be quite something. I'll be sure to boot it up.