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  1. 1 hour ago, Breezeep said:

    I've got a feeling that this green arrow texture was supposed to be animated. Must have been purged in SLADE's "remove unused textures" feature.


    Thanks Breezeep - a couple of others had identified the first issue but not the second or third. I didn't actually use SLADE for texture management, but instead used Doom Tools. It's possible that I did something wrong, or that there's a lingering bug (I stumbled on a similar problem with an earlier version last year). I'll look into it.

  2. On 4/18/2022 at 12:06 AM, LadyMistDragon said:

    Let's close out this forenight with a banger of a miniwad that won a silver Cacoward last year! Andy Johnson (who had nothing to do with Alien Vendetta I'm sad to say) is someone that can't be called prolific in any fashion, yet has a shockingly strong reputation, despite his work consisting almost exclusively of speedmaps.


    Thanks for playing, LadyMistDragon, glad you enjoyed the maps. To clarify - SP2 was "merely" an honourable mention in the Cacowards, though that was indeed an honour in itself. Also, I've actually never released any speedmaps. Small they may be, but my mapsets have taken months to make, rather than hours...


    It always makes me smile that my Doom Wiki profile links me with Anders Johnsen due to the similarity of our names.

  3. I was late to notice it, but delighted and honoured to see my mapset Sucker Punch 2 included in the 21 More for '21 section - thanks again @Major Arlene for the writeup. I think that for the first time, Doom mapping really "clicked" with me while making those nine maps. it has been a pleasure to see numerous people playing the set and making demos, streams, and videos. I plan to work on Sucker Punch 3 and to release it in 2022.


    It was also a nice surprise to see a screenshot of my map "Sand Trap", a contribution to RAMP. @DavidN did an extraordinary job with organising, guiding and documenting that project so congratulations again from me.


    The Cacowards are such a unique thing which are integral to what makes the classic Doom community special. Huge thanks to all those who make it possible, and sincere congratulations to all the winners, runners-up and mentions.

  4. It was a pleasure to contribute 0.5% of this mapset (!). David has done an extraordinary job on RAMP, going above and beyond what could ever be normally expected of a project lead. Congratulations to David and to everyone who worked on this project. I popped my head into the Discord at one point, but I couldn't possibly keep up with the amount of frenzied activity in there! As the mapset is so enormous, hopefully there will be more streams and videos to better expose more of the maps.

  5. I'm pleased to say that Sucker Punch 2 is now available via idgames. This latest version has a few mostly minor changes - small bugfixes and balance adjustments. The music for MAP03 has also been replaced with a MIDI more suited to the map's length. Thanks again to everyone who has played the mapset so far - I'll be interested to see any more streams or YT videos, which I will add to my playlist.


    For other, newer maps by me see MAP132: "Sand Trap" in RAMP and "By Inferno's Light", my contribution to the Doomworld Maximum Project 2021.