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  1. The_Aeromaster

    Hell Knight How?

    I must point out, when the video ends with the mouth closing over your face... how the fuck do you know he ate his entire head? The screen doesn't go black because you're inside the creature's mouth, implying that you can still see (ie. you're still alive), the screen goes black because you're dead. [sarcasm] If Id released an official statement that the hell-knight did, indeed, get the Doomguy's entire head in it's mouth, disregard the above comment. [sarcasm]
  2. The_Aeromaster

    Is the technology looking more and more "nothing special"?

    I haven't posted in a while, but fuck me... [hears parody of Aerosmith's "What Kinda Love Are You On"] I wanna know... What kinda drugs are you on?!?
  3. The_Aeromaster

    No Doom 3 this year?

    Doom 3 doesn't have dynamic lighting? [raises eyebrow] Someone else take care of this, I just want to point out that it's not really off-topic to discuss what you would do if Doom 3 doesn't release this year. Me, I'm looking forward to the next GTA game, Manhunt, which is supposed to release in October.
  4. The_Aeromaster


    And then Doom IV would be when we retake Earth.
  5. The_Aeromaster


    Yeah, like when all that discussion was going on about the limitations of the engine. Alot of people had it wrong. It wasn't so much the limitations of the engine as it was the limitations of today's hardware to be able to render everything the engine can produce.
  6. The_Aeromaster


    I agree with your comment on the length of the add-on. I mean, Doom was 27 maps, not counting episode 4, right? This was because 3 episodes, each with a different setting. Doom 2 was one setting, I never saw what they needed 32 maps for. Just for the record, I'm not bashing Doom 2, I like it, I'm just sayin that to fit the storyline for the add-on, it doesn't need to be really long.
  7. The_Aeromaster

    No Doom 3 this year?

    I don't remember Id claming they had control over the rumor mill... I may have missed something though.
  8. The_Aeromaster

    DOOM 3 @ QuakeCon?

    If this is, indeed, the SOLE reason the game is delayed, if it really is delayed (I know these are alot of "if"s), I will seriously fuck someone up.
  9. The_Aeromaster

    No Doom 3 this year?

    The person in question (I don't remember who it was either) stated in that same article that the last 10% of the game takes about as long to do as the first 90%. I really have no problem with HL2 or any other game using the same engine, or a similar one, coming out before D3, because I won't be fuckin playing them! MUHUHAHAHAHAHA So how much I'm impressed won't be affected at all.
  10. The_Aeromaster

    No Doom 3 this year?

    I can see some poor D3 fanatic who was having a REALLY bad day, comes on here and sees this shit and commits suicide. [repressing desire to grab the shotgun, not thinking about whether to use it offensively or not]
  11. The_Aeromaster

    "Original" models and levels for Doom3

    I'm still trying to figure out how they could be original AND resemble the old monsters.
  12. The_Aeromaster

    Seeing distant battles

    Did someone say Doom 64?
  13. The_Aeromaster

    Doom 3 Config Help

    Does it bug anyone else when we want to know how fast your system is and you include your hard drive size?
  14. The_Aeromaster

    ... Scary?

    If Undying has the same elements as Hellraiser in it, it's not scary. Hellraiser was awesome, but not scary. I was on Pinhead's side every time after the 1st one.
  15. The_Aeromaster

    Phobos Lab says:

    I have nothing to add to that.