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  1. Thanks for kicking off with "Sand Trap" - glad you enjoyed the map!
  2. It was a pleasure to contribute 0.5% of this mapset (!). David has done an extraordinary job on RAMP, going above and beyond what could ever be normally expected of a project lead. Congratulations to David and to everyone who worked on this project. I popped my head into the Discord at one point, but I couldn't possibly keep up with the amount of frenzied activity in there! As the mapset is so enormous, hopefully there will be more streams and videos to better expose more of the maps.
  3. Rook

    Doom Streams

    Thanks for playing! It's been good to see streamers playing SP2, and also to see them going back to catch up on SP1, too.
  4. Some great demos here! Speedruns didn't enter my mind while I was designing either of the mapsets (as is probably obvious), so it's a happy accident if they're good for that purpose.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it Shepardus - you may be interested to know that @BiZ started a speed demos thread for Sucker Punch 1 and 2. You make a good point about the compatibility - I'll look into making that clearer.
  6. Thanks for the video @NieMaMordy - really glad you enjoyed the mapset.
  7. The WAD uses OTEX 1.1, with no modification by me. I'd assume that any quirks can only be a result of my having used wtexscan and wtexport to compile the textures used into the WAD.
  8. I'm pleased to say that Sucker Punch 2 is now available via idgames. This latest version has a few mostly minor changes - small bugfixes and balance adjustments. The music for MAP03 has also been replaced with a MIDI more suited to the map's length. Thanks again to everyone who has played the mapset so far - I'll be interested to see any more streams or YT videos, which I will add to my playlist. For other, newer maps by me see MAP132: "Sand Trap" in RAMP and "By Inferno's Light", my contribution to the Doomworld Maximum Project 2021.
  9. 10 Minute Massacre by SCF Doom 2, Boom-compatible, 7 maps Screenshots here
  10. Here are some screens for Sucker Punch 2.
  11. Rook

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Another video of one my maps, this time "Sand Trap" - my contribution to RAMP.
  12. Rook

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I made a commentary video for my map "By Inferno's Light", which is my contribution to the Doomworld Maximum Project 2021.
  13. Congratulations on releasing an excellent set SCF - I very much enjoyed this. It's easy to see where the inspiration from MSCP comes from, but you put your own spin on things and while that (otherwise great) mapset had a few dips in quality this one is quite consistent throughout. Great visuals from a thoughtful use of OTEX, as well - and I really appreciate how each map has its own distinct look. A strong recommendation from me, especially to anyone who enjoyed MSCP.
  14. Rook

    [wip] Doomworld Mega Project 2021 (7 maps)

    I'll contribute a map to this.