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  1. JoyDivision

    More Doom Movie Casting News

    Well, let's just wait and see how badly, I mean, how this movie comes out.
  2. JoyDivision

    Doom Movie Casting

    Stick'in to basics! I'll buy a ticket!
  3. JoyDivision

    New Director For Doom Flick

    (http://dvd.ign.com/articles/434/434550p1.html) Just watch this guy screw up the DOOM movie. Virus; jesus christ they ARE going to turn the Doom movie in RE, and we all know how RE turned out. (http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/546/546076p1.html) It would be nice if ID stepped in and said "ok, already the story sounds ridiculous, let's unfuck it right now." Also shouldn't that Christian gamer be happy about DOOM III? For argument's sake, you're battling the forces of evil and not joining them.
  4. JoyDivision

    The /newstuff Chronicles #197

    Where will you be posting this ZIP at? I don't know how to load the Hectebus when I open the file in ZDOOM.
  5. JoyDivision

    The /newstuff Chronicles #152

    Just thought I'd drop by and say none of the downloads are working. Not resuce, heart or even redemption.
  6. JoyDivision

    The End of an Era

    Cheers Linguica! Best of luck to you.
  7. JoyDivision

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    Thanks, luckly I have many folders holding my Doom wads/files so I can just delete the one which is screwed and start over. I didn't put Zdaemon in it's own folder, that's one mistake I made. Oh, do you know how to load levels from the Zdoom console? I'm going threw the Zdoom commands file but haven't found it yet.
  8. JoyDivision

    Kick Some Butt!

    Temporarily Unavailable The Tripod page you are trying to reach has exceeded its hourly bandwidth limit. The site will be available again in 4 hours! Thank you! *waits patiently*
  9. JoyDivision

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    Aye, I just updated Zdoom to 2.00. What files do I use to get Zdaemon working? It's just a big mess right now.
  10. JoyDivision

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    Aye, this thread got mixed up. I already downloaded Zdoom and Zdaemon but Zdaemon messes up alot when I'm trying to run some wads. It gives the error that I said before. The Zdoom I downloaded wasn't from the lars page so I'll try the 19.zip try. Maybe that will fix the Fatal Error and the fact that my wads won't load up properly when entering a server. (I checked everything else out, the wads are in the proper directory and zdaemon knows where the directory is, files aren't corrupt or anything.) Anyknow know of a server program that lets you play Doom and Final Doom over the net rather than lan?
  11. JoyDivision

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    Damn it, this belongs in the "I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it..." "http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11977" thread, can any admin place it back there?
  12. JoyDivision

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    You know, the Zdaemon verson I have keeps giving me a error when I try to run a wad such as gothicdm.wad. "BindtoPort: error." Know what that means and know of any way to fix it? Or should I just download from http://zdoom.notgod.com/lars/? Also...that index is a mess, I don't know what's what.
  13. JoyDivision

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    http://zdoom.notgod.com/download.php Aye, it's best to simply redownload the whole thing, it's not that big.
  14. JoyDivision

    Bowling for Columbine

    Anyone else see this movie? It's incredible thought out documentary covering the reasons as to why there is a high rate of gun violence in America. I loved how this movie also shuts up the fucking political idiots blaming games, music, movies etc for Columbine. It also shows a direct link between MEDIA coverage and violence, stating that the media is instilling fear into people, raising gun violence in America because of a racial fear as to compared to Canada where the news covers relevant political issues where there at 7,000,000 guns for 11,000,000(?) people and yet their gun murder rate is extremely low. *wow, what a run on sentence!* This movie will give you a new perspective towards gun violence and the media. I only hope that Al (GORE) and Lieberman will see this movie before they decide to further their political fame by blaming a new game like Doom III for some type of rare media soaked gun attack(s).
  15. JoyDivision

    Doom 3 Leak Makes CNN

    So very true. And yes, it’s old news, done, over with. That’s the media wheel rolling though. For some reason a old skit from Conan popped into my head. It was about Five Hooks the Pirate. He had the arms, legs and a head made from five giant hooks. "Yarrrr, I'm Five Hooks the Pirate." When Conan asked Five Hooks how he talked he just replied "....yarrr." Getting back on topic to Doom III, I'm looking forward to hearing the media and political backlash about the violence. My day is never complete until I hear about a congressman or religious zealot going ape-shit over our art.