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  1. FTuma

    Heretic/Hexen/other wads with Doom gameplay?

    Found accidental URL mistake in Icebound link, fixed. Glad I could find one you liked. :) Hordes of Chaos and D'Sparil are both gentler on a lower difficulty, maybe try that (especially HoC is much less slaughtery). Bastion I mentioned because it's something different, an adventure/puzzle as much as being a map. By the way Chris Lutz has two older works for Heretic as well.
  2. FTuma

    Heretic/Hexen/other wads with Doom gameplay?

    The Curse of D'Sparil and Hordes of Chaos games are by no means 'easy' or full of 'harmless monsters' IMO, but maybe try Icebound or Dark Deity's Bastion? I'm not sure these will do the trick given nothing so far has, but they're worth mentioning. It's a bit hard to get true to form 'Doom gameplay' in Heretic with some of the game's altered dynamics, perhaps.
  3. FTuma

    Heretic/Hexen/other wads with Doom gameplay?

    These could fit your bill. :) In fact, some of them even include Doom monsters! EDIT: Oh, and something for Strife too.
  4. FTuma

    The DWmegawad Club plays: (Ultimate) DOOM

    Usually about ten days left in the month is a good time to start thinking, so how about January? I think it should be a contemporary wad (there hasn't been one since October). Maybe D2TWID? Or also Concerned. The later isn't quite long enough so Swim with the Wales, 900 Deep in the Dead, Visions of Eternity, or Dark Side of Deimos (all except SwtW at two maps per day) would be good to go with it. Or if it's Concerned + another Doom I episode it could be just like this month - one episode per week. Maybe SwtW as well the remaining three days (get a taste of Doom II stuff in!).
  5. FTuma

    Ten Years of Cacowards

    Honestly of the wads that didn't get a cacoward I had a lot more fun with Concerned than Hellbound. As good as Z86 is with the aesthetics and design, cannonball was with the gameplay.
  6. FTuma

    Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

    I'm nominating Visions of Eternity. Rock solid episodes that just missed the cut for 2013 consideration. Could reasonably just be considered a fifth Doom episode, just as it shows on the selection screen.
  7. FTuma

    Other FPS games you play frequently

    Blood unfortunately has no Windows ports. :( I'll have to play Death Wish one of these days though because I've heard it is totally awesome, and it's HUGE! As for Shadow Warrior (the original, of course) I remember playing it young, but nowadays everyone says it's so much inferior to Duke Nukem 3D (which I always loved and still do) that I don't want those memories to be crushed and therefore I'm not that inclined to play it. I've never played Wanton Destruction as well. I'm not sure if there's a good Windows port for SW, either. Though, talking Duke Nukem, I am a real fan of Duke Nukem II (a platformer, but it is the prequel to Duke Nukem 3D), and I've seen many reviews (mostly on YouTube) give it some bashing that it really doesn't deserve. It's a great platformer IMO (maybe even one of the best on the PC, up there with the later Keen games). Re Quake series, even if the quality of the gameplay in the originals is a bit debatable, or at least somewhat disjointed, I don't think you can deny there is awesome custom content for it. (And at least for Quake I, still a new release on occasion.) In fact Quake (II) is easily one of the three games I've played the most custom content for, together with Doom (II) and Wolfenstein/Spear. I need to catch up on Duke Nukem 3D, I have literally no clue as to how I haven't played that many custom levels for it (yet).
  8. FTuma

    Other FPS games you play frequently

    Do you know of any port that will run Blood without DosBOX?
  9. What are some other FPS games (not Doom-engine games) that you play fairly often? For me: Wolfenstein 3D/Spear, Quake I/II, Duke Nukem 3D. All oldschool style and all with plenty of usermade content to expand the experience. Runner up also for the first two Serious Sam games (FE and SE - the original 2001/02 releases, not the HD versions).
  10. I don't see why it should be concluded that a majority of the results will be uninteresting. The idea of 100 lines was a good idea, but especially after playing 900DITD (which was a wad I felt did it correctly), my thoughts is that where it fell through is in that too few authors were good/skilled enough to micro-manage to such an entremely harsh/tight limitation. I think 300 (to 400) lines should expand the playing field some, giving people who aren't strictly 'experts' at managing limits the fair chance to create good, short and to the point levels, but at the same time the limit is low enough that the overall idea the project sold on in the first place should remain largely intact. In other words this limit seems to me like the 'sweet spot' of the overall idea, and one authors should be more successful with overall.
  11. Don't worry Jayaxtee, there's plenty of time to think of/save some ideas! There's no committed deadline at all and that'll likely remain the case especially if things are slow to start and/or still going strong. In response to pcorf's idea I'm considering accepting maps with up to 400 lines, as long as I feel the extra lines are used to provide more/better gameplay and not just for extra detailing. But 400 will be the cap. @Memfis I don't think the comparison with 1024 here is warranted, really. In 1024 wads, providing a good amount of gameplay almost always means designing cramped spaces. With linedefs there's no such situation - rooms don't have to be small as the level need not fit into any particular fixed area.
  12. If you provide a link in this thread to a pack you want to use, OR add the textures to the wad file itself that you make, it's probably acceptable.
  13. I had meant stock textures but actually I could probably allow use of the excellent CC4 texture pack if desired given its distribution and easy accessibility. I'll add it to the OP.
  14. After seeing Zone 300 and at least the potential in several of the maps made for the 100 Lines project, I feel it only makes sense to go for another project of the same style. Levels may use stock textures, cc4-tex, or any (non-joke type) textures in a pack either linked to by the author or included in the wad file itself. The rules are mainly exactly the same as they were for the 100 Lines project (one Doom II level, vanilla-compatible, original music, and no joke maps), except this time the limit is 300, and authors are encouraged to make as much use of the limit as possible. I may consider levels with up to 400 lines if the extra lines are used to provide improved gameplay, not for extra detailing. All authors can make as many submissions as desired. I should be able to look at and test all maps, and keep links to them in this OP. The only thing I may need help with is compilation/uploading at the end. Deadline is undetermined at this time, but will be January at the earliest I am thinking, with as many wads as necessary being compiled. If things start out slowly and/or activity remains high then it will go on longer. Just like with the 100 Lines project, it is the author's discretion as to if they feel their map is suitable for an /idgames release. So how about we get this going? I left a poll for if this is something you're interested in participating in.
  15. What are some of your most favorite wads for Heretic? I've already played: Hordes of Chaos X (my favorite, without a doubt) Master's Domain Sinful Discharge Shadowcaster Heretic Treasure Chest Carnage Galore + CG2 Anything Ken Phipps made Anything Chris Lutz made Gulag History of Fruit So looking for some good other levels/maybe episodes?