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Turin Turambar

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  1. Turin Turambar

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    Uhhh... mysterious. Of course I know the place will be invaded by 2000 monsters in 10 seconds...
  2. Turin Turambar

    Hud size in PrBoom+

    This is a big bump, but given the title, it seemed the most appropiate thread to ask this... This is how the fullscreen HUD looks in PrBoom+ for me... https://i.imgur.com/EoCvt9x.png Is there a way to make it smaller? I tried changing what it was said here but nothing has worked so far.
  3. Turin Turambar

    Infraworld - The Hatehammer

    Ugh, I had the same problem as you. 20 minutes reviewing every wall, in the end I'm going to have to noclip as you did. edit: downloaded the wad again, in case I didn't have the last version. Now lots of times the beginning of the level (when the yellow keys disappear and you are launched away) doesn't work, the part that moves the player seems a bit broken.
  4. Turin Turambar

    Wads of new monsters?

    Uh? It adds dozens of new monsters. And nothing else, so you can combine maps, weapons and monsters with this.
  5. Turin Turambar

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED June 27 2021

    Thanks for the effort, I'm using it right now.
  6. Turin Turambar

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    I guess I'm in the minority here but... I love the art and design used in your maps, but the difficulty and extreme slaughter style turns me off. If some day you implement difficulties on Sunder, I would be very happy :)
  7. Turin Turambar

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    Hi, the maps are beautiful and the gameplay intense but I have to wonder... What computer do you have, and the test team? Because I have a i7 4770k at 4.0ghz and a gtx 1080 and in the first map there are some moments where the framerate tanked enough that affected gameplay (lower than 45 fps). Using last stable gzdoom. edit: 20fps from this view in the last map (it lowered to 7fps the moment I captured it, never mind that) https://i.imgur.com/yd8nyB6.jpg