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  1. If there is it doesn't show up when I search this forum for "moonblood."
  2. MAP02 Max in 2:13
  3. A few Moonblood nomos for your perusal: MAP01 nomo in 0:18 MAP02 nomo in 0:28 using the all new, all powerful zero press! MAP27 nomo in 0:10
  4. Moonblood is a full 32 map MegaWAD released by Deadwing in April of 2017. It runs on -complevel 9 with the Doom 2 IWAD. Post your demos for it here! I offer mbXY-ZZZ.lmp as the naming convention, replacing XY and ZZZ with map # and demo time respectively. I'll also offer a handful of my own demos to start things off. MAP01 Max in 1:22 MAP01 NM100s in 0:42 MAP01 NM-Speed in 0:22 MAP01 Pacifist in 0:21 MAP01 Respawn in 1:15 MAP27 UV-Speed in 0:11
  5. I put down a note to remind myself to play this a week ago... But I only just found my note! Well, I had some time and gave it a try on UV. Really great stuff. Hits the difficulty sweetspot for me: lots of medium to tough encounters, but plenty of health to cover up for mistakes. Well, some of the time. The encounter with all the revenants in the red key room killed me twice, and then encounter right after with the imps, revs, and arch vile killed me once! Steeled myself after those deaths though and got through the whole thing on the fourth try. One of the things I noticed right (as a result of my multiple deaths) was how much fun it was clearing all the monsters leading into the red key room. The environment is carefully crafted as a fun little arena to duck in and out of cover while taking out all the imps and hitscanners. All the barrels just make it that much more fun. Stuff like this is nice for pistol starting with no saves. Much better than having to hit a switch right at the start or some other repetitive tedium. But that's merely 10% of the map. The rest sees the player scour some dank tunnels on a quest for the blue key. This section is exquisitely suspenseful as the player is treated to the fervent murmurs of four or more arch viles in the walls just waiting to get loose. The player is lead to each switch by pools of blood, surely thinking "will this switch drop those arch viles on me?" But it's a nice no-sell until at last, the bars to the plasma rifle are dropped, and in come the arch viles. Some from the front, where they have ample corpses to resurrect, and some from the behind, quick to start a fire under the player's feet. The fight can be made a lot easier with careful aim of the plasma rifle and the Invulnerability sphere secret. Blue key in hand, the player starts the last leg of the map, which is a victory lap of sorts. A huge stash of plasma cells helps make quick, bloody work of hordes of shotgunners in rocky cliffs looming over more nukage. This section of the map is quite fun to stomp around in, full of health and pride in the successes so far, but doesn't offer the thrills of the other 2/3rds. More of a chance to reflect on the journey, and what a journey it was! I'll ditto the non-impassable linedefs veinen and leodoom85 caught. I also noticed that the linedefs for the first soulsphere secret and the invuln secret were visible. Might not have found them otherwise! The final secret is too, but that might have been intentional. The armor secret is so cheeky! I kind of wanted there to be more reward for that, but I was basically full on ammo by that point. Great stuff, all around, though. Keep 'em comin'!
  6. Played the first 8 maps so far. Mediocre to solid stuff so far. MAP07 was an obvious standout. Looking forward to playing more when I get off work tonight!
  7. Here's an FDA with two deaths and a pause to open my window. I got hot! I had trouble getting a good start going. A lot of monsters aggro to the player and punish an attempt at slow rolling. I didn't really rush to the chaingun, super shotgun, or other weapons for a while. In fact I was kind of skeptical of the plasma gun. It looked so ominous in that cave! I can see it be a fun map to return to and try to carve out a different path than last time. Ammo and health felt good on UV and encouraged use of all the weapons without relying on one more than the others (other than the typical overuse of SSG being the trusty work horse). Because of the route I chose, grabbing the soulsphere did not feel worth it. Would've enjoyed it more if I had grabbed the SSG first, but that was my bad move. I really enjoyed the blue key fight with all the revenants and imps. A fun test of dancing around the blown out ruins of a former base without getting too much nukage on my toes. Shouldn't have grabbed the radsuit so early! I always feel a little weird in maps of this size. Almost every room and hallway feels like 3x larger than I think it should. This is no fault of yours, maybe I'm slightly agoraphobic... Probably not, though. As it is, some of the pathways can be overlong and tedious to retread after clearing out the monsters. The megasphere fight ended up being my finale. Once I grabbed all the keys (without triggering the fight) and saw the exit room was just an exit room I went back and gave it a whirl. I survived it pretty well by running away afraid for my life! It's easy enough to throw rockets up the stairs at the revenants while avoiding any rebuttals. The detail work is amazing, especially little flourishes like the vine shadows. Really nice stuff. Great job differentiating the areas of the map with subtle texturing differences. Kept things from feeling too samey. All in all a really fun experience! I'm sorry I couldn't have turned in a more watchable FDA, but maybe it'll be useful somehow.
  8. Huh, I guess I never uploaded this. MAP05 max in 2:18.
  9. Getting there...
  10. I played through Crumpets pretty soon after it was released and enjoyed a lot of it. When I saw it was going to be the first mapset for the club I thought about replaying it. But for some reason I could only really think of MAP06. I watched @rdwpa's video for it and remembered why. I think it took me the better part of a week to finally get through that map! I'll probably hop in for SD20x7 in a few days. Ribbiks maps have a special place in my heart. When I first got into PWADs, I happened across Spoons and bashed my head against the first little bit of map one for hours one day. I made note of its creator and swore never to play anything by Ribbiks ever again. Now I'm like "I'll give Ribbiks and dannebubinga a million dollars to make Sunlust 2. I already suck at Sunlust, but give me another one to suck at."
  11. Yes, The X-Files is a great show. Highly recommended!
  12. Hi, I'm streaming some Doom II speedruns before bed. Thanks.
  13. Streaming some nomo speedruns at

  14. But don't worry! @Dragonfly mentionated it yesterday.
  15. In highschool, maybe 11th or 12th grade, we were all called to the cafeteria to hear details about prom. Where, when, how much, etc. When the person told about the cost, they mentioned an option to use a payment plan. Their voice made the phrase sound a bit funny to my friends and I and it became kind of an in joke. I guess it's kind of cruel, because we were essentially making fun of this person and how they said payment plan. I started using it as my name shortly thereafter. Prior to that, playing a lot of Counter Strike, I had various names such as test bear, raven bane, meat puppet, and apophenium. Going back all the way to my GameFAQs days when I used to post as swordblaster. I don't miss any of those names.