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Everything posted by mallo

  1. There is a bug with MAPINFO - the level's TitlePatch property is not set, so in ZDoom, the name on intermission screen doesn't have the author's name.
  2. mallo


    Fantastical for 2002. The levels are fun and very detailed (again, for 2002), although they can get kind of confusing because of using mostly the same textures for the entire level. The problems are annoying sounds (they do NOT fit >_
  3. mallo

    SNOWIMPS.ZIP - The Christmas PWAD

    For '94, this is actually a really good .wad! The sprites aren't made in Paintbrush in 5 minutes and the sound quality is actually good!
  4. mallo


    This .wad shaves Zombiemen's heads and puts them in sloppily drawn black suits. I love it.
  5. mallo

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    This is a truly sad day for the entire community. Rest in peace, Ty.
  6. mallo

    Ocean base: a wad with two ways of winning

    I liked ocean base, mostly becasue it has this '94-95 feeling to it. I didn't like the other level tho - it was dark, boring and confusing.
  7. mallo

    Gothic Windows

    This is stupid but has its charm. 19 years later, it's still working! :D I don't think it does on x64 systems though...
  8. echo sounds fake and cacodemon sucks ://////
  9. I was curious, what is the total size (both in disk space and number of files) of the /idgames archive? (Or maybe even entire archives.gamers.org :P)
  10. mallo

    Total size of /idgames archive?

    Alright, thanks!
  11. mallo


    This is shit. First, you have to find an unmarked secret to proceed further. Then, without weapons, you have to kill IoS and an Arch-vile (what did first creator say about no monsters?) with a PISTOL. Dehacked file makes all monsters float and makes imps shoot BFG balls. I beaten this map only by using infighting. Definite 0/5.
  12. mallo

    So, how old are you ?

    Turned 16 last Saturday
  13. mallo

    Simple Names for Games

    I think the trend was started with Sonic the Hedgehog (commonly known as Sonic '06). Dumb and confusing IMO.
  14. mallo

    What is your real name?

    "What is your credit card number?" Also, Chris.
  15. mallo

    Summit of Oblivion

    This is ugly as shit but has great gameplay.
  16. mallo

    Impressions Doom

    Isn't this basically my snds.wad except made with some other voice? Some sounds sound almost the same...
  17. mallo

    Super 3-D Noah's Ark is coming to Steam!?

    Get more imaginative, I beaten entire game. Was quite fun, like Wolfenstein.
  18. mallo

    Rooftop Garden

    Nice, short and easy.
  19. mallo


    I wanted to be the funny guy and say "nice" and give it 5/5, but... I just can't. The whole level is ugly and mostly uses 1 texture. 1 out of 3 doors uses the aforementioned texture, the same with an elevator.There is a inescapable trap. The only kinda good thing I can find in this is that the walls aren't a completely random texture mishmash. For a second I wondered if the author isn't just a misunderstood surreal artist, but no. The author just sucks.
  20. mallo


    This is the ugliest sky that I've ever seen but it's '94 so whatever.
  21. mallo


    Nice. A few misaligned textures, but hey, that was '95.
  22. mallo

    Ultimate Doom Poster

  23. mallo

    Televison for DOOM II

    Funny, but completely doesn't work with modern ports.
    Neat and useful.