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  1. guru

    The /newstuff Chronicles #199

    hillarious job, andrewb. I love that style
  2. guru

    Heil Doom 3

    as if we ever cared :)
  3. guru

    Doom Building Regimen

    fp! I just love doom bulder btw :)
  4. guru

    The /newstuff Chronicles #166

    barsela's wads are the best I played. ever. deadbase, mountain of fire... and NOW this baby I read something about in the last .txt by alberto but never got to play. great!! I'm going to wait for that baby till tonight
  5. hey gerkin. wonderful work! =) it really makes aligning so much faster!! and one more bug (sorry for that heh): in rotate, when you enter a "-" it hangs up the whole thing.
  6. loool. in fullscren its all 256 colors. 8 bit. in windowed mode it tries to find a compatible mode so that the window does not have to be concerted (directdraw issue)
  7. guru

    ZETH Goes Modern

    thank you all for the many many comments. as for the mayor request of keyboard scrolling - actually already the original DETH has it implemented. it's not very smoth, though. keys are INS/DEL/POS1/END
  8. you might need a newer version of directx ?
  9. Chris and me have decided to release a beta of our ZETH port to windows/linux systems. Information and the binaries can be found here: http://amberfisharts.com/hosted/zeth/. Please supply us with any bug reports/suggestions/comments you can come up with. Happy editing!
  10. guru

    vertical light gradients on walls

    btw think you could explain it briefly nightmare?? there seem to be some problems with it right? (eg the surrounding?)
  11. guru

    vertical light gradients on walls

    uploaded M8s's examaple here: http://amberfisharts.com/doom/spark.wad it's a wonderful idea and I will use it a lot with light gradients up to a sky ceiling. but I'm thinking of some other effects as well. sorry for using ZDOOM features were they are not required at all but the editor (ZETH) I'm using can only create hexen maps. DETH ist just a mayor pain in the ass.
  12. the idea by m8. can be used nicely to have light gradients on walls. check this out: http://amberfisharts.com/doom/spark.wad (7k, vanilla DOOM) http://amberfisharts.com/doom/lights.wad (21k, zdoom)
  13. guru

    repeating MID-textures

    M8 send me a demo level that shows the effect. doom handles lines with same vertex offsets just fine. I'm wondering what cool effects you can do. one I'm already planning to use.... ;)
  14. guru

    Invisible Stairs

    I'm fine with the lindef referencing secotr on both sides solution and as I'm creating a wad for zdoom compatibility doesn't really matter to me here (it does with other maps, though). one interesting thing I found out: it looks like those invisible stair sectors are interpreted as a suare sector. sectors in shape of a U for example still raise the players height when ┬┤not entered(eg. walking into the U from north does affect Z, even though you don't enter the sector. I avoided that problem by having the surrounding sector will the gap of the U sector. anyone got some definite info on that ?
  15. guru

    repeating MID-textures

    ok 2048 should just be enough (reall just) for my purposes. thnx for the help. oh and I remember using the line-next-to-line trick in an early level of mine (never released that - it was a zdoom enhanced deadbase.wad mod) to simulate a high tower altough the ceiling (F_SKY1) was way lower. it's nice that 2-sided texttures are not clipped by the ceiling ;)