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    This had boring and confusing layouts, plus too many monsters.
    This wad is shit. WAY TOO HARD.
    Why hide the cyberdemons, and I hate it when people put a lot of items on maps.
    Looks very good, better than what I would do.
    I might use this for my new wad "Hell Unleashed"
    This wad is amazing! It inspired me to make a comic series, "Doom Woman."
    The overcrowding of monsters is annoying at times, but it is good.
    This wad is good, could tone down on the shoot down doors, but good.
  1. I will be making a new DOOM II megawad featuring a few of my levels as well as reusable levels from other users of the Doom community, it will probably be up in 6 months.

    1. purist


      It probably won't be as well received as it would be without the recycled content.

    2. SavageCorona


      If I got paid for reading these fucking upcoming megawad threads

    3. Cupboard


      Please tell me this is a reboot of the Hell Revealed series, featuring Chris Pratt on the TITLEPIC.

    4. AD_79