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  1. g4m3w0rm

    Change sv_nocountendmonst in wad

    Thanks, I'll just use a autoexec.cfg file then.
  2. Hi, I am currently making a map with some dormant unaccessible monsters. I put them in a sector with the enddamage option. If I make sv_nocountendmonst true and reload the map these monsters won't be counted with the total number of monters. However, sv_nocountendmonst is standard false. I am looking for a way to change sv_nocountendmonst with a script or a LUMP. I can't seem to find it in the MAPINFO lump either. Thanks in advance, Gameworm
  3. g4m3w0rm

    Poly-objects with fixed height?

    Thanks, I get it now. The flag thing confused me at first because the option for the 3dmidtex flag was called "walkable middle texture". Everything works fine now.
  4. g4m3w0rm

    Poly-objects with fixed height?

    Thanks for the answer but I'm afraid I don't get how polyobj_explicit line works. On what line am I supposed to use this? And how do I set the flag? Does this happen in the script or something? A wad that uses this technique might be a great example.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to make poly-objects have a fixed height. In my map I have an outdoor area which is 256 units high. Then I made a building by making the walls 128 high and I put a 3D-object on top of the walls to make a roof. I did it like this so the bigger structures would be visible behind the building. Now I am trying to make a sliding door which is 128 units high. Currently the door is 256 units high and it looks ridiculous. Is there any way to fix the height of this door while still being able to see what's behind the building?
  6. g4m3w0rm

    SpawnProjectile with angle relative to mapspot

    Thanks for the reply. This is a good idea but I am actually trying to make a reusable script for different linedefs (with arguments). A linedef with an argument would fire all mapspots with the TID in the argument. To do this I would need more than 3 arguments in the linedef action. Maybe I could try using successive numbers. The only downside is that the number of mapspots is fixed like this. This just gave me an idea. Perhaps I can use the first argument as the first TID and the second argument to define the number of mapspots. script 4 (int tagID, int MAPSPOTS_NUMBER) { for(int i=tagID; i < tagID+MAPSPOTS_NUMBER; i++) { SpawnProjectile(i,"PlasmaBall",GetActorAngle(i) >> 8,20,0,0,0); PlaySound(i,"weapons/plasmaf"); } } This works! Thanks.
  7. I'm trying to fire a plasmagun from multiple mapspots with one script. The plasmaballs need to follow the angle of the mapspot. Right now this is what I am doing.script 4 (int tagID) { SpawnProjectile(tagID,"PlasmaBall",GetActorAngle(tagID)/256,20,0,0,0); PlaySound(tagID,"weapons/plasmaf"); } A linedef triggers the script and when there is only one mapspot firing this is no problem. When more mapspots have to fire at the same time the angle won't be correct because these mapspots have the same TID. Is there any way to fire these plasmaballs in the angle of the firing mapspots? Thanks in advance, g4m3w0rm
  8. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Nice! and I don't mind using beta software. I'm gonna download it right now.
  9. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Thanks for the reply and for reporting the bug. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  10. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Apparently I had the fixed numbers wrong. But I still have the problem that the attack comes from the player. Script: LineAttack(7, 0.5, 0.0, 10); The attacks always seem to come from the one who executes the script which is the linedef in this case.
  11. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    I fixed the things not showing up problem, so maybe I should give LineAttack another chance. Now I am going to use gzdoom. Right now I have put some mapspots at heigth 32 and with tag 7. In the script I use: LineAttack(7, 0, 0, 10); The script doesn't seem to care much about the tagnumber and the angle since it just shoots to the east from my position. What am I doing wrong?
  12. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Looks like using zdoom gives me other problems.(certain things suddenly not spawning). Even so the lineattack function shot straight ahead FROM the player so something still wasn't right. I am going to keep using zandronum so I'll give the actor-thing a try.
  13. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Nevermind, it seems to do something on zdoom.
  14. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Now the script compiles and I know the script runs, but nothing seems to happen when I trigger the script. Script: #include "zcommon.acs" script 2 (void) { print(s:"runs"); LineAttack(7, 180, 0, 10); delay(1); } The script get's executed because I can see the 'runs' message. I put mapspots with TID 7 facing east. The mapspots are 32 units above the floor. Could it be because of zandronum? It is the latest version(1.2.2).
  15. g4m3w0rm

    Fire bullets from mapspot

    Yes! Thank you, this did the trick.