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  1. Major Grit

    Are you getting Doom 3 for the Xbox? and why?

    Me I am getting it for the PS2 for the simple fact that Sony is better and x box sucks.
  2. Major Grit

    DOOM on N64

    I feel the same way.
  3. Major Grit


    Man this is like the second case of something like that happening. Because I remember on the news something like this happened before but the teacher got pregnant. Man the world is crazy. THat's why I play video games because they help me to escape this crazy place.
  4. Major Grit

    DOOM on N64

    Well if it's the control than why don't you just change the controls like I do. But I still agree the N64 controller sucks.
  5. Major Grit

    Give me a break I am a rookie

    Hey I was wondering were I can find the software to make my own doom levels. Could some body tell me how to get it and what it is called ? I know this sounds stupid but I am a rookie so give me a break thank you.
  6. Major Grit

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    I am 21 years old. Married and have a 2 month old son.
  7. Major Grit

    The coolest doom monster?

    I thought it was that thing. I hated that thing in doom 2. and when it hits you with the fire attack doesn't the flames appear flashing in front of your screen ?
  8. Major Grit

    The coolest doom monster?

    CyberDemon. Hey I know I may sound lame but what monster is the archvile.
  9. Major Grit

    Greatest game hero!

    Thanx because I was not sure if I should buy it or not.
  10. Major Grit

    Greatest game hero!

    Oh ! Sorry I am not much of a computer gamer. But I have heard of half-life I just never played it. I am more of a console player. Also spike heihache still rules ! Also I have and have played all the Tekken games.
  11. Major Grit

    Greatest game hero!

    Who is Gordon Freeman ?
  12. Major Grit

    Doom Books

    Hey would build the gates aliens or demons and that will tell you what they are. Because why didn't they just go straight for earth.
  13. Yeah I love you guys. For real for real.
  14. Major Grit

    Greatest game hero!

    Hell yeah Cloud Strife rules