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  1. kerrang

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    yes, I meant this one. https://youtu.be/SXjajorvfO0?t=23s
  2. kerrang

    Favourite Doom sound?

    Zombiemans death screams
  3. kerrang

    what are your thoughts on the Demons of DooM '16?

    Hell Knight and Baron of Hell = awesome Revenant, Cacodemon and LS = good Spider Mastermind = not bad Cyber Demon = don't like it the rest = ok
  4. kerrang

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    Doomguy voices
  5. kerrang

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    Ultimate Doom Doom 2 Plutonia Doom 2016 TNT Doom 3 Original still the best
  6. kerrang

    Biggest problem with the game...

  7. GIve Doomguy some awesome voices like grunt and scream when he get hurt and die.
  8. My main gripe with new doom is the weapon sounds, most of them are weak, not satisfying at all, except shot-gun.
  9. kerrang

    The Cyberdemon

    hate the new cyberdeomon, its nothing like cyber+demon, the new design reminds me of Ultralisk from Starcraft, lol.
  10. kerrang

    Your least favourite enemy?

    The only enemy I don't like is Lost Soul, all the rests are fun to fight with, even Pain Elemental. I don't count SS as they are not belong to Doom world, they are a bonus enemy just for fun.
  11. kerrang

    New Doom trailer in Facebook page

    I am disappointed with Doomguy dosen't make any scream when Baron of Hell tears his body apart. It seems they make him a mute, this bothers me as I enjoyed all the grunt and scream sounds of Doomguy in classic Dooms.
  12. kerrang

    Doom 4 teaser and how it compares to the reveal

    Things I don't like - Doomguy has no grunt and death sounds.(when he hit by monsters and especially Revenant rips his arms apart) - Mancubus dosen't shoot flames anymore. - Monsters don't have strong distinct sounds when they notice Doomguy and die. - Cyber Demon looks like Ultrarlisk, a bit disappointing. - It needs more blood.
  13. kerrang

    Doom 4 should have...

    Doom4 should be like Brutal Doom