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  1. Turin Turambar

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    looking great! Although it's strange to increase the scope in the middle of a RC. That's not what RC means! :P I guess you had new mappers wanted to contribute the project?
  2. Turin Turambar

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    I'm still waiting for RC2 to play it!
  3. Turin Turambar

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    Slightly higher res images of the first three levels
  4. One of my favorite mapsets of the year. And Decino will play it soon!
  5. Turin Turambar

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    I see, thanks. It's a pity the wad makes you rush through the levels, as it's a pretty good Lovecraft inspire set!
  6. Turin Turambar

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    i'm playing this, in Nightmre, and while I'm advancing (on the fourth level now), I'm not enjoying 100% as I should. The problem for me in that in Nightmare mode monsters have the fast mode activated, which I dislike. Is there any way (console command, or a mod) to have enemies respawning like in Nightmare, but without the fast mode?
  7. Turin Turambar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I finished the level yesterday night. The end was suitably epic, with the last fights being even grander and more intense. In the final moments I had already spent all the big power ups and just charged like crazy towards the front (as a new group of CDs had spawned behind me), thanks god that was the correct choice, as the exit was there, I entered it without even knowing what I was doing lol.
  8. Turin Turambar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Ok, sorry for the bother, but at least I'm discovering interesting stuff. Yes, turning off the extra decoration sprites and gore in SmoothDoom improved things. I guess the performance hit is small in normal levels, but it scales badly in levels with thousands enemies. And even more interesting... I was losing 10 fps from Vulkan, even in the normal, no-Low Spec version. WTF! I thought Vulkan performed better. I switched to Vulkan one year ago after doing tests in a level (I still remember it, it was Brigandine) and I had clearly better framerate with Vulkan. I guess there is a cutoff point, and levels that surpass some size/complexity actually perform better in OpenGL than in Vulkan.
  9. Turin Turambar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Mainly, the only visual mod I have is SmoothDoom HiRes, I couldn't imagine it would affect performance so much, but I will do tests.
  10. Turin Turambar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I restarted my previous playthrough, to use the low Spec version. The art and level design is visually impressive, of course. The gameplay is also good, there is a nice variety of slaughter situations. The flow is less good, sometimes it isn't very clear to the player where to go next, or what is a switch, or even one case, I couldn't see a key (red key) because all the damn corpses lol. Coming back to performance, even in the Low Spec version still has some bad places. Example: My 0.02$, but no Doom level should cause the fps to fall to 21-23 fps, in a fairly powerful modern computer. Are people playing like this? or there is a trick or another sourceport I don't know?
  11. Turin Turambar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Just for curiosity, what's your fps in that place (it's where you pick up the chaingun) with your computer?
  12. Turin Turambar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    About performance, I find some of your comments about the gpu requisites, needed "a good rig" or turning off lights a little surprising. It's my previous experience that Doom sourceports are cpu-bound because they don't use well multi thread, which makes both cpu AND gpu to barely be used effectively. So with any modern gpu (I have a gtx 1080) it doesn't matter if I turn on and off the dynamic lights, the antialiasing, the hq textures, etc all the settings that in other games would affect the framerate, here the engine struggle with maps with a big scale and complexity, and that's it, there is no fix for that. I have a amd 3700x cpu, by the way, and I'm using Vulkan with latest GZDoom. And this is the performance I get, in the normal version: vs Low Spec version I think I have better performance in Horizon Zero Dawn and people on Internet are complaining about the optimization of that title lol. They don't know Doom!
  13. The exit teleporter in level 1 kills me (and won't load the next level, if that was the idea). In the console it shows a message saying 'unknown event type'. I'm using the last GZDoom.
  14. Turin Turambar

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    I'm still waiting RC2 to play it!
  15. Turin Turambar

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    Yeah, yeah, I usually agree with that, my fault for using UV, there are more difficulty levels... I didn't know what difficulty this wad had until it was too late. Are those guys supposed to participate in the blue key fight? They do nothing for me: