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  1. Completely the same, as far as I can tell!
  2. Yeah I guess it's fine on 3.1.0. Thanks.
  3. I keep getting a crash when I run through the door on MAP03, the one that raises when you hit the switch through the hallway with the shotgunners, imps, and zombies. I'm using the latest GZDoom and the WAD downloaded from the idgames link.
  4. Here's the sequel to my last post. E2M8 UV-Speed in 1:05
  5. Wrapped up MAP03 just now. Thoughts basically align with @rdwpa. Love the aesthetic and I've always loved maps that unfold. It's a big spectacle boss map with a lot of enemies and a lot of frustrating deaths. I'm glad more people are doing these shorter mapsets. Much easier to keep a focused and consistent theme without wearing it out over a full episode or megawad. Loved the atmosphere of the first map and the tough fights of the second map. Not much for me personally to like in the third map, but a fitting conclusion to this little romp.
  6. Hey, I finally finished MAP02. Pretty tough map for my poor Doom skills. Great jaunt overall, though. Pretty much all of the encounters were hard! I liked the crusher fight the best, before the AVs. Second to that would be the room with the RL. Must have been killed a hundred times by those revenants before I decided to just rush for the rocket launcher. The final encounter was harrowing as well. Couldn't come up with a better strategy than rocketing down the skeletons first and hoping not to die. Then just mopping up the cyber and mancs with the plasma. Really enjoyed the secret and the crushers, nice touch! Will hopefully get to play MAP03 tomorrow. I'll post my thoughts then. E: Oh I forgot to mention how kickass the MAP02 MIDI is. What's that from?
  7. Well, MAP01 was really fun and awesome. I'm trying to get into MAP02, but the AV encounter after the crusher room is really tough. Eager to play more, really love the theming. The whole time I was creeping through MAP01 I just kept thinking, "where the hell am I? why is everything so gross?" So far so good, hoping I can tackle the rest of MAP02 when I get back to it.
  8. Hot off the presses is one more NMDU Max. E2M8 Max in 1:53 E: Oops, thanks for moving this. I only searched for NMDU when I tried to find the thread...
  9. Slowly working through 300 Minutes of /vr/, onto MAP25 now. I've also been trying to go through TNT on HMP just cause I've never actually experienced all of TNT's numerous glories.
  10. Here are a few minor improvements of some Skepticist maxes from NMDU E2M1 Max in 1:34 E2M2 Max in 4:03 E3M1 Max in 2:49 E3M2 Max in 3:14 All of these are from 2015 when I still thought I'd have the dedication to beat all of Skepticist's Max times.
  11. Ok never mind I had to change the load order in GZDoom. At first I thought I was getting pranked ComfyDoom style cause everything felt slower, not faster! Now that I've got it working I'll give it another try.
  12. Hey this doesn't do anything I thought it would do. Have I been pranked?
  13. +++ Perdition's Gate, again hopefully to draw interest in its fan-made sequel
  14. If there is it doesn't show up when I search this forum for "moonblood."
  15. MAP02 Max in 2:13