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  1. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    The rules for barrels aren't affected by dew's proposal though. Incidentally, I'm sure some players would still avoid telefrags even if they're allowed. It's the same way some players would kill monsters out of bounds in max and others won't. I don't think that's a big problem. "For example, if you are simply running the level as fast as possible you can get away with anything, even running into a teleport just after a monster. However, if you slow down to wait for a monster to reach a teleport spot (or for him to enter before you), then that would be not allowed." This has even more problems than the existing rules as far as I can tell, because it somehow makes them even less objective. Basically if I see an important enemy go into a teleporter I should rush in to try to get the kill - I'm playing the level as fast as I can so it's allowed. If it saves time, I should retry the level until the timing is right without me needing to wait. Meanwhile, another player has some poor movement near a teleporter and accidentally telefrags something - or was it an accident? Did he move badly just to improve the timing of the teleport? Oops I ran into another wall... "If you activate a crusher by walking over a line and that line is on your route, then it's ok to kill monsters with them, as long as you don't slow down to lure monsters under them" So basically I can use a route with a crusher on it in order to make the run easier, even though the crusher was avoidable? That's more permissive than the current rules. Do we have to judge if a run uses a route that makes enough sense? And as above what does slowing down mean and how fast do I need to be? It's a speedrun, so people would necessarily use these rules to their advantage, which I think would make things even more unclear.
  2. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    Should we have some kind of vote? What does everyone think? I'd love to have this settled once and for all in either direction 🙂
  3. kraflab

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Are you playing with longtics or shorttics? With shorttics this is just how mouse movement is handled in prboom+...it doesn't "store" partial turns so if you don't turn enough to click to the next notch, it won't turn.
  4. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    If a monster is in a room with a crusher in the ceiling, inactive, and I turn it on, it's not a case of being stupid and walking into its death. The defining factor of the crusher is that it's an environmental trap of the monsters' own devising, used against them. Teleports are part of the map architecture, and the teleport exit is a dangerous element of the environment, just like a crusher. I'd say these are conceptually identical. If the requirement is that the monster must cause their own death, then you'll need a lot of exceptions for crushers, which won't fix the ambiguities.
  5. kraflab

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    That's every version of prboom+ that I'm aware of. It's possible you didn't hit the low threshold on versions before the sdl2 switch though. But actually if you use the dev build there is a new option to use updated mouse code that doesn't do that.
  6. kraflab

    Set strafe on + turn with the same key

    Afaik in vanilla you could bind things like this, but then you can only sr50 in one direction.
  7. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    What maps? That sounds incredibly slow...I'm not sure what kind of situation would lead to that strategy being effective. If it for some reason was, for some reason the only strategy is to lead a bunch of enemies slowly into a trap, then that sounds like exactly the kind of out of the box solution that makes the pacifist category interesting.
  8. kraflab

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Most likely it inserts the run above the relevant comparison for convenience (i.e., nontas above nontas). I agree that it should be wherever it belongs in the time ranking though, I'll get around to that eventually.
  9. kraflab

    64 KB Challenge Demos [-complevel 2]

    We're going to do a demo pack for these wads on the discord, come drop by if you're interested 🙂
  10. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    If they aren't recorded, then they don't show off the depth of the category. Some of those would eventually be done but likewise more undone runs will be created from new wads. One could argue that the undone runs themselves give value to the category but I don't feel that way personally.
  11. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    For anyone worried about the loss of "depth" of the category if telefrags and crushers are allowed, I'd like to know how many runs you think this affects. I've got a bit over 200 pacifist demos and I doubt if even one of those runs is affected by this. So how important can it be? Or rather, are my runs uv speed in disguise? Let's say we sacrificed the quality of 1% of runs for instance, things dramatically affected by this, and in exchange we have an objective rule set. That would be fine with me.
  12. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    The thing with allowing barrels is that the category becomes "no weapon damage". I don't know how I feel about that tbh. The telefrags and crushers are more like the monsters' own traps being used against them? 😅 Re: switch vs line crushers, I think it's better if we don't differentiate the types of activation. A runner knows just as well that a line will turn on a crusher as a switch.
  13. kraflab

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    The rule "don't shoot a barrel that eventually damages a monster, either directly or via another barrel" would be quite objective. As far as I know this is the current rule already.
  14. kraflab

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Always cool to see NoMo d2alls 🙂