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  1. Your mic sucks, but you was the only important point for us, and you are far from sucking. You are an example of a strong will facing the adversity. I am happy to have you staying in my mind... and... Sorry, I can't tell what I have in my spirit, otherwise I would be qualified to be what I am not. Words are unable to carry some realities, far from our materialist world. Take care, and do have a good road with all your friends on your sides (and they are a bunch !!!)
  2. Go go go Espi !!! On January 2008, I was quite dead with my ganglionic cancer, but life won the battle. I'm battling since 7 years to stay alive with a not curable cancer. Severals surgeries, of course... Several chemo, of course... Lost my hairs, of course... They came back, of course... You are still there, playing Doom left handed... Well alive yourself... Life's goes on, right? Yes, life is going ON !!!!!!!!! We are with you, man! Take care, and God bless you! Jean
  3. Jive

    GZdoom lighting

    I am chocked!!! How is it possible to insult someone giving for free his spare time?!? I need to thank you a lot, because your work makes me so happy that I don't have enough words to tell it. I have already converted some good mappers, which are now mapping for GZDoom. GZDoom is THE ultimate port, and it's brilliantly coded!!! I have a deep respect for men like you, who are able to give without anything to wait in return, and who have courage to pass through the lacks of respect and the imbecilities uttered by morons. Be assured that your work makes happy a great number of people!!! And that's the only important thing to have in your mind... Merci beaucoup! ... And do accept my apologies if sometimes, I piss you off. About Ati, I'm using a Radeon 9700 Pro with the very latest drivers, and I don't have any problem at all, in any case none which I would be able to detect.
  4. Jive

    [Problem] Sectors with sky for texture

    yes, but it's very annoying because it's preventing you to check properly if textures are missing or not.
  5. Linedefs of a sector having the sky for ceiling: their missing texture(s) are not classified to be missing. Replace the sky with another texture and they appear to be missing. Very annoying (bug) preventing to check properly a wad.
  6. DB v1.68 build 385 Gzdoom v1.0.16.226 njzd2001.wad by Enjay http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11108 map07 linedefs 578 & 610 tagged 21 action 190 (H static init) The sector 53 is tagged 21 The bug: 1) the linedefs don't appear when I do a search for linedef with a tag 21, and DB tell me that there is no linedef tagged 21. 2) when I put the cursor of the mouse on these linedefs, they don't highlight the sector 53. Explanation: these linedefs have the code "FFFF00" for upper texture, which is classified by DB to be an unknown one. So that they are ignored!!!
  7. Jive

    Doom Builder 1.68 released

    Sweety day, lovely time! Here in Brazil, it's the day for lovers, and 2 hours ago, I was giving my present to my wife... And now, how we could thank you for your wonderful tool?!? Maybe, if I simply tell you: "Merci, Pascal!" I can assure you that you made happy a lot of guys, and, quite surely, you changed the way to enjoy Doom by improving drastically the possibilities to build and to debug maps!!!
  8. And the snake bit its own tail...
  9. vegeta, asshole, read my posts or shut your mouth, and return masturbating!
  10. What are you telling to me? "to "do stuff" for me"?!? Huh.... ??????????? WTF... I don't need it, I TRY to share what I discovered. Nor I don't need you, nor anyone else. I try to GIVE, to OFFER my work, nothing else! The idea to share is a Common sens? NO !!! Obviously no, at least here... Anyway, here is the issue for my email to Sparky of KISS Software: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: kelm@eisa.net.au unrouteable mail domain "eisa.net.au" Stop to tell me to contact authors, when I do it since a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. My address book is too heavy for Hotmail!!! And I don't count the number of outdated addresses, like this one, because authors don't worry anymore about their work. The Common sens would have liked that you ask me BEFORE saying yourselves how to make, if I had done it. The answer is obvious: YES!!! The next time, avoid this kind of lawsuit of intention, thank you. As for the forums in general, I do not count any more the number of my messages, except here where it really does not make good come, because we are badly received. You give the proof of it still today, whereas I sought to offer something coming from my own work made for FREE… Bahhhhhhh... P.S.: here is the good url for Avpvt2: http://darklair101.www.50megs.com/
  11. funduke, you point of view is interesting. I didn't think about this possibility. Email sent to Sparky of KISS Software, the man who made this mod. Fingers crossed!!! About Linguica and the fact that he don't answer to any of my emails, I didn't tell you that it was only about Pwads. And even... Many times, it was for the purpose to share with other users, or about other subjects, and he is well placed in the Doom Community. At least, it was what I thought wrongly, apparently... Thanks God, the authors are answering me pretty all the time, such as JR himself...
  12. Alien Vs Predator Vs Terminator 2, by DARKMAN92/LIGHTMAN94 Of course, I didn't receive any comment, nor an answer, like usually... I guess that I'm banned from Linguica's book?!? Anyway, I'm pleased to share it with you. For an unknown reason, Doom Legacy sucks and its engine hangs on Map01, when entering within the final room, with a splendid warning: "Signal handler() segment violation". I tried a lot of changes, but nothing was efficient. So, avoid Legacy v1.42 (both modes, OpenGl and Software) to play with Avpvt2!!! Gzdoom is fine, and ZdoomGl too. I don't know for the other ports, but it should work without any problem, as far as there is nothing special in this Pwad. If I took the time to write this message, it's because I like this Pwad, similar to AlienTc by Justin Fisher or "Real" by Joe Zona "JAZ", 2 Pwads immerging you within another dimension. I guess that most of you are advised that my English sucks. But you could try to do the same kind of message in French, and to let me know who really sucks... lol Thank you for your attention!
  13. Jive

    Tab for D_E1M1

    The logiciel "Sibelius 3" allow to import a mid file. It's coded automatically and you obtain a partition AND a tab for guitar (I'm a classical guitarist). I already used it for such a work, and it was really good. Of course, here and there, you'll find errors, but it's quite easy to rectify. The bad part of this story is that it's not a shareware, nor a freeware, but a "buyware" (lol), and it costs a lot of bucks!!!
  14. Jive

    Doom Legacy Wads has moved

    It's an email received yesterday... LOL !!! I'm currently improving it, because I want to give to you, the users, what you expect to find at DLW...
  15. Jive

    Doom Legacy Wads has moved

    Peu importe la bouteille pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse... (It does not matter the bottle provided that intoxication is had…) With nearly 1 million of visits, it seems that the interface didn't stop the users to look at it... ;) All depends on what you came to seek: the beauty of the bottle or its contents? That said, I could consider to improve this interface and to make it more simple. But I have my own forum to answer to this kind of purpose, and here, it's not the place to discuss about it. Anyway, thank you for your positive comment!