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  1. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    Yes, today it happens to me too. Probably newest version has some bug.
  2. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    I'm cleared, temp and already redo every textures. Next time i will be doing backups to prevent this again. Anyway thanks :)
  3. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    Yes i had dummy texture called BLNK in previous wad when TEXTURE1 got corrupted and changed into sound lump. I haven'y done anything unusual, just adding new textures, pressed save and booom, magic sound lump appeared :/ I don't know why Slade is bugged for me. A week earlier i was working with ZDOOM texture format with TEXTURES lump and while working on wad it got corrupted too in the same way. So i switched to classic TEXTURE1. Next time i will make backups. Do you guys know another software like this, which is not discontinued?
  4. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    Because i trying to made from scratch and it worked fine yesterday. But now slade doesn't want me to save this TEXTURES1 lump. Go watch my wideo.
  5. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    The newest one i guess. Here i uploaded my wad: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a9s62rj06br5pk1/ArxFatalis_textures2.wad
  6. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    Ok look at this, this is just insane and driving me mad. How is that possible, Slade3 can't save my TEXTURES1 lump 90% of time. Seriously wtf? In this movie that I made it saved me only ONCE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BivB6lWVsIM&feature=youtu.be
  7. Huder

    Slade 3 Bugs :(

    Guys do you have strange bugs in slade 3? Like this one: Im adding new texture to TEXTURE1 lump and im doing this with slade texture edittor, i made couple of textures and suddenly slade decided to save my TEXTURE1 lump as "sound (audioT Adlib FX) and i cann't edit this anymore :( What i need to do now? Remake everything from scratch? :(
  8. Huder

    Looking for a wad with random monsters

    Tryied Scoredoom, it changes too much also i had few crashes with it. @SavageCorona Thats a cleaver idea its very hard at begining :D Ok i found OMGweapons wad, it's nice. http://www.moddb.com/mods/omg-weapons-and-monsters still not 100% what i wanted but is good.
  9. Im looking for a mod where at beginning it will pick random pack of monsters, one for each type and these will be not changed during game.
  10. Huder

    Game Maker WADs importer

    Some one here is using Game Maker: Studio? I made scripts that can read some doom WAD lumps within Game Maker: Studio engine. Here are details: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=603790