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  1. That many themes? You want to be the next OTEX right? :)
  2. Turin Turambar

    Tenebris SIlva [Single Doom 2 Map]

    map05?? That was random...
  3. Turin Turambar

    Tenebris SIlva [Single Doom 2 Map]

    I have some issue with this wad, I'm not able to load the map. I'm using GZDoom 4.8.2. When I load it, and select the difficulty, I have some errors and map 01 entryway loads: I have already tried to disable all other mods, just in case.
  4. I wanted to quantify how good was that, so I compared the same map, same point more or less, on my preferred engine: GZDoom. I had 39-40ms @ 1440p on my amd 3600x. So good job!
  5. Turin Turambar

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    So you are trying to mix two 'graphical enhancements' mod together, Neural Upscale 2x + BD. That will cause issues like the ones you have...
  6. Turin Turambar

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    My two cents: maybe by releasing E1 first, you may have enough feedback/praise that helps you push through the rest of the project. Because, let's be honest, motivation for a free project like this can be pretty important.
  7. I feel there is an important flaw on the Fire last boss, on map 5. When aiming slightly to slightly above (to hit his center mass), its hp bar appears just in the spot where the line of fireballs reach to you. Let me try to show it... It should be put on top or at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Well yeah, don't put water sounds in all places where there is water, given the nature of the episode, that would get annoying fast :P But in a few key places, they would be nice.
  9. Another sound related suggestion: in the Water episode, get a few waterfall and 'water running' sounds, and apply in the appropriate places. An example:
  10. You know what, one of my complaints is the use of shotgunners and other Doom enemies that clash a bit too much with the rest. I was playing Water 1, and that they did a nice job with the atmosphere, setting up the lore with the stone inscriptions, the exotic music, the ancient temple architecture... it would fit more to have some Heretic/Hexen/fantasy enemies than modern enemies.
  11. This is a small detail but... I would try to add a rain sound effect here, on a gap on map 3 where you can see it's raining. edit: that said, this has been my favorite map until now. Good job Bauul.
  12. You comment your rtx 3060 and he comments his gtx 2070. But GZDoom is a cpu-bound single-thead application (when playing these huge maps). You should be specifying your cpu, not your gpu. I checked E4 and this was the lowest I could see the framerate going, 35-45 fps, with my amd 3700x and gtx 1080. E1 and E2 ran better of course.
  13. Turin Turambar

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Well, maybe if you weren't pushing the linedefs to 65k in every map you would have 32 maps already :P Then again, we all know it wouldn't be really 'Sunder' that way.
  14. Turin Turambar

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +Ashes Afterglow is a no brainer. In fact I was surprised the first episode was only a 'runner up'. Time to fix it by giving the Cacoward to the second ep.