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  1. We're working on a demo pack for this in the discord right now, FYI https://discord.gg/Jc5hDTP
  2. If you add the "-levelstat" option to prboom+ when you run it it also outputs exact map times to a levelstat.txt file, fyi
  3. kraflab

    Does XDRE have a walkcam?

    Vita was working on xdre for a time. He might be able to patch that back in if it isn't there somewhere.
  4. kraflab

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Speed: The Freestyle Enigma Map 03 Pacifist Another one-hour challenge. ----------------------------------------- | # | player | time | zip | ----------------------------------------- | 1 | 4shockblast | 0:23 | sp13p023.zip | | 2 | kraflab | 0:24 | sp13p024.zip | | 3 | Dubzzz | 0:25 | sp13p025.zip | | 4 | archi | 0:26 | sp13p026.zip | ----------------------------------------- chal2.zip
  5. kraflab

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    TNT Map 05 Pacifist TAS in 0:23 ~ A L S O R E A L I T Y ~ ev05px023.zip
  6. kraflab

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    UAC Earth Base Map 01 UV Speed We did a one hour challenge in the discord for this IL (participants had one hour to get the best time they could). Here are the results: ----------------------------------------- | # | player | time | zip | ----------------------------------------- | 1 | ancalagon | 0:53 | uace-053.zip | | 2 | archi | 0:56 | uace-056.zip | | 3 | 4shockblast | 0:58 | uace-058.zip | | 4 | clumsyd | 1:02 | uace-102.zip | | 5 | kraflab | 1:12 | uace-112.zip | | 6 | Bob9001 | 1:30 | uace-130.zip | ----------------------------------------- chal1.zip
  7. There's a thread for that here:
  8. kraflab

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    Awesome! Btw if anyone is interested, you can compare movies by level times here I think it's pretty cool to see the progression and how things compare in that sense.
  9. kraflab

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Swim with the Whales Map 01 UV Max TAS in 0:11 Posting this old demo since a few people posted 13 / 12 demos for this map recently (non tas). This was the beginning of a max tas I started working on after finishing crumpets, but I never got around to it. You can see the start of map 2 max in the demo as well. Maybe one day I will get back to it... sw01x011.zip
  10. In order to change anything in that direction you would need a broad consensus not only from well-known and historic players, but the newer more active players. And on top of that it would be irrelevant without Andy being on board. I don't see anyone pushing for a blanket change to requirements for runs, so I don't think that will happen any time soon. We used to joke that anyone posting pa02 would be banned because it would have to be cheated, but zm proved us all wrong. I can't really think of an "extraordinary" run that would warrant extra scrutiny. Runners are just too good for anything to seem unlikely. A new runner beating 30uv, that would make us all skeptical, because it would be contextually extraordinary. Something with absurdly good luck or bizarre movement would draw suspicion too. But these types of situations just don't happen with any degree of frequency. So, if that is your main point I think no one even disagrees or disputes it. It's just that such a run hasn't happened.
  11. Ya, my explanation was just an answer to the question of why it's not as prevalent as other communities.
  12. If someone for instance cheated by building or by using slowdown, it would be detectable in how they turn. It's similar to how some captchas work by looking at how the mouse is moved. There are just natural patterns to look for. We could pipe all demos through an analysis tool in principle, but I don't think it's a particular priority. Someone could also figure out how to fake this eventually, but if you put in that much work maybe you deserve it. 😂 Something like a player making a segment while standing still on a lift? Ya, no way to detect something like that. Why there isn't much streaming in this community probably comes down to the fact that it's old and existed separate from the speedrunning boom that happened some years ago. The hype for streaming has mostly come from people of other communities also doing doom. There's also the fact that, if I have to record a video I may as well stream, if my internet allows it, because then I can cut and submit a video easily from the archive. No need to worry about this with doom so not as much motivation perhaps.
  13. Not sure what you mean. All the demos get watched. If you look at the dsda thread you'll see plenty of reports about mistakes / etc coming from the community. If someone posted a demo that was clearly a tas (or otherwise fishy), it would be noticed, unless it was for something so obscure and meaningless no one cared to watch (in which case it's irrelevant anyway). My main point is that a lmp is no worse than a video, and is in fact better. Doom would be easy to splice as video because of the intermission screens. Only specific games would have immunity from this kind of issue (for splicing you'd want periods of no audio and unchanging video, I assume).
  14. It's already been said multiple times in this thread, but again: The lmp is our equivalent of a video. Whereas someone playing another game can splice their video, we can segment the lmp. They have this identical drawback. I'm sure you saw for instance the huge scandal of the super meatboy runner whose run was found to be spliced, which was only detectable due to a quirk of the game, and only noticed years later. A video doesn't somehow miraculously prevent cheating. Likewise, a person checking off each submitted video doesn't guarantee anything. How can you say we have no verification system? The lmp is significantly more powerful than a video though. Let's say I'm speedrunning some fps game, not doom, on my PC, and I want to cheat. Instead of dealing with splicing, I'll just try to make it easier for myself. I edit the game files so the damage rolls are in my favor. That's going to be pretty difficult to notice and impossible to prove. Thanks to not having a demo format and trusting video footage, which might even include a handcam(!), no one questions it. Can you do that with a system that uses demo files? No, you can't. Demo files also allow for heuristic analysis of player inputs, something a video could never achieve.