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  1. Every single game I play sooner or later minimizes to the desktop without any visible reason (Except for Doom3 which just stops responding to either mouse or keyboard until I press alt+tab). I've had this problem since I bought a Radeon 9800 PRO video card and I haven't found any reason for this.

    Any ideas how I could fix this problem? It's starting to get REALLY annoying. And it's not screensaver and I'm not pressing the windows button or anything like that.

    Things I have tried this far without success:
    - updated directx
    - updated video card drivers
    - reinstalled mouse and keyboard drivers
    - scanned for viruses

    1. Epyo


      Checked for spyware/adware?

    2. Quast


      I have the same problem, but it's quite rare so i'm not annoyed. I run anti-spyware weekly and im clean. I have an nvidia card though. it's probably some xp issue

    3. Sephiroth


      woudln't dout it. that is a new one on me. if this was a consistant issue i would say stop pressing the "windows" key

      heh, a commic side story. i have seen "linux" and "BSD" keyboards. instead of the windows logo they have the penguin or deamon