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  1. Cola 3: The Soda of Style

    this is the weirdest idea ever...and like any other god damn thing you make im gonna download it. not busting your balls...but have you ever considered a super serious weapon pack?
  2. i see a lot of great ideas so far (that were totally shit on) but let me give you my two cents. immersion is a great difficulty enhancer. a map that i can normally burn right through is exponentially harder when i feel sucked into it. eternal was great at this...not really difficult maps...but really immersive maps that made you feel like you were in there and introduced monsters with a feeling of "holy shit what is that" even though youve seen them a thousand times. that feeling of surprise is something a lot of people neglect either by making platforming "vanilla" maps or slaughtermaps....the former im okay with but i fuckin turn off slaughtermaps mad quick. if the first room opens four doors and you get jumped from both sides im out. so you should look at getting into peoples heads and making them feel claustrophobic or boxed in, or like theyre being hunted...coupled with careful resource placement and youll see their play style change and theyll play with less "blow everything away" and more "oh shit its going down". you can shoot that down all you want but thats definitely something ive noticed changes my playstyle and something my entire mapset is predicated on. also spawning a chaingunner behind the player to chew down their health doesnt hurt. but to be honest ive had a hard time making maps harder with the normal shit...so i have to play mind games. one thing ive learned though is using enemies for their purpose. want some shit to mow down? imps and zombies. little hitscan action? Sgts and chaingunners (especially good for ranging you and making you shuck and jive to get to them) wanna get the player moving? demons and lost souls are good for backing someone up...especially after some down town...they turn a corner and theyre getting rushed by some demons. pain elementals are great for this as well obviously. i try to avoid placing them in open areas or shit gets out of hand. wanna set your player up against something heavy and play smart? burn their ammo with easy enemies and set them up against a bruiser. two hellknights and a baron is a great challenge. spawning in a shitload of spiders is a good way to get them in an arena setting. they end up running around in circles...coupled with some other enemies and you have infighting and some good shit happening. cacodemons, mancubus and turreted revenants can break up the tedium when fighting simpler enemies (revenants also a good way to kinda say "back up" after opening a door. ETC. sounds like you need to kinda figure out what you wanna do...and if doom doesnt have enough of that for you, play a different game. I still love all the mechanics and the enemies present enough of their own challenge i dont mind the "same ol same ol" suck your player in with a good map...and then blow their fuckin face off with well placed enemies and scarce resources. straight up.
  3. Post a picture of yourself!

    “It’s not just a gun. It’s not just a phone. Its a gun phone. Coupled with our ishoe you can now basically do the same thing you did with the iPhone. Only on your foot or in the middle of a firefight. Truly revolutionary.
  4. Post a picture of yourself!

    I underwent a surgery that improved my aerodynamics so I can run up to 30 miles per hour.
  5. hellground. the whole thing. also anything by corfiatis. valhalla is also a banger.
  6. Doom 3: Primary Excavation Site (BETA)

    great map, had quite a bit of fun blasting through this one. did so with a mod setup of my own (it felt right considering it was a little more realistic map,and my mod is geared a little towards realism). difficulty ramps up immediately which is usually how i like it. only really "unfair" part was when all the demons rush you on the catwalk after you raise the tracks platform. but doable. other than that it was dope and even that was dope. showed me how to use some of the textures i havent really managed to fit in yet with the D3 textures as well. ONLY advice i have is there are some empty rooms that are just squares with repeating textures...spice em up to the level of the rest of the rooms which are jaw dropping. also you use a TON of dark rooms (after my own heart) but that really gives you a chance to get some shadow filled rooms with a single point of light that could REALLY spice up some of the visuals which are already killer. id say give it a shot...if thats not your thing thats fine. id really like to do a collaboration with you man. we could really make some good shit. if youre interested in seeing my project (this isnt a plug or at least i hope it doesnt come off that way) search SVNHRNS/SVNEYES, shoot me a message and lets make some creepy stuff.
  7. im doing UAC headquarters, GET YOUR OWN IDEA! just kidding. but seriously...kidding. but seriously. you can literally make it like you were a guy stuck in a building that is under siege by demons...there are a million ideas man. thats exactly how i felt and decided to do the response team to the original disaster. because id love to see something happening parallel to the doomguy. holy shit thats a good idea, if nobody is picking that up...im doing it for my next map pack. (maybe even a cameo from pauley shore)
  8. Post a picture of yourself!

    any sneakerheads out there? its hard being a doom nerd and loving comfortable footwear man.
  9. Post a picture of yourself!

    gotta brush your teeth with a body guard in these mean american streets.
  10. man i miss z86. is he still around? he made two of my favorite doom downloads ever. PFEnh is the shit, and hellbound is a masterpiece. that first map is legendary.
  11. What's the strangest place you've ever played Doom?

    no matter what shitty thing is happening in your life...we can all rely on unmitigated slaughter to raise our spirits.
  12. What's the strangest place you've ever played Doom?

    friends funeral. next pack is dedicated to him so fuck it hahaha
  13. Anything that tries to mimic every doom 2 map?

    he forgot to mention its a god damn party of a .wad
  14. Anything that tries to mimic every doom 2 map?

    https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=58218 cant remember whether or not this one was finished but god damn it was a good time. plus rex is a boss. lots of curved rooms and stuff, he did an EXCELLENT job and its one of my favorite remake maps.

    Teaser/ (better version here https://vimeo.com/253562342) Story/ //Preceding events. -07/22/2009. It is discovered through hadron collision that Membrane Theory is correct, 12 dimensions confirmed. "The 11th dimension being special in that it is a "complete" dimension (as is the third) in which all reality existing within space-time is reliant on that dimension (if it exists within it) to be made physical. Also known as 'hyperspace', meaning beyond space, or above space. We exist on three dimensions, the next complete 'reality' I guess you could say is the 11th dimension, so 8 more dimensions stacked on top of each other, and you get this very expansive universe where all matter is stretched much further across space-time than in the 3rd dimension. I guess I should say just space...there isn't really any time at all within hyperspace. Needless to say the sci-fi nerd in my is very excited for what the future holds. If we can harness this information into a viable resource we may be on the cusp of travelling faster than the speed of light." - Dr. Ellen Mitten. -09/30/2009. Virtual particles are proven to exist. Once hypothetical, they are shown to exist spatially between all dimensions. Instruments capture images of them within the 11th dimension. -02/19/2011. Team from UCLA issues paper postulating that by exciting and directing positively charged virtual particles between two positively charged plates in a vacuum (similar to the Casimir effect) they will become static particles until the charge is removed. Paper is bought by the military-industrial conglomerate Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). -08/08/2014. It is discovered that magnetic fields traverse all known dimensions of reality, and are proven to originate from the first dimension permeating "through" dimensions intact and unchanged. -11/03/2018. UAC recreates and confirms theories. Two weeks later transfer of 3194 particles takes place using exact models of experiment, with receiving end (roughly 500 nm away) being negatively charged. -03/01/2018. UAC begins test to magnify the gap between transmission points. Within months distance is doubled, growing exponentially. //Current events. -03/15/2022. Following the incident at Site One Phobos, Union Aerospace Corporation attempts to cover up the event and eradicate any trace of evidence by soliciting a distress signal to the nearest USMC installation (Forward Operating Base: Swift, located in the Swift impact crater of the Deimos moon. Roughly 2 km from the UAC Deimos installation). Once the signal was received MARSOC authorizes deployment of infantry battalion 7/1 for "Direct Action" mission. 11 hours after battalion touchdown all communications cease. Installation sensors indicates one survivor. All attempts to contact fail. -UAC (being the largest supplier of arms and munitions to the United States military) requests immediate hearing with National Command Authority. Demands for USSOCOM to supply special operations detachment with dedicated communications to investigate Phobos Site One and Deimos installations from NCA. With their demands met, SFOD-A is prepped and quickly briefed by UAC lawyers, all information prohibited beyond readied units, including superior officers. ETA 13 days. -UAC proposes using their classified Dematerialized Transmission Architecture (DTA) to expedite deployment, despite heavy regulations on teleportation caused by major safety and ethical concerns from scientific community. NCA approves transmission of forces despite apprehension and protests from advisers. -Operators placed in Cryogenic Stasis (UAC PAT:20582-148-084299) to prepare for transfer. During preparation SATIMAGECO and ROSCOSMOS begins notifying governments of fluctuations on the Phobos moon. Gravity field emanations create visible warping of light with an estimated atmospheric pressure increase of 2817-3151 PSI. Transmissions received at the Arecibo Observatory contain cryptic languages and encoded symbols. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) experiences complete disappearance of their deep space exploration vessel, JSG Ishimura. -"Gate" is open (both points are charged to their corresponding magnetic Gauss and set to matching harmonic frequencies). Tests to dematerialize an object and transfer it through hyperspace dislocation (the attachment of third-dimensional particles to virtual particles, thus extending their range to multi-dimensional), having been successful in the past, are interrupted. Reversal of polarity takes place among transmission plates. All time within a 14 kilometer radius of UAC Headquarters stops for 19 seconds. All magnetic energy from quantum matrix testing chamber is removed, rendering personnel lifeless. Sensors indicate foreign entity in testing chamber. Phobos moon is wiped from the heavens. -03/18/2022. Resonance Cascade: Confirmed. Screens/ / // /// (more shots if you're interested https://imgur.com/a/482KP https://imgur.com/a/cTQt6 Notes/ All resources sourced and credited responsibly. All music made either by friends of mine, or by myself using royalty free recordings and broadcast (very simple example in the video. I actually used to have a Stars of the Lid song there, but when I asked if I could use it they wanted to charge me 11,000 bucks haaaaahaaha. fuck all that). All maps (once released) can be used for whatever as long as i am given full credit. All resources as well, as long as you credit the author (detailed in credits). This is going to be the slimmest example of a megawad I can muster and still put out within my lifetime (8-levels) documenting the escape of an SF0D-A operator from the UAC headquarters here on earth before the story of doom 2 starts (...if you can call that a story). Super simple, if you read that bullshit up there, hell yeah. Get out of the building before reality collapses. The further you get away from the building the less anomalies and demons will be there (in theory). IMPORTANT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE GONNA COMPLAIN. This pack does not have difficulty settings. This pack is not run and gun the entire time. (but this is doom, lets be real here, the majority is murder). This pack is very taxing (it also weighs about 220MBs, i havent cleaned it up but thats where it sits as of now...i can hear you complaining already.) This pack is GZDOOM only. (god i know...running the best looking engine sucks!) There are no dynamic lights, so its sector heavy but i think it looks much better. sector fades for life! JUMPING AND CROUCHING ARE REQUIRED (in fact I will make you do it to escape the very first room...so). ALSO, this has been made to be compatible with as many weapon packs, and mods as possible. Smooth Doom, Weapons of Saturn, Everything WildWeasel, Brutal Doom, (havent checked project brutality because its like a fuckin cartoon, but im sure it works), PFEnh, whatever. If it doesnt work let me know so I can fix it. This is a combination of all the games I love and play (and have tattoos of). Half-life, Dead-Space, Silent Hill, and most importantly Doom. Theres some scary shit, some weird shit, and at the end of the day youll be racking up bodies. There will be dead shit everywhere, satanic imagery, and shit to shoot. All the things you expect from a kick ass WAD, with a little cinematic mustard on top. I want something VERY specific in this pack, and so I havent tailored it to anyones play style, i havent tailored it for the masses. I wanted a certain map pack that nobody else has made (more like plenty of people have done but not combined), and as such it has to be made a certain way to work the way I want it to. Some people will like it, some (im looking at you veterans..."why cant i play it in hardware mode...wheres the version for DosBox! I remember when doom maps only had to be fun! now theres all this freakin lighting and jumping! *and then complains about too many vanilla maps hahah) will hate it. Thats not really my problem. if you dont like it, dont play it, its no biggy. Its the pack *I* have always wanted to play. hopefully anyway. and I really think other people will enjoy it too. ALSO, KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MY FIRST PACK *party noises*. So, what you see is what you get and I hope I can do the community a justice by dropping something different while still keeping it DOOM (and being the first new guy to come out with something that doesnt make people go "a lot of those rooms are square"). I really just want to push GZDoom as far as it will let me without have a mob of angry dudes yelling at me for performance problems. I LOVE ATTENTION, LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

    Thanks man! its sector spam central to get the smoothed out lighting, but to me thats the most important part. and this pack would be impossible without your amazing texture pack dude. oh yeah, the main extra assets consist of sounds....shit loads....SHIT LOADS of sounds haha, some extra (but fitting) monsters from the beastiary, and all textures from HIDfan and MR ROCKETS doom 3 texture packs. i dont wanna stray too far away from doom though, so just the extras when they need. mainly effects and stuff. WELL ITS NOT READY YET 40oz! but appreciated your caps locked enthusiasm. wanna play test it? Thanks man! its been a labor of love but i dont wanna spend this much time on this shit and then drop a turd. it has to be perfect haha because its the first and last pack im doing. becuase god damn its time consuming. Dude thanks! it looks MUCH better in game....youtube decimated the quality, but the trailer is actually the TITLEMAP...so hopefully it seems cool to boot the game up to.
  17. i can always run it fine (ish) until that scene with the war...then my computer is just like "yeah...youre gonna have to play imagination with this one."
  18. Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    dude this looks amazing, have you done anything since?
  19. Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    https://imgur.com/a/cTQt6 hopefully SVNHRNS/SVNEYES if i ever finish the fucking thing.
  20. Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    if nobody says hellground i am gonna flip my shit! ....im an idiot *slowly starts putting pants back on* everything by eternal is amazing. TUTNT is great. impossible to run. valhalla (anything by ed is dope as well) DTST if youre feeling...weird.
  21. New to posting maps? Read this first!

    Thank you! i read through everything thoroughly but skipped the last little bit, of course thats where my answer was haha.
  22. New to posting maps? Read this first!

    mine. "Files over 50MB in size without prior approval." thats what it says. approval from who?
  23. New to posting maps? Read this first!

    i have a question, i saw where it said file size is limited to 50mbs unless getting permission to upload higher than that...mine is around 180mb. how do i go about getting permission to upload a larger file?