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  1. omfg yes do whatever you want i made this map 6 years ago lol
  2. i played e1m1 because you used my midi and hey i gotta say: that midi still whips. great job on that
  3. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    Of course, they're free for anyone to use
  4. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    Link in the OP works. Just fixed the one in the reply too.
  5. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    No plans to update it. I'll get it on idgames at some point.
  6. jmickle66666666

    what's the state of the art in node builders?

    just use your actual account, graf. hiding behind a fake one is tedious, and you're really bad at it
  7. jmickle66666666

    DoomLoader for Unity

    A virtual function exists to be overridden by a class that inherets from the one that defined it, so you should look for a child class of the one that function is defined in.
  8. jmickle66666666

    Announcing AJBSP

    Cool! Interested to know the motivation behind making a new nodebuilder? Is there something in particular it does that others don't? Either way, really cool to see new tools.
  9. jmickle66666666

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    I Can Smell Your Fingerprints All Over My Computer by dragonfly and jmickle66666666 music: Clubchip by jmickle66666666 notes: new textures by jmickle66666666 added. difficulties not implemented yet
  10. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    fixed againnn
  11. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    Updated the link cause it was broken; gonna get v6 on idgames too!
  12. jmickle66666666

    NASTY: Not A Sourceport, Thank You (Alpha 4)

    i made a huge optimisation to the in-game speed the other day, but realise to implement sector height changes (for doors, lifts etc), i am going to have to replace a lot of the mesh generation code, nullifying the optimisation. I think its still possible to use the same optimisations though, I just need to do some tests to make sure. Lots of stuff has been getting rewritten recently.
  13. jmickle66666666

    NASTY: Not A Sourceport, Thank You (Alpha 4)

    Alpha 4! Downloaf: https://github.com/jmickle66666666/DoomUnity/releases/tag/v0.1-alpha.4 * Entity states * Entity sounds * Item pickups Wonky stuff: * Pk3 support * Preliminary UDMF support * PNG texture/flat support (warning: very buggy!) (edit: turns out that build was broken! updated with fixed version)
  14. jmickle66666666

    NASTY: Not A Sourceport, Thank You (Alpha 4)

    No, it's just my code. I did some profiling and optimisations today and the bulk of the time building a level is spent triangulating sectors into convex shapes to build a mesh from. It is by far the most complex part of nasty, and the least fun to work on, so the code is very messy and very unoptimised. Some deeper profiling showed that the worst culprit in the triangulation is this function here. It's all in C#, just like Doombuilder, so anotak very kindly took some time to take a look through to try and see if there were any easy gains to be made. The conclusion is basically root problems with my approach with a lot of it, but its not code I fully understand anyway (I'm honestly surprised I got it working to the level it has), so changing the way things work is very difficult. There are optimisations to be made all over, but triangulation is the first part to fix, as it is taking up a huge portion of the time. For reference (though take these numbers with a grain of salt, they're running on my kinda underpowered machine, in-editor (lots of overhead)): BTSX MAP06 takes around ~8.5 seconds to build the geometry for, 4.5 of which are spent in that one function alone. This doesn't include the actual geometry being built, building the textures and sprites, or anything else; each of which also haven't been optimised. This is entirely a solvable issue, too, since Doombuilder triangulates these maps in under a second, also in pure C#. I am either going to tear out and replace it with a new method (for instance the method GLBSP uses), or rewrite a similar approach from scratch, using the knowledge I've gained working on it. It's just not particularly high on my priority list since it's so difficult, and there are many other things to work on before Nasty is a usable engine.
  15. jmickle66666666

    junkcity :: victorian themed texture pack (v02)

    idgames link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/junkcity