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  1. BigBearBurp


    sorry, it's an .exe and it doesn't work with the latest version of Doomsday...oh well, another one lost to the ages, I suppose I don't suppose anyone could unpack it all, and re-wrap it? Naaah.. Big Bear Burp
  2. BigBearBurp


    just wondering where it went-no screenies, nothing. hosted @doomrepublic, which sadly is toast ah.... BBB
  3. BigBearBurp

    Doom 2-perdition's gate

    Saw this on Youtube- Is it any good, and if it is-where the heck can I find it...>? thanks JOhn B
  4. BigBearBurp

    Neo Doom

    True-that Dommie was very very hard (damn near impossible) to kill luckily I engaged the infinite ammo thing for jDoom and yes, the difficult got ramped up steeply, from--kinda hard to OMG how do you expect anyone to survive this I thought it was worth a play, though, but the SSG did kinda suck BBB
  5. BigBearBurp

    Neo Doom

    Okay, haloess, just go to brdoom.com/daniel and negotiate to projectos, and it shows up on my machine... just sayin' JB
  6. BigBearBurp

    Neo Doom

    kinda good the attention to detail is nice-you don't get the same old generic buildings, and there's a few new enemies-the plasma guy android guy although I'm playing this in Doomsday, it should be good in vanilla doom just thought I'd post this in case anyone was bored and looking for something good to play you can find Neo Doom at: http://www.brdoom.com/daniel/projetos_english.htm Big Bear Burp
  7. BigBearBurp

    Batman Doom

    Liked to play this....way back when..... however, it doesn't like Modern ports so much (ie Legacy and Doomsday)_ any chance of an update/port??? JB
  8. BigBearBurp

    Foreverhood Gameplay Beta Test

    Looks good overall.... BUT any chance of a Mac friendly port? JB
  9. BigBearBurp

    [Project] Unnamed TC - Playtesters Wanted

    Ooh ! Oooh ! me ! Me ! ME ! I can playtest it with Doomsday and Doom Legacy John B
  10. BigBearBurp

    any other ports for Mac X?

    yeah, I looked at chocolate Doom and well..not super impressed. I like the look of Doomsday, but it has certain HOM issues and it can't run Batman Doom that well :( PrBoom works too, but you have to mess with it, and tell it where the wad is and a bunch of stuff....maybe zdoom could be compiled for old Macs, but I won't be worrying about that anymore... what I'm saying is that I'd prefer tailor-made rather than rolling my own, so to speak..... B B B
  11. BigBearBurp

    any other ports for Mac X?

    Okay, I know about Doom Legacy and Doomsday, but that's it. No ZDoom,no ZDaemon, no Risen. Okay, maybe there's PrBoom, but that's it.... I got a taste of ZBlood, a port of Blood that ran on ZDoom, well, sort of...the mac version wasn't that good-no sound at all :( so, any info on ports or tc's or any doom levels welcomed. Please xcuse my dust, I'm using an old G4 to post--my other computer is gone John B
  12. BigBearBurp

    Doom 3-ROE question

    okay, as you may know, doom 3 was ported to the Mac but Resurrection of Evil afaik, was not....so......would there be any way to manually install and play this expansion pack? thanks JB ps-Doom 3 is a great game, but where's the multichannel sound?
  13. BigBearBurp

    Mac ports

    sorry folks, it's monday, and I'm bored.... I know about Legacy and Doomsday but I'm looking for Zdoom, Gzdoom, something like that for Mac there was kinda a version of zdoom, but no sound.......so that sux any news welcomed JB
  14. BigBearBurp

    Legacy Question

    took phobiata for a spin (It's a Doom-Legacy specific wad). Got about 1/2 way through level 1 when Legacy crashed with a Z_malloc error and mentioned something about heapsize. I know you can adjust (maybe) heapsize on the Windows version of DoomLeg, but Mac OS X? Maybe not...... Any ideas (other than turning down the graphics and difficulty) thanks BBB
  15. BigBearBurp

    Scimitar 1.0

    Tried it in ZDoom 2.1.5. First level runs fine--Nice setup. Liked the Scimitar (Shadow Warrior, anyone?) then got to the second level. The program mentioned something about missing linedefs and then quit. Granted, I'm using a beta-ish version of ZDoom, but so far so good nice setup-liked the acropolis level JB