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  1. I'm really against fix wads. It creates a mess when it comes to playing back demos. If an enemy can't be killed then don't kill it. If a map is only completable in zdoom for some reason, then it's a zdoom map 🤷‍♂️
  2. kraflab

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Since there's a lot of NoMo activity lately, wanted to point out that TNT 31 should be one second faster, as it's slower than sedlo's pacifist run (which is a really good run, so it won't be easy). A 27 there is a bit beyond me but maybe one of you can get it without too much effort 😉
  3. kraflab

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Why not just do nm100k? Also props to anti-sherlock, had almost forgotten about that gem.
  4. kraflab

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Zeromaster and 4shockblast are in charge of uploading new demos and wads, respectively, but they do this when they have time and not necessarily as soon as Andy posts. Since we've also been working on fixing errors and omissions, there's a lot of work being done behind the scenes. For the most up to date and accurate data, Andy's site is still the source of truth.
  5. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Afaik, activating a crusher to kill Romero like that is not allowed in a pacifist run (you can't attack lost souls either, despite them not being counted).
  6. Dosbox was never valid? I wonder how many invalid demos are in compet-n then... 🙃
  7. Since we're delving into history, out of curiosity, why was dosbox considered valid? It hardly represents an authentic experience from what I've heard and experienced.
  8. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Henry Map 04 Pacifist Reality TAS in 0:17 Not sure this is worth 100+ demos, do you want me to check the other one? 😅 hen4px017.zip
  9. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Grazza 116 - 110 j4rio We have a winner 😯 Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated! To grazza: I am heading off on a week's vacation tomorrow, so I'll start working as soon as I'm back 😉
  10. kraflab

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Wouldn't singling out a name and moving it to the top be even more intrusive? 😅 If the archive didn't store tas or coop or solonet etc runs then it wouldn't matter. I like having everything mixed into the table though, whereas your proposal would require filtering them out or putting them in a separate area. *That* would be sending more of a "these demos are less important" signal than the icons, imo. The primary purpose of the archive is to store demos. This could also be accomplished by having a raw list of download links. I think you'll agree that there's more we can achieve beyond that.
  11. kraflab

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    There's no easy way to set these yet. Most of the ones there were either added manually or coming from zm's youtube list. We'll figure out a better procedure for this later down the line.
  12. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Seems like ic01t1118 and ic15t1059 deserve bonus points. Nice comments all around though :^) I will update totals tonight.
  13. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    This contest is for improving old runs that are records held by you, not just for posting demos that improve on another demo you did.
  14. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    @Sector 147 Are you posting in the wrong thread?
  15. kraflab

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    For the purposes of the deadline, it'll be midnight at the end of the 4th, in central European time. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20190804T235959&p0=37&msg=Demos+Month+End&font=sanserif