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  1. Dream_Warrior

    Epic tattoo

    http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/79/6d/2b/796d2b83638581d48ce6d73599adc39f.jpg Great detail. How I would love it :)
  2. Dream_Warrior

    ideas for new wads:

    I want to do a World themed megawad where each map is distinctively a place in the world such as, Egypt, Antartica, City themed, jungle themed etc.
  3. Dream_Warrior

    Maps in MegaWADS that blew you away?

    For me it was the final map in Scythe 2. Incredible. Wbu?
  4. Dream_Warrior

    Transporting group of monsters

    I'm using Doom in hexen and can't get all monsters to transport at once. What I do is make a seperate room with these monsters in them and give them all the same tag (1). Then I create the area where I want them to transport to and give that a tag (2) and then I put down the same amount of teleport destination icons as there are monsters (3) Then, on the line def that I want to transport these monsters I select: teleport group: Group ID: 1 Source ID: 2 Target ID: 3 But for some reaon not all of them transport. Why is this? How do I fix it?
  5. Dream_Warrior

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That there is a actually a switch on the Skull switch.
  6. Dream_Warrior

    Erik Alm?

    What happened to Erik? Is he still Dooming at all?
  7. Dream_Warrior

    Ideal/preferred keyboard and mouse configuration?

    Ctrl: Shoot Space: Open doors Arrows: Move Tab: Map view Shift: Run
  8. Actually a zombie Daisy would be good
  9. Dream_Warrior

    How to disable jump and crouch?

    How do I do this in Slade. I have seen how others have done it in Slade by placing it in there MAPINFO but when I do it and try it jump and crouch are still active. Any ideas?
  10. Dream_Warrior

    Who wants new oldschool megawad?

    *******ely- sign me up :)
  11. Well we already have a Hell Knight and Baron of Hell, so I think it's fair that they have a boss version of that where it is bigger and fires multiple shots at you at a time
  12. Dream_Warrior

    Exploding barrel endings

    I am curious about why some megawads, particularly by Eric Alms, ends levels with exploding barrels. Why is this?