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  1. RocknRoll420

    So how much did you pay for doom when you first got it?

    The Depths of Doom Trilogy in I think 1996. Cost 39.99+ tax and I eyed the box on the shelf of the store for many weeks until I had enough to buy it.
  2. RocknRoll420

    Worst mapping error in iwads?

    e4m1 lower the wall around the NIN secret using the torch, then cross the NIN and go into the blue key area. The wall raises in front of you revealing a big HOM, and as far as I can tell you're stuck where the blue key is. I always start the level over if it happens to me.
  3. RocknRoll420

    High resolution sprites

    Maybe try making Doomguy look a little more pissed off? He's more badass than this friendly man you've made. It looks good though you are doing great stuff here.
  4. best: map10 map07 e2m2 e1m7 map13 map29 map27 map09 e4m1 e1m8 worst: e3m5 map21 e3m1 e2m9 e2m5 map23 map25 e3m3 e4m7 e3m7 don't really feel that strongly about the worst maps, there's not many maps that are super terrible.
  5. RocknRoll420

    Pcorf Community Project 2 (Finished)

    I've started making a map, seems like a bit of fun.
  6. RocknRoll420

    Most "cryptic" level in Doom?

    E3M5 I still have never bothered to figure this level out. I just run around taking teleports until it works out. MAP19 Of doom 2 is cryptic as well. There's so many teleports and secrets and doors that open when you cross lines and such. Very confusing unless you take a while to learn it all.
  7. RocknRoll420

    Did Doom OST influence your musical taste?

    Yes. Doom introduced me to Slayer who were the first metal band I ever liked. I love heavy metal. I like Doom (metal), and classic hard rockin metal more than thrash by a long shot but doom opened the door for me.
  8. RocknRoll420

    Plutonia: really well done

    Plutonia is amazing it has levels that can still pose some challenge even when compared to the hardest stuff made today. All the other iwads are very easy. The levels all look very clean. I personally like the brown, stone, and jungle looks. It has a long lasting influence on hard doom gameplay. It really set the precedent for the revenant fuckery we live in.
  9. Happy birthday Doom 2!!! Thank you for bringing us the SSG, more interesting monsters, awesome music, and cool new textures. Most of your levels are pretty fun too. A lot of people are downplaying this milestone since Doom 2 is really just a modified Doom and we really like to celebrate the engine more than anything at this point. Obviously without Doom 1 there would be no Doom and none of us would be here right now. But the longevity and community we have today wouldn't exist without Doom 2. Pretty much every pwad we play runs on top of doom2.wad, and the pwads are really the meat of this whole thing. Imagine if we were mapping only with Doom 1 resources. I don't know if we would have made it this far. There's only so many things you can do with that bestiary. The additional monsters they added in Doom 2 made the gameplay variations possible go from many, to incomprehensible. Doom 2 might not be an increase in tech like we expect a sequel to be today, but it's definitely a great increase in fun. And besides, in the old days sequels were commonly the same game core just with new levels and enemies etc. Look at the keen games for example (probably a bad example because it's still iD). Doom 2 is an awesome good amazing game that continues to provide fun and compelling gameplay today and will continue to do so until humans are too smart for videogames.
  10. RocknRoll420

    SNES Doom

    play GBA doom on the GBA. don't use the original GBA though that thing is terrible. experiencing the game in the medium it was designed for seems like the best way to go. plus i played a lot of GBA doom in the past on my SP so i'd like to read your thoughts on the experience.
  11. RocknRoll420

    What is your Doom Engine(s) of choice?

    PrBoom because I like to play vanilla doom and it runs in windows
  12. RocknRoll420

    After the Cyberdemon...

    The cyberdemon is really good at being relatively slow and hurling huge damage bombs at you from anywhere it can see you (which leads to getting hit out of nowhere). The art and sounds are amazing, they're fun to fight (if they are placed right), and the first time you ever saw one you probably shit your pants. No, I don't think we can do that again or top that. So maybe we could think about different ways to approach the next boss monster- the guy who is harder than the cyberdemon. The plasma marines in scythe 2 are pretty cool. They are fast and agile and shoot constantly, making them pretty deadly although they don't have much health. Flying monsters are another brand of annoying. Homing projectiles like the revenant seems pretty cool, or a projectile that lobbed toward you. The explosion and splash damage of cyberdemons makes them so dangerous (plus occasional one hit kills). So if our new monster is to be harder than the cyberdemon I believe it should have some sort of splash damage effect which is perhaps not as strong as the cyberdemon's. So far I have an agile, fast, flying monster who does splash damage. In terms of one hit kills maybe it would be cool if it could swoop down and kill you in one melee hit with its talons (cutting off your curious head). The attack being some sort of homing bomb which leaves the enemy in an underhand toss trajectory. 5 shots really fast each one does 25 dmg or some crap. It must stop to attack but moves quickly from place to place between attacks. Because we're outdoing the cyberdemon we need a comparable amount of health, I guess at least equal health (even though cyberdemon health approaches tedious at times for people who don't 2 shot 100%) to do it justice. It actively hunts like the cyberdemon does but flies so it's more scary. Has to be large though; same size as cyber or wider. I picture a flying monster that is pretty gross and has mechanical bits with gross guts tubes hanging down from it. Has arms and a gun in middle? Could shoot with mouth like the other flying fellows?. Perhaps one scary large eye in the middle. tldr Same health, fast, flying, lobs homing bombs, one hit melee
  13. RocknRoll420

    Do you have any corrupted Doom memories?

    When I was a kid I would go on happypuppy.com and download the shareware of any doom like game and play through them. Some of the ones I played have their levels twisted in my memory to doom pwads, and I only discovered this is the case when I watched a video of Blake Stone and memories started rushing back. I had totally forgotten that game existed but had strange scant memories of its levels in the form of doom.
  14. RocknRoll420

    Doomablo - Can zDoom do this?

    Thanks for the great replies. That BorderDoom mod has already implemented much of the stuff I would want to do. I'll figure out how to do it from there. Good tip with the DummySpawner that should be able to handle my item dropping needs. Open for more suggestions related to spawning items with randomized stats. More questions of course: How much support is there for a level and attribute points system already built in? I'd like to be able to get exp from killing bad guys, earn more and level up (I see that is happening in BorderDoom already). Upon level up you'd get some sort of choice of what you want to increase: maxhealth, armor, speed, that sort of stuff. I'd like to be able to alter these values by equipping items as well. Is it possible to save this sort of a gamestate? (excuse me if this is a stupid question I don't know much about zdoom yet) Something where you're not just saving positions of things on the map but also your current level, experience, inventory, etc. I don't have a lot of time right now to work on something like this but the idea is interesting to me. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about specific problems I know I will face.
  15. RocknRoll420

    Doomablo - Can zDoom do this?

    This idea came to my mind when thinking about new ways to use doom. I wanted to see what could be done in the vein of Borderlands or Diablo. Could a monster's death spawn a randomized item drop? Where the item could be health, armour, ammo, powerup, or a weapon (or something else?) with properties chosen at random (in a sensible way). A randomized weapon could be a lot of things, but to keep it simple let's say it'd be something that was an existing weapon with modified stats (e.gs firing speed, capacity, damage, splash radius) and a palette shift. So without explicitly defining 255 variants of the rocket launcher could we get an enemy to drop a rocket launcher which (for example) does 50% more damage, fires 10% slower, and splash damages twice the radius? Ideally I'd like to be able to: 1. Spawn randomized groups of enemies at set locations on a map 2. When one of these enemies dies there is a chance to drop an item The items which drop have their explicit stats randomized on dropping (this would be more/less healing from health, more/less ammo in pickups, various modifications to weapons) I was messing around with getting some of these ideas going but got hung up when trying to get a monster to drop an item where it died (as far as I can tell DropItem in decorate is no good because it is an explicit list of items and I ultimately need to be able to drop any item). So, if anyone has suggestions to spawning an item chosen at random at a monster's location upon its death I'd love to hear them. I was trying to run a script on the monster's death that spawned an item at its location but the GetActorX(tid), GetActorY(tid) calls don't work after the monster is dead.