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  1. 2 hours ago, TheNoob_Gamer said:

    Considering the fact shotgun technically has faster, better DPS (8 consecutive semi-auto shots before reloading/pumping) and a pretty strong altfire, I don't really see how this is true.

    The shotgun has clearly slower RoF, and it needs to reload like you said. You can smash the pistol trigger unlike the shotgun, and over long period of times the dps is bigger because you don't waste time reloading it.

  2. Well, this is more 'in development' than I thought it was.


    The sound, man, the sound. It's barely done.


    -I don't like the shotgun sound.

    -The sound mixing feels wrong. I have to raise  the volume too much to hear the monsters, then my weapons are too loud.

    -Where are the enemy sounds? Where are their growls? And their sound attacks? And the sound of projectiles flying around? Did I download the wrong file? The game is literally 50% harder than it should be because this.


    The pistol having a bigger dps than the shotgun feels weird, too. I have to get accustomed to using sprint, but that's on me.

    I like the more powerful alternate fire but having to be recharged.

  3. As great as the wad is (and it is!), I missed some custom futuristic looking enemies, even if there were only 'skins', that would be appropriate to the setting. It's a pity to have levels with so much coherence and atmosphere in them and then fight pinkies, imps and barons as always.

  4. I finished it. The highlight of the wad is the slightly discomforting feeling you get with the dark electronic soundtrack together the use of darkness or strobing lights, and the map layout themselves contributing too. When I say map layout, I refer to their originality, they aren't similar to what we could call 'standard' Doom map, so it helps to give the player a feeling of not knowing what to expect or how it will progress.


    edit: oh yeah that new creepy caco sure as hell contributed to the atmosphere...

  5. 6 hours ago, Xeogred said:

    +1 for Arrival from @Pavera (awesome music from @AD_79 too!)

    +1 for Syringe (if it counts?) from  Pavera, @Tarnsman , @Marcaek, and @Xaser


    I replayed D2TWID recently among other wads, finally paying more attention to map credits and taking notes, I saw these names a lot and had to play more. I can easily say that Syringe and Arrival are some of the best wads I've played this year, what a blast.

    From the link you have posted in Syringe:


    "Syringe became recipient of one of the Cacowards in 2020."

  6. @Bridgeburner56 What is the song for the last maps, the one you participated in? It rings a bell a lot. I almost want to say it a midi version of some Ne Obliviscaris song.



    About giving credits to the authors, I agree, I wasn't being fair to both of them. Alas, I guess it's human nature, I'm going to remember the names that I knew from before, not the name that it's the first time I had seen. Even more if the gameplay and visual style mostly matches what Gazebo is known for. If instead it was a claustrophobic techbase with only 300 enemies, I would have thought 'hey who is the guy who did it together Gazebo' and noticed his name, as I would have thought he had more input than Gazebo. Sorry Insane Gazebo, you have been typecasted!


    Funnily enough, if you were to ask me who did Sunlust, I would have said (wrongly) Ribbiks. I totally had forgotten the other author. In that case, it's because I first played years ago Swim with the Whales (once of the wads I first played since my original stint of Doom in the 90s!) , and later Stardate xx, I didn't play Sunlust until last year. So when I played it, I was already thinking on it as 'the Ribbiks megawad'.

    Hell I prefer Sunlust levels to most of what Ribbik has done in the last 3-4 years. Maybe it was precisely Dannebubinga's hand on it...

  7. I've been playing this. The first eight maps were somewhat average,but from map 9 onwards it turned a really good WAD, some very good maps in there.


    I noticed map 19 was skipped in my playthrough, I guess it was a secret map. Map 20, from Insane Gazebo of course, is where I'm stuck currently. At first it didn't seem as hard as he usually makes maps, I thought maybe he constrained himself a bit... then I reached the area with the Archvile pillars and the two key switches. Damn that's impossible to me.


    Before I skip it, are maps 21 and 22 even harder? As it seems the wad has been organized more or less in a progressive difficulty curve.

  8. On 5/30/2021 at 1:41 AM, Xaser said:
    • Granular control over monster infighting and projectile/splash damage susceptibility (e.g. you can make barons and knights infight, or make imps immune to cacodemons and barrels, and all sorts of funky combinations)



    I'm not a mapper/modder, but as a player, this hypes me. I always thought that different infighting rules could be a good avenue to make new enemies with their own distinct gimmicks, like one that ignore infighting, another that is more susceptible and accepts infight from damage of their own race, etc.

  9. On 3/12/2021 at 2:02 PM, DefectiveByDesign said:

    You aren't going to notice it unless you test on low end hardware.



    Of course it can be tested with high end hardware. Just enable the fps counter, and if the fps goes from 200 to 10 fps in some point, that's bad (because you can easily extrapolate that in lower end computers it will go from 60 to 30 fps).