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  1. its a good wall
  2. @mypetrobot those textures are awesome!
  3. woah hey whats this??
  4. I made a couple tutorials a while ago:
  5. I use Reason with the Roland Soundcanvas soundfont to write with, then go through a silly export as midi > import to fruityloops > apply instruments > export process to get my midi at the end, because Reason doesn't support midi properly.
  6. great textures
  7. working hard on tools myself
  8. I save really often, like instinctually. Usually after building a section and i'm just panning around the map, or whenever I test.
  9. @franckFRAG i think i have an extended orange palette that i worked on for my orange project, i can see if i can dig it up if you want
  10. cool shots! thanks for reuploading. i'd love to return to the mondrigan style, especially since they were some very early textures for me and I'm sure I could do a much better job overall now :)
  11. you also suggested changing the sprites etc. either way, priorities. starting a discussion on whether to make these changes takes importance away from the big changes that need to be made. I just think there's time much better spent elsewhere.
  12. pretty sure there are much bigger priorities than dedicating time to revamping armor/health bonuses.
  13. oh noo its a broken image :X i'm super curious
  14. don't see why you can't win it more than once
  15. scifista you are giving feature suggestions for a tool you haven't used, have no idea how it works in practice, and have no idea what the goals of the tool are. you also already told me you don't want to use the tool. feature suggestion: stop blastfrog: yes. linguica: yes. joe-ilya: yes.