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  1. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    CTF update released!
  2. LanHikariDS

    Abandoned Community Projects

    Haha, Phobos Simulation, I actually forgot about that. I wouldn't say I've abandoned it, if anyone would like to bump the thread with contributions, I sure wouldn't object, but noone seemed interested in contributing, so it kinda just fell into obscurity. I'm surprised to have it brought back up, honestly
  3. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    Server issues seem to have been resolved for the time being, server link updated in OP
  4. LanHikariDS

    What devices are best for Doom?

    Doom Touch is likely the way to go, but you'll have to sideload the app on Android nowadays (not hard, and I can instruct you). The app lets you pick between an older version of GZDoom, Chocolate, and prBoom and it gives you lots of options for custom mapping out the controls on your touch screen, so it's not hard to get comfy with, even with a touch screen. For me, I got rid of the standard fire button, and instead set it to fire whenever I tapped my look area twice and held it, so I could seamlessly turn and fire
  5. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    Having some issues at TSPG, might need to move over elsewhere. For the time being, the server is down, likely due to it's lack of popularity. However, popular or not, I would like to have the server up 24/7 for anyone to enjoy as they wish, so stay tuned to the OP for further updates. I've a new one coming soon ;)
  6. LanHikariDS

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    If Doom were never made, people would still be wearing leopard skins and fighting each other with rocks.
  7. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    Got out a Zan release a while ago, uploaded it, never updated the threads.
  8. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    Just released the Slushball update, hope you guys enjoy, and with luck, we'll get this running on Zandronum.
  9. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    Thanks, man. Glad to see you enjoyed it.
  10. LanHikariDS

    Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

    A friend mentioned issues on Doomshack, so I added a Dropbox link, too.
  11. Snowballs, snowmen, and kids all around? Sounds like snow's come falling to the ground! And what better way to celebrate snowfall than by lobbing said snow in your friend's (or enemy's) faces? Winter Wonderland allows you to do just that, with Zandronum 3! https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=wwshirtsandskins.pk3 [TSPG] Painkiller: Winter Wonderland official server zds://2607:5300:60:ada2:::10770/za Recent changes: -Added CTF support to all maps -Added Health items -Slushball now has an alternate fire -Press Reload to eat currently held snowball -More snowmen! -More pedestrians! -More maps! -Balanced Snow forts and fixed fort stacking -Hands! -"Decorative" icicles -Implemented fancy behavior in Zandronum, Engine-specific release no longer neccesary -New map structure Maps: Older versions: Outdated screenshots: Credits:
  12. LanHikariDS

    Share Your Sprites!

    Looks good. I've been wanting to do some Voxel stuff, too. What program do you use to make them?
  13. LanHikariDS

    Sitting/hunched sprite request

    Not quite sure where to put this, or how to put this, but I was wondering if anyone knows of custom sprites of the Zombieman/shotgunner in new poses? I'm wanting one that's basically BR92A2A8 from Brutal Doom's (Reserve your hate) Sprites/Monsters/Zombieman folder, but without them looking dead/injured more than in vanilla. Shotgunners/imps in that pose would be greatly appreciated, and would add more variety to the shooting gallery I want to work on.
  14. LanHikariDS

    Old discs

    It was supposed to be a joke. Having slept since, I realize it's not as funny as I thought. Corrupted ROM