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  1. 23 hours ago, nmzz said:

    Figured out how to search for files (wasn't super clear from the thread):


    Open filenames.json, search for the wadname then the first two hex numbers (example 1d) are the chunk number from the DATA/ folder ( https://archive.org/download/wadarchive/DATA/ ) you can then click "View Contents" of say "1d.zip" and download only that wad without downloading any of those ~4GB files.

    Try reading the readme https://archive.org/download/wadarchive/README.MD

  2. I have attached a list of all the sites that are scraped. Some may not longer exist or provide WADs anymore

    1 minute ago, smeghammer said:

    It would be very useful if said text file(s) could map the UUID filename to the wad/map name. If that is structured, I can render that programmatically with a bit of AJAX and javascript.

    If you are wanting a list from ID to map name then just parse wads.json. Being JSON it is easy to handle with javascript.


  3. 25 minutes ago, Doomkid said:

    Just tossing this out there - it would be helpful to have a .txt file with a simple listing of every single wad/pk3/pk7 that was ever on Wad-Archive, even better if paired with a SHA-1 for each. This way, the many files not on /idgames can at least be “confirmed to exist” when someone searches for it. (Wad-Archive seems to have by far the best SEO of all wad sites and could easily bring up any file even with a Google search).

    A simple list of every site Wad-Archive scraped would be fantastic too. I know it hit most of the big ones, but it also checked a whole bunch of somewhat more obscure ones too which aren’t as well known. Would be awesome and would save so many hours  to have that info!

    I can generate a list of WADs and upload it when I get home from work. The SEO part was probably due to what my job was at the time, glad it was working haha.

    As for the list of sites that are scraped, I could list them here but not sure if I will include it in the internet archive.


    7 hours ago, Doomkid said:

    Sucks to see you go, dude. Thanks for years of help.


    does this mean WadHosting will be going too?

    Most likely

  4. 1 hour ago, ReaperAA said:


    I only wish I knew who the owners of wad-archive are. This would be a good feature to add to the site.

    If only there was a contact link on the website https://www.wad-archive.com/contact . I used to have a 'Megawad' section (>=15 maps) but when redesigning everything I didn't add it in. I might do it some day in the future

  5. On 12/1/2021 at 6:39 AM, Faceman2000 said:

    According to WadArchive that would need a Boom-compatible port, which the official port is not.

    The IWAD and source ports listed a generally guesses from different sources but mainly from @MTrop's library https://mtrop.github.io/DoomStruct/index.html (however the one I am using is probably out of date). It should be seen more as 'it should work on this but might work on source ports'. There is no way I am going over 90,000 WADs manually

  6. I got a fair few:


    Atari 2600

    Atari 7200

    Atari Lynx

    Atari Lynx 2


    Game Boy

    Game Boy Pocket

    Game Boy Colour

    Game Boy Advanced


    Sega SC-3000 (not really a game console as such)

    Game Gear

    Master System

    Master System 2

    Mega Drive 2

    Mega CD 2

    Sega 32x

    Sega Saturn




    Sharp Twin Famicom

    Famicom Disk System

    Super Nintendo

    Super Famicom

    Nintendo 64

    Gamecube (with Gameboy Player)


    Wii U



    Xbox 360



    Playstation 2

    Playstation 3


    Tempest Pong (SD-050 clone, in the process of repairing it)


    Some of the above I have multiple of (eg minor variations like the Master System 2 with Alex Kidd or Sonic built in). Most of them were bought in an 'as-is' state and repaired/fixed. I would like to get a few more, especially consoles that didn't make it to this part of the world but it is hard to justify the prices now.


    As for a games collection, I have a few for most of the systems above but they can pretty much have an everdrive/softmod to play any game. The only real game collection that I have is the Doom engine games

  7. 3 hours ago, Diabolución said:

    Alas, it looks like something has obviously gone nuts again, borrowing that expression of yours.


    87701 WADs in | Wad Archive - WadArchive

    The missing filenames? I know there are some that for whatever reason I don't have the filenames anymore (lost in a database migration maybe?). So it defaults to the WAD hash. I am out of town right now so will have to have a look next week


    21 minutes ago, northivanastan said:

    Gonna check that out; good thing I was already planning on an update!

    I once again apologize for being so enveloped in Linux I forgot that NTFS doesn't support colons (facepalm).


    It's cool to see this project is being followed by archivists!

    I am most of the way through re-writing the indexing logic and I have checks in place for this. Just need to get off my butt and complete it

  9. 1 hour ago, Diabolución said:

    Off-topic and on-topic, at the same time...


    @WadArchive: could you re-parse below out, please? For some reason, both uldupmid-rc1.wad (a4ee0e1d9733cf9442d9c06cf78a4c98b338ad15) and ultimidi-rc1.wad (9d5bbe58d0184cf40b303ba94f5f25b87302c564) were not added to the database.



    I have added them manually. They weren't automatically added because the file 'midis\VICTOR STILES - Ammo Count: 00.mid' has a ':' in it and this is invalid on Windows/NTFS. The code that does the indexing is rather old and doesn't handle this well

  10. On 3/20/2021 at 3:19 PM, Wadmodder Shalton said:

    I wish to see someone make a batch file or a frontend launcher that takes screenshots of the starting player points of these PWAD maps.

    That is what I use for my site, I didn't take over 320,000 screenshots manually. It is easy enough to do, the tricky part is making sure you are using the correct IWAD and engine (and download the WAD if you don't have it locally).


    Running it over the WADs from the shovelware discs would make it easier as they are likely to work on any engine these days.