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  1. Aoi_Shinigami

    BFG: 9K or 10?

    BFG9000 is my choice. Why? Because 10K seems more like an overpowered version of Plasma Gun than an original weapon. It may as well be a pistol that shoots over 9000 bullets per second. [SARCASM MODE] Uhh, yeah, about that: There's this awesome new thing called "Zandronum" out there, you totally should try it :D
  2. Aoi_Shinigami

    What got you to join Doomworld?

    I decided to join DW after i saw some of the Aquarius199's WAD reviews. I got curious, so i stepped in...
  3. Aoi_Shinigami

    What did you recently do?

    Worked on yet another Flash animations of mine. Also, looked at the summer night sky for inspiration and everything.
  4. Aoi_Shinigami

    Could you recommend me post-apocalyptic fiction?

    Metro 2033 - the Book(s) The original book was so popular, that it inspired people to do many fanfictions. And among the fans, there were actual writers, so there were not just txt files, but actual paper books written by fans and sold officially. And of course, those books became official canon parts of the written version of Metro 2033 Universe. Most of them probably haven't been translated from Russian language yet, but i'm pretty sure the following books are available in English: Metro 2033 - Britannia (Grant McMaster) Metro 2033 - Roots of Heaven (Tullio Avoledo) And a bunch of other ones that i'm too lazy to remember... (And i'm not sure if they're translated) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universe_of_Metro_2033
  5. Aoi_Shinigami

    What was your first internet video?

    My first internet video was some Bud Light commercial that had fighting robots in it. The first robot looked serious while the other one was a minifridge on wheels with a gigantic hammer hidden inside. That's how I remember it...
  6. Aoi_Shinigami

    Favorite Drink

    Well, MY personal drinking preferences are: Out of soft drinks: It is Cola. I'm not addicted to the stuff, but i've been drinking it for long enough to actually distinguish different kinds (or sorts, or titles) of it. The Pepsi, for example, has a nice taste, but IMHO, if you eat something sweet, the taste of Pepsi just goes away, leaving you with a black-coloured version of cheap mineral water of some sort. And that's why i prefer the actual Coke, because of its stronger taste. RC Cola is not bad if you're low on cash, and anything cheaper than RC Cola is just plain horrible... (At least from what is sold where i live) I'm not very keen at alcohol since I only drink in celebrations, and not even all of them. I'm just not interested. From what i had was shampagne (which was nice), some strong chocolate liquor (which i'd rather drink as a dare than actually for consumption), and some cheap beer, which really sucked. Oh, and some Gin, which was nice at first but then it wasn't as good. (Maybe i should've taken the "long drink" label more seriously). Of the energy drinks: It actually happens to be Monster, especially the red "Assault" one with the best taste in my opinion. The "Rehab" (yellow) one has some awkward lemon tea taste, but at least it does its function very well (that is giving energy. I was almost falling asleep on a bench once. And the "Rehab" worked like magic :D). What kind of country is that?? :D
  7. Aoi_Shinigami

    Lucid dreams

    I really wish i could gather control of my dreams more often. However, i only had 2 cases of lucid dreams so far... The first one went on like this: I was at school, strolling around the hallways, and then i found a silver pistol in my pocket. So i ran around, pointing the damn thing at people and making laser sounds with my mouth. I pointed it at a punk classmate and said something like "Why are you afraid? It's not even real". And guess what? A few seconds later, the same punk was on the floor, with pieces of his skull lying around. So i went on quite a killing spree, scoring at least a dozen of frags and even a few cops without recharging once (It's a .45 handgun as far as i remember). After that, i remember myself on a Harry Potter-esque flying car flying through a mossy old castle in a forest. And even later, i find myself unequipped, on something that looks like the house where i lived in 2010...except instead of 17, it had over 120 floors apparently, and i was close to the top. I tried to climb the wire when i finally realized that i was dreaming. And then snipers tried to get me. I fell down, right on a PartyVan (which was not a police van, but an actual 4Chan party van). And soon after, i woke up... The second one was much shorter. Yet another hallway. I suddenly go lucid. I start to wake up. I jump up a little, grab my knees, group myself and spin around like many lucid dreamers tell, but the next thing i remember is myself under the covers with closed eyes. So, that's pretty much it...
  8. Aoi_Shinigami

    So, how old are you ?

    Well, i'm 19, will turn 20 in less than 3 months...
  9. Aoi_Shinigami

    why haven't we inhabited any other planet yet? Wtf.

    Now speaking of climate changes, i do not think it will end very well for humans. And that's one of the reasons why I think humanity should colonize something, so in case of an apocalypse on Earth, humanity won't go extinct right away. Who knows, maybe the resources on the colonized planet/moon would be sufficient to create a new civilization that might even reclaim Earth somewhere in the far future... (Besides, maybe humanity will need to send some people away to save the Earth, like top dangerous criminals, or maybe even some part of civilians. After all, the Earth ALREADY has quite a collosal amount of humans living on it)
  10. Aoi_Shinigami

    why haven't we inhabited any other planet yet? Wtf.

    Hmm... I also wish that Mars would be colonized. However, i think the humanity should do something with the Moon first. So I heard about the ideas to use the moon as a giant server room with a supercomputer of some sort, as well as a part of an interplanetary version of the Internet. http://www.noos.com.ua/ru/post/3060 (It's in russian) Also, i heard about a Japanese company planning to make a belt around the surface of the Moon (although i have doubts, judging by the craters, i assume that the belt will be hit by meteorites and crap quite frequently) http://www.space.com/23810-moon-luna-belt-solar-power-idea.html. As for the Mars, i also read about the ideas of building an underground base. http://www.buildtheenterprise.org/mars-moon-bases Personally, i am quite amused by all of the above. Too bad politicians are too busy fighting over a load of bucks... And that's kinda sad :/
  11. Hmm... Well, i've played: - Dangerous Dave games - Carmageddon - Dune 2000 - Half-Life 1 (does that count as classic yet?) - Corridor 7 (Wolf3D clone with stationary ammo panels and an automap) Yeah, that too ;)
  12. Aoi_Shinigami

    Post a picture of yourself!

    ...Never thought I would ever make an appearance, with another retarded selfie, nontheless. Well guess what: i'm here and i'm ready to convey my (not so) fantastic looks. (Enough with the shitty sarcasm, here's the damn image...) (And yes, i purposely inverted the colors... ...Because i CAN :D)
  13. Aoi_Shinigami

    No more fast food for me.

    Yeah, right... (I was going to joke about him probably being the one who ordered THE french fries while denying that now, but i find it kinda offensive AND unfunny. Moving on...) ...So one time, before i got banned on one of those cartoon fan sites, i heard a story about several men j!zzing into a soup what was served to a woman. Who later was taken away by ambulance. I wonder if that's even possible...
  14. Aoi_Shinigami

    Advocating Bullying? [WTF]

    Welp, i have got quite a few memories to convey myself... ...So the first school i've been to was closed down after i went through 2nd grade, and i got myself into another school, that sure was a rollercoaster of fucking bullshit, memories of which STILL haunt me to this day (since summer 2011). Seven years of name-calling, humiliation, assaults and all the other bullshit. A whole bunch of rich kids, and the offsprings of other people who had any influence on society. My family had none. All this time, each and every single one of those bastards plus myself were the national minority, and i thought we'd just team up or something. I was wrong. The biggest incident i had was in 2010. My backpack was taken away and hidden. I found it, and laughed, thinking of it as if it was a school year's end joke (summer was near). Soon after, one of the gals i liked was told shitty jokes about me (yes, i was gullible enough to think i had chances after a week-long friendzone), so i decided to beat the shit out of him, which failed 'cause he was an asshole. He dropped me skull on the floor and decided to beat the crap out of me, and then just ran away. Just another fight, where i badly damaged a radiator in the process. Just as always, i recieved most damages without even starting it... What's so special? Well, guess what, i had one teacher and at least a dozen of classmates as witnesses, and some other teachers and a social worker went on my side, but even then, i almost got expelled. Obvious as flying fuck that i always was the victim for no reason. You try to negotiate, you try to fight back, but FUCK YOU! You're getting fucked up a lot, you're forced to become a fucking conformist, you're lead to suicide attempts, and they all say I am the one who's wrong. Being a russian person in Estonia is already bad enough (although nobody cares these days), but on top of it, i was in the lowest position in the class hierarchy. People hated me in class, and people hated me at home as well. Every time i asked the supposed "fellows" why was i the target, i always got the answer: "Because you were born". (And that's when i realised that i fucking HATE russians)
  15. Hmm... Thanks for stating the obvious. I never said killing is a good idea, and it is clear to me that 20 is way far from the end as a matter of fact. Just the status of surrounding people in that matter kinda bothers, but otherwise, it's fine enough...
  16. Aoi_Shinigami

    Sweet McDreams!

    i lol'd XD
  17. Aoi_Shinigami

    Sweet McDreams!

    I'll just do the same... the shitty hosting i used for this...
  18. Well, I have watched the video and i thought he acted as a friggin retard with his "60's Spiderman villain"-esque role. I personally believe showing emotions like that before killing people is completely unnecessary. And believe it or not, i actually got myself to read his "mainfesto" (while skipping some seemingly unimportant parts of course). Come to think of it, one part of me thinks he's just a richer, (SLIGHTLY) less retarded and armed version of Christian Weston Chandler (well known for Sonichu). But the other part thinks about it kinda like Marilyn Manson thought about Columbine. Some parts of his life, as Elliot himself wrote, were quite similar to mine. I will soon turn 20, and I never got far enough to talk to girls, let alone interact with them. Still, that's a shitty excuse for gunning down a bunch of people. If I were him, i would AT LEAST choose a more sense-making reason. I just think about love more like as a priviledge (like a high position or a super device), NOT neccesity as he did. As for Elliot himself, he's a fail. He failed as a lover, he failed as an alpha male as he claimed himself to be, and he failed as a mass killer (if compared). I just happen to be reading about this kraut named Tim Kretschmer. The guy did almost the same crap (although for different reasons), but he at least tried to put up a fight against the cops (proving him being more alpha and less pathetic, that is). (And NO, i do not plan on killing anyone. I don't even have any firearms, and i doubt i can do it otherwise) ...music anyone? (youtube doesn't seem to be addable by HTML...) http://youtu.be/nDyq9bppL2E
  19. Aoi_Shinigami

    3 Wishes

    1) Immortality (Both chronological and physical; You don't age, and you cannot be destroyed) 2) Teleportation ('Nuff said) 3) Shape-shifting (I can transform myself to anything, from switching hair/skin colour to being able to turn into a friggin tentacle monster and back to human without considerable consequences)
  20. Aoi_Shinigami

    indiana jones fans: prepare your anus

    For some reason i think Disney in cinematography is like LJN in video games (AVGN fans will get this). Like, seriously, i never liked Disney anyway (modern Disney at least). As for the Indiana Jones, i think i'll agree with doomguy93
  21. Aoi_Shinigami

    A (birthday) Request

    Hmm... I see some guys are uploading their WADS. May as well join in...) Originally, it was upposed to be longer than this, but due to the lack of ideas, i decided to cut it short. Someday, i might make a sequel, though. Aaand the reason i decided to post it HERE is because i finished the WAD and found this thread just in time :D. So here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/?tck238raqocx7at
  22. Aoi_Shinigami

    GG, Youtube, you fucked it up AGAIN!

    Unfortunately, it seems that Google changes the way to separate Google+ from YT every few weeks, according to some of the video instructions at least. I am trying to separate, but so far, most of the instructions i went through already might be completely useless by now... EDIT: By some miracle, i've finally managed to separate. Now to destroy the + page... >:D
  23. Aoi_Shinigami

    GG, Youtube, you fucked it up AGAIN!

    ...at first, i was all like "WTF does Mythbusters have to do with YouTube?" So, judging by the comments, it seems that the video is the only one in the YT that actually HAS the old comment system. I am a bit confused, but i'm somehow impressed...
  24. Aoi_Shinigami

    GG, Youtube, you fucked it up AGAIN!

    ...I'll just leave this here... *trollface* *evil laugh* =================================== ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him /▌ all over youtube / \ so he can take over and return the old comment section =================================== ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂___ ☻ /︻╦╤─ This tank & Bob are against Google+ Il███████████████████] /▌ Copy and Paste this all over ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ _/ \ YouTube if you are with us =================================== (҂-_-) People of YouTube we must get the old comment system <,︻╦╤─ Back. Grab a weapon and copy and paste this /""""""""""""\======= ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─