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  1. im a girl
  2. Unity is how I make a living, it's what I'm most comfortable with.
  3. I'm not distributing any copyrighted material. It should be pretty obvious that this is the case, but all you do is jump in with opinions on things you know very little about. Please stop posting.
  4. I'm triangulating the map upon load, and building a full 3d mesh from it. It's not using any node data, though the approach is kiiinda analogous to GLNodes, being that the end goal is to have a set of convex shapes to build instead of the arbitrary polygons Doom gives you. The isometric automap is just an orthographic camera pointing down at the scene.
  5. Yes, I already know that. Anything along these lines is a very long way off so I don't need to think about it right now. Thanks for your input hard core gamer
  6. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. All in good time.
  7. This is only an alpha release, there are no real benefits of using it except for playing around with the isometric automap. You can't actually play Doom in it yet, just walk around levels etc. I wanted to make this release so people could try the automap out and also avoid putting off releases indefinitely. In terms of mapping, it only supports vanilla/boom maps at the moment, so you can't take advantage of any extra 3d features. Hopefully at some point in the future I will create my own UDMF namespace and start allowing mappers to play around with all the possibilities, but at the moment I'm just working towards building Doom from the ground up. I have a long way to go. I hope that clears some things up for you!
  8. there are a few issues with the sky, but they are known. I will hopefully get them fixed soon!
  9. I'm pretty sure bzzrak release their map standalone already
  10. @Linguica probably because it's just pulling the lines etc. The bsp still needs to be built. Unless GBA doom uses the same bsp info as vanilla does it will require reverse-engineering that
  11. i disagree :) i'm hoping to work on udmf soon! at least getting them to partially render, i'm not sure about 3d floors or slopes yet. aaaaa thats so good <3 boom already works by the way! I don't support the special line transfers but the maps load pretty well (since they are the same format as doom, mainly) you can by enabling mouselook in the console/settings (mouse_vlook true), and moving the mouse around. should give you a top down view if you look down! maybe! i haven't checked haha thank you all for the kind words, i'm really glad people are enjoying this :) I hope to get back to working on it soon, been pretty busy this past week
  12. turns out the linux build didn't get uploaded properly, fixed that now!
  13. Very cool! I'm happy to hear it wasn't too difficult to copy over, makes me reconsider doing the same. It'd be nice to get a solution working without struggling with my own implementation any more :P
  14. Woah! I've like *just* released my Unity-based Doom engine, haha! Coincidence :) I see you used the Doombuilder code for the triangulation, did you have to do much work to it to get it to work with Unity? I didn't try to just copy it over myself, and instead rewrote it myself. (To not entirely perfect success)