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  1. death112

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Apologies, I labeled it incorrectly. Thanks for pointing it out!
  2. death112

    new megawad: ECHELON

    Maybe I'm dumb, but I can't seem to progress past Map13 - Shortcut. It says I'd need a blue key, but I just can't find one anywhere. Also, why is there a Mancubus stuck below that "blood-pillar"? He was making a lot of noise, so i checked it out with noclip. edit: Yeahh. I'm just dumb. I might have softlocked myself, that the bars to the blue key area couldn't raise anymore
  3. death112

    Gogyptian Fiction - Happy Birthtime AD_79!

    Happy Birthday! Also excellent map Alfonzo and Jimmy. Neat looks, nice music choice and a very challenging but fair map.
  4. Yeah, I played on UV. No worries, I finished it in a legit way :) I just wanted to share my view, even though my feedback won't really help a lot. You're right about the berserk pack there, I'm not such a huge tyson player. Even though giving a zerk pack doesn't really count towards ammo management, atleast thats my opinion. Also the thing with the healthkit. You got one in a place, where you can lower the wall in the first map. Well, you can grab it without lowering the wall, thats what I meant.
  5. well.... what to say about this. Overall JC3 is pretty bad. Im not sure what gave you the idea throwing the player right of the bat in that hitscan hell in the first map. Ammo management seemed fine until you decided to put barons in hallways. Love my barons in hallways. The Healthkit can be grabbed throught the wall btw. Second map. Even worse than the first one. Don't be so greedy with ammo please :) And I really second the idea putting rad-suits for the acid part somewhere.
  6. death112

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    yeah, thats the thing. i explored the whole level. cyberdemon lurking around further to the right. well, basically this map is like e4m6, thats why im so confused.
  7. death112

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    so, lost04 a caco seems to be stuck: also it seems i cant find any progression, as the keys wont open the bars:
  8. death112

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    yeah, it works, if i use a bat file. thanks!
  9. death112

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    First of all, congratulations for finishing a project of this size. I will slowly work myself throught this little surprise here. Secondly, i dont know why, but it seems that gzdoom cant find the music-files if you use the pack provided by you. Maybe I'm actually dumb and doing something wrong, but not sure. I used the drag&drop method to execute all the stuff. Just wanted to inform you about that.
  10. death112

    xasermap - dead.wire v1.1 (2017-12-30)

    This map is interesting to say the least. I did get a bit of the doom64 vibe out of this. It was very enjoyable and the weapon replacements weren't half bad either. Its kinda amusing to see nearly every enemy as a specter(or not :p) and they could potentially surprise you, because they don't have the wake-up scream. Overall the map seemed pretty balanced, but you kinda had to stick to the pattern, that you go for flamethrower first, else you didnt have enough ammo.
  11. death112

    Violence (4 map EP)

    Happy Birthday AD! Very enjoyable little mapset. Funky music, trippy colors and as usual, evil traps.
  12. No worries, i assumed doom2.wad is used, because thats it in the most cases. I didn't read the description careful enough, because no errors with tnt.
  13. Well, for zdoom/gzdoom there is only one way iirc: Write a batch-file or copy the zdoom/gzdoom executable. You gonna need these 3 commands for this case: -iwad doom2.wad -file DFLoE1.4.wad -playdemo add_demoname.lmp Also what i forgot to mention last time. Weirdly enough i got missing texture errors in some places. In my peek into MAP02 i also saw them at the windows. Here 2 screenshots:
  14. No worries about filesize man .lmp files dont take up alota space. The only problem with zdoom demofiles though might be, that you can't fast forward or rewind (atleast to my knowledge)
  15. Well, you've got more than 1 map and i haven't played the others yet. Sometimes it helps the mapper, if he sees how a player actually adjusts to his creations. So i thought, i'd also record those sessions. Maybe you can find patterns/similarities what players do in maps, to adjust to that. For example lure the player somewhere, according to the maps architecture. Or players have a tendency to die in a certain area because of lack/ammo and you can decide if you want to adjust that a bit.