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  1. Good day, Doomworld! I'm working on Ubuntu Linux about 2 years now and i've decided to make my own wad on this operational system. I've already made a map on eureka editor (honestly, only first part of the map). Problem is, i don't know how to test my map, on which source port i should do that. In fact, i tried to run ZDoom, but it crashes on start up. Using another source port like Skulltag, i'm starting to get stuck on a problem with how to run my wad. Speaking of other alternatives, i tried to run couple of them, but: a) They are working with errors b) They are on alpha or beta stages c) They are too old to run d) My arms growing up from my ass, that i can't run something properly So, please, if you know any information on how to run custom doom wads in Skulltag or the best source port on Linux let me know this
  2. DonuT1

    Running Doom Wads On Unix-Like Systems

    Huh, nevermind. I think, i figured it out. Thank you everyone for your assistance. Thread is closed.
  3. DonuT1

    Running Doom Wads On Unix-Like Systems

    Great! Finally, i got ZDooM into the working condition. But i don't understand one more thing: how to play original music? The sound runs without any problems, but default music isn't working. I set music device to Timidity++, but i'd prefer to hear the original one. I, guess, there's missing sound fonts or something, because the game itself saying that "Starting midi playback failed". How to fix it?
  4. DonuT1

    Running Doom Wads On Unix-Like Systems

    Well, if this the option. Thanks by the way. I will try it again, because i had no luck for the first time when i tried to install and run ZDooM. Actually, i solved this problem very easy. I used another computer with pre-installed WinXP and things are going quite well. And, yes, another thing. Chocolate DooM is running very smoothly without any problems along with PrBoom Plus. But (still) cannot run my custom wads on Ubuntu. I'll try it again with your suggestion and i'll see what i can do one more time
  5. DonuT1

    Running Doom Wads On Unix-Like Systems

    Interesting. I guess this will make easier to run my wad. I'll try it out Ok!
  6. DonuT1

    Running Doom Wads On Unix-Like Systems

    Sorry. I tried DooM Legacy, but, like i said before, it's only on beta stage of developing and i'm not sure about its working condition. XZDooM not working on my machine at all, Doomsday sometime is running and sometime not. Very well. I'll try it today and, if there's another problem, i'll write back.
  7. DonuT1

    Mayhem Mansion - 2021 new version release!

    Looks pretty funny. I'm gonna download this.
  8. Ok. I will be there as soon as possible
  9. DonuT1

    Cacodemon Balls

    Pretty funny!
  10. DonuT1

    Please help!

    How to change background image in the menu?
  11. DonuT1

    Please help!

    Thanks man! A lot of thanks!