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  1. babo

    On the subject of justifiable homicide

    Came in expecting to unleash rage at such a ridiculous post. Saw it was made by Maes, leaving confused now. Why should it matter? If someone murders your family does it in any way shape or form make it excusable if this murderer was abused as a child? OP: You give up your right to life when you intrude on someone's property and try to rape someone. It's ridiculous that this is even a debate. Murderers, thieves, rapists-anyone who breaks into someone's house are all scum. Killing them in the act prevents harm to society and to your family. There's so much victim blaming in society it's disturbing. If a stranger breaks in my house. I don't know their intentions and I'm not gonna risk the safety of my family to find out. I feel that anyone on the opposite side of the spectrum on this issue would change their minds once they become a victim of a home intrusion.
  2. babo

    Has Doom become... Boring?

    I can't fucking stand modern fps where all you kill are the same old humans. It drives me nuts, it's incredibly boring and uninteresting. Maybe that's why I enjoy halo and doom whereas I'm not a big fps person. It's nice having different monsters. Doom's cast is pretty good, but the AI at this point just gets a bit predictable and easy.
  3. babo

    Things id got wrong

    Bwahah took the words out of my mouth. It always just felt like lost souls had a bit more hp than they should. and ofc doom 2's maps were meh (some) doom 2 was just rushed.
  4. babo

    Has Doom become... Boring?

    I think doom held up incredibly well. The death animations, sounds, are just satisfying and fun. If anything for me brutal doom made it really boring suddenly. dunno
  5. Halo Combat Evolved. You are not allowed to pollute your mind or the discussion with post-halo 3 garbage or anything of that sort. I know games like halo series probably catch a lot of flak from butthurt fanboys who don't like having fun but I personally found it incredible. It seemed to have a great variety of enemies, incredible AI for the time, great physics, good maps, the incredibly well executed vehicles and their design, good multiplayer, co-op, and lastly to meet it seemed, at least from my limited knowledge to have significantly better graphics than other FPS games of the time. Discussion part 2: I never understood whether people liked/dislike halo 2. Halo 3 from a purely fun standpoint, I enjoyed as well. Anything beyond that I really fucking disliked. (If anyone can fill me on on the situation with halo 2 I'd appreciate it) As for compared to doom's style, it was completely different, differently paced, and like most modern shooters nowhere near as heavily involved in the puzzle/map tricks aspect. Personally I'm fine with that. To me both games were breathtaking when I first played them.
  6. Encouraging monetization of gameplay of your video game on Youtube is bad?
  7. babo

    Mo. Teenager Shot by Police, Riots Ensue

    We've been over this. Nobody opresses them, the media just portrays them as victims and that's what they grow up this. How do you explain immigrants-including those from africa-coming and working hard and becoming successful productive citizens? But Oh, I thought the white man was bringing them down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdxQbBk4huA
  8. Doesn't have an iphone crew. Sucks.
  9. babo

    Mo. Teenager Shot by Police, Riots Ensue

    Oh boy, are you fucking kidding me? So sick of you apologists excusing criminal behavior. This scumbag stole from some guys shop and used his size to threaten and push him off. There are shitloads of other people who come from very very poor socioeconomic situations, but instead of resorting to thievery and murder figure out other ways and move to being productive members of society. There are so many people who move to the US and become citizens without much more than the clothes on their back and they work hard and create businesses. "Magically" right? But oh no-they're victims! I thought they'd be forced to resort to gangbanging, murdering and looting!
  10. Especially compared to doom 1. When I first started doom 2, I was thinking it was a joke or a fan created map or something. First off WTF is with the music? It went from atmospheric, evil doom music to unfitting lounge music. The level design was mostly trash. Completely boring textures, no atmosphere, nothing. What happened? How did we go from doom to doom 2?
  11. I mean on UV difficulty without ever dying. Or even doom 1 for that matter? Is it even possible?
  12. babo

    Oh my icon of sin

    Are you serious op? That doesn't look demonic or satanic at all, it's just a low polygon skull. The real ios has good texturing, a nice evil smile, and just screams baphomet. Tbh it wasn't that bad. It was definitely different, its possible to imagine the ultimate boss as something stationary. But yeah id could have done better. And for that matter adding some more bosses but thats another topic.
  13. babo

    Has anyone beat doom 2 without dying?

    I'm talking about speed running the shit out of doom 1, I'm not as familiar with doom 2 although I've beat it. And it's still a sht game, but it's not about the difficulty or gameplay. Read my thread about doom 2 again.
  14. babo

    Has anyone beat doom 2 without dying?

    I never said that, the difficulty is not why I don't like doom 2. Yeah it's hard isn't it? Yeah. But single player UV speed run, I've never played deathmatch. Which is the point of that ****** calling me out for hating doom 2 because it's "hard" which isn't why.
  15. babo

    Most annoying monsters in doom?

    Pain in the ass elemental. It's not enough that they spawn the second most annoying enemy in the game, they summon even more when they die. To be honest I would have liked pain elementals to have even just 50 or so hp less than cacodemons.
  16. babo

    Has anyone beat doom 2 without dying?

    I'm probably better at doom / doom 2 single player than you are, pls go. It has nothing to do with difficulty. Thanks for the link. Interestingly at 30:25 he shoots rockets but the ammo doesn't deplete. I thought there was just 1 rocket pack on that lift, how is that possible?
  17. babo

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    you ignored the rest of it, and you know what the point was that it's a slightly weaker baron with a different shade of colors. unimaginative.
  18. babo

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    +1 +1 Agreed, the new monsters definitey did add, the mancubus were fun. Yup, the Pain Elemental and Hell Knight were GARBAGE. Pain elemental is nothing but a baby-faced cacodemon that spawns the most annoying enemy in the game and doesn't even make any sense. Hell knight is a baron with less hp, less damage, and shaded a different color. This reminds me of some spawns in WoW... As for the SSG, there's no denying it's fun. Maybe its a bit OP. I like the original shotgun which is an INCREDIBLY diverse and useful weapon. But ssg and a couple monsters don't make up for doom 2 being the sorry excuse for a sequel to doom 1 that it was.
  19. babo

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    I enjoyed doom e3 I'm just having a discussion with other people that enjoy doom. Like, if you don't like the thread then don't post in it logic? Actually doom 2 has decent multiplayer, but then again nobody plays vanilla doom coop these days. This isn't a troll thread, I'm new to doom and found it's a terrific game. I was just shocked at doom 2 and how bad it was.
  20. You guys just have different definitions of "graphics" I get what Membrain is saying, I think he is referring to graphics as textures and "visuals" if you will, which is different and not mutually exclusive with in-game physics.
  21. It depends what game. For something like crysis or turok, it would be nice having some hyperrealistic aspects. But for Smash bros Melee, it's a tremendously successful game (still with a very live competitive community) and it's nowhere near realistic-although it's physics are dynamic.
  22. babo

    Science Teacher Loses 40 pounds on McDonald's Diet

    You can lose weight eating anything. What the article doesn't tell you is body composition, e.g. health and body fat percentage. Read up on IIFYM. Basically you can eat fast food as long as it it fits your macronutrients...it's hard to do but can be done.
  23. Hey, up until now I've been using chocolate doom which is amazing. The one thing is that it doesn't let you use autorun-or something like using caps lock to switch between run/walk default (would have been great). My pinky is tired of staying on the fuking shift key. I tried Zdaemon but the HUD is truly garbage. Anyone know something like chocolate doom that is similar to the original game, but can let you do something like switch auto run? Thanks!
  24. babo

    Chocolate Doom

    One thing chocolate doom needs is the ability to toggle run/walk, most source ports just let you use the caps lock for this. Other than that choc doom is amazing, I am glad it keeps certain glitches that allow for grabbing keys, shortcuts, etc. that add depth to speedrunning.