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  1. DSDA Page link Doom Wiki Page link MAP01 Tyson in 0:56 This demo (along with any future ones I record) plays back with htp-raw.wad.
  2. Hell to Pay MAP01 UV-Speed in 0:18.40 Plays back with htp-raw.wad EDIT: Could someone move this to the Hell to Pay thread, please? Thanks!
  3. The Journey MAP01 in 0:15.71
  4. MAP02 UV-Max in 1:37
  5. I'm looking forward to more releases from @Relinquished. Technomancy was a lot of fun.
  6. Here's another one, why not. The Darkening Episode 2 MAP02 -nomonsters in 0:28.26
  7. The Darkening Episode 2 MAP01 -nomonsters in 0:43.57
  8. MAP02 UV-Speed in 0:27.57
  9. This pack started as a community demo pack for the Hell on Earth Discord chat in September of last year. kraflab spearheaded the project, an attempt to capture the magic of the demo packs worked on in the #doom irc of years prior. The goal was to improve all existing records and fill in the runs without any exits for Doom 2 UV-Max Reality and Plutonia -fast. It fell short of the goal and, after collecting enough dust, the participants agreed for the pack to be compiled and released in its present state. Hopefully what did get completed can inspire others to work on beating/filling the rest. Rules for the categories: UV-Fast: 100% kills and secrets with -fast parameter, on ultra-violence, exiting with all monsters dead (except Lost Souls and Icon of Sin spawns). UV-Max Reality: 100% kills and secrets, on ultra-violence, exiting with all monsters dead (except Lost Souls and Icon of Sin spawns), without taking damage (unavoidable nukage damage is allowed). Special Exceptions: Doom 2 15, 27; Plutonia 11, 27 Demo Pack Description Times Spreadsheet Download the pack here:
  10. I can't get enough of Richard Dawson's album from this year, Peasant. Ogre is an early standout, but is one of many excellent tracks. Very strange, medieval themed character sketches a la Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Maybe that's a pretentious description, but the music is really fun. Some of the descriptions of life back then are quite lurid and disgusting.
  11. MAP31 UV-Speed in 0:36
  12. Completely the same, as far as I can tell!
  13. Yeah I guess it's fine on 3.1.0. Thanks.
  14. I keep getting a crash when I run through the door on MAP03, the one that raises when you hit the switch through the hallway with the shotgunners, imps, and zombies. I'm using the latest GZDoom and the WAD downloaded from the idgames link.
  15. Here's the sequel to my last post. E2M8 UV-Speed in 1:05