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  1. TheDoomedMarine

    GZDoom equivalent source port for Quake/Quake II?

    Thats a shame, thanks anyway guys. :)
  2. TheDoomedMarine

    GZDoom equivalent source port for Quake/Quake II?

    Does any of these Quake/Quake II source ports come with controller support? I like playing the Doom games on GZDoom with my wired Xbox 360 controller.
  3. TheDoomedMarine

    GZDoom equivalent source port for Quake/Quake II?

    Thanks guys. :)
  4. Does anyone know if there is a GZDoom equivalent of a source port for Quake and Quake II? I play Doom using the GZDoom source port and I'm comfortable with it.
  5. TheDoomedMarine

    Your Opinion on the Newest Doom (Straw Poll)

    The reveal wasn't what I was expecting, but I liked it and I'm remaining optimistic. I don't know if anyone else shares this thought but the pace and flow of the gameplay put me in mind of Quake III Arena. Heck if they use this id Tech 6 engine (id Tech 666 lol) on the next Quake game, presuming there will be one, I think it'll make a lot of people happy.
  6. TheDoomedMarine

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    They better not pull the same stunt they pulled at QuakeCon last year at E3! EDIT: After reading further posts in the thread, I take back the previous comment.
  7. TheDoomedMarine

    GZDoom Console Skill Levels

    Thanks. I thought the variables would run in synch to the skill selection on the main menu with "1" being I'm Too Young To Die. Programmer-isms definitely is weird sometimes lol
  8. TheDoomedMarine

    GZDoom Console Skill Levels

    Sorry if this question has been answered before but I'm a bit muddled with the number variables in relation to the skill levels on the command console for GZDoom. Does Skill "0" = I'm Too Young To Die then "1" = Hey, Not Too Rough "2" = Hurt Me Plenty! etc etc? Thanks.
  9. TheDoomedMarine

    Doomworld John Romero Q&A?

    I'll have to re-watch that video again, that was a cool video. But I do agree Doom 3 was pretty predictable but fun nonetheless to play.
  10. TheDoomedMarine

    Doomworld John Romero Q&A?

    What are John's thoughts on Doom 3? (does anyone know if he has been asked this question before?) What are his thoughts on the upcoming Doom game?
  11. TheDoomedMarine

    We ever gonna see doom 3 bfg mods ?

    I never knew they had disabled mod support for the BFG Edition until I read up on these forums about it, seems a bit of a cop-out if you ask me. :(
  12. TheDoomedMarine

    Doom 4 should have...

    Personally I like it if id took some notes from Brutal Doom and included a soundtrack of metal remix remasters of the old Doom WAD music or just used a real good heavy metal soundtrack nonetheless. As far as gameplay goes I'd like to see a variety of some mini-games (like in RAGE) but Doom themed and similar to the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher from Doom 3.
  13. TheDoomedMarine


    I e-mailed Matthew Costello personally and asked about Sarge and his transformation into Saboath and he said it was all going to be explained in the third Doom novel (the previous two being Worlds On Fire and Maelstrom) but unfortunately the third book was cancelled for an unknown reason or reasons :( I was really disappointed with that.