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  1. Uploaded the new movie records from here and heretic. By the way, the site supports video links, and I've tried to get them for recent records (the play button on the right, seen a bunch here: If anyone knows of any of note that should be linked, feel free to let me know.
  2. Thanks KD! As far as hexen max, I thought I read a post about it from Opulent, but I can't seem to find it - or maybe it was in a text file. Someone else might have an answer. I don't really know much about hexen running myself.
  3. Pigeon 01 Map 01 Sightseer in 0:29
  4. 60+ demos uploaded since the last time I posted. You can sort by upload date here: I have a demo that opulent sent me, but I didn't see a hexen "deadlock" wad on idgames. If anyone can confirm the demo and send me the wad it works with, that would be great.
  5. I do have some plans for wad page versioning to make it easier to organize things, but I probably won't be hosting wad versions with no demos either. Also, re: merging / deleting demos, dsda3 is insert-only, so if anything I will be retroactively "unmerging" demos back into the table. Everything has historical value. But, I will mark demos anonymous if people don't want their "reputation" tarnished or something.
  6. I've uploaded PVS's hexen demos and veovis's heretic movies.
  7. Ya, I definitely hold a special place of awe for people doing runs in dos, and those runs are somehow special, but not to the point where I would say a faster run in prboom+ isn't the record of course. I do plan on having some kind of highlighting in dsda3 for true vanilla runs to show them apart in some way. For disputes, they don't happen that often, but we usually fight about it in the discord - as far as what constitutes max on maps with questionable enemy and secret reachability, or pacifist questions. There have been some deep threads on here about some of this already in the past year as well.
  8., compet-n and cndoom are pretty much considered the irrelevant butt of jokes by the vast majority of runners - active ones anyway, not going to guess what the silent old folks in the background think :^)
  9. I'm not sure exactly what the best file name strategy is, but I agree that using the heretic-n ones are fine. On the site, my plan was to file everything under the same general category (Skill 4 Speed for instance) and just include the chosen class in the note underneath. Otherwise there would be a ton of categories and it would be harder to judge things, but I'm open to alternative ideas. Sorry I haven't gone through these and uploaded, I've been lazy / busy lately with work. I have a huge pack of demos for hexen that opulent gave me that I need to go through as well.
  10. What year is it again? 🤔
  11. I don't think demo compatibility was ever the reason most people don't record zdoom demos, so it's pretty unlikely to change at all. The main problem is that zdoom's features for demo recording and playback are garbage.
  12. TNT Revilution Map 01 NoMo in 0:10.97
  13. Map 01 Pacifist in 0:13
  14. Where does that difference come from? Is it the polling rate for inputs?
  15. Some people still use true vanilla, such as jcd and ch0ww. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the input not being the same. Keyboards still have keys. Mice are obviously a million times better than they were in the 90s, so it isn't possible to have the same input there unless you buy an antique mouse and plug it into your 90s computer for some floppy disk recording. As far as comparison, it's pretty easy to tell by a person's movement who is better than whom. You can't judge that by a run's time anyway, since it has many factors in addition to skill (new tricks, different standards, better luck). Anyway the important thing to remember is ocelot is the best of all time and everyone else is bad, there's your comparison :^)