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  1. Fix

    Post your Doom textures!

    From the DirtyDoor thread
  2. Fix

    Doom Asset Dump

    Some Zbrush sculpts have been posted on ZBrush Central : http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?202866-DOOM-asset-dump
  3. Fix

    HD sprites from Doom 3

    This is very cool I love that project :) This is really a lot of work, congratulations. Aside the recoloring subject, I'd suggest making your sprites less contrasted, especially with less black (local shadows and local occlusion). I think they'll blend better with the other textures/ the rest of the world. Black is very rarely used, excepted in some tech parts. I quickly altered one of your pics to illustrate this (this is far from perfect, lacking some global occlusion to give more depth and volume. This is just to give an idea (and test the concept), with a hue-saturation and curves modifier in photoshop): I was wondering, have you tried rendering your sprites with a larger FOV? If yes, I'm curious of how it looks :)
  4. 123Dcatch and Recap photo haven't been able to reproduce 3D from the cyberdemon sprites, that would have been the best solution, very fast and very acurate. I still have to experiment this with Agisoft's photoscan.
  5. If you have a soft lighting environment (indirect diffuse light : aim lights at walls and ceiling, or cloudy outside), that could help minimize reflections. I think it is worth the try anyway. Maybe it will be good enough to work with the unpainted miniatures. Thank you very much for your offer, this is really great ! Some instructions to help the software: -place the miniature on a non repetitive/tiling surface, a book cover or newspaper is good. -sharp images, minimize depth of field (hard with miniatures :) -stable lighting (no flash), exposure, balance, focus, etc... -I'd start with a 360° on 3 angles : ----30°bottom (if possible ! (use of a mirror ?) ----front ----45°top. -Recap photos can take up to 250 pictures, but I know it's really tedious to take so many photos (extracting them from a movie is easier, but the quality of the extracted pictures is not as good, and we loose the informations stored in the photos). So I suggest 10 to 20 photos per 360°. they say it's better to have a few very good photos than a lot of bas ones. If you have an i-phone, you can try the 123Dcatch application directly with your phone (doesn't give results as good as recap photo though) I agree with you and never fooled myself on that part. I've been making game assets since doom, so I know this is a lot of work. However, I think the size of the sprites, the number of frames makes it a bit lighter than next gen production.
  6. I did the first conversion experiment in 3 hours I think, after having received the mesh. But I tried to project the original sprite as a texture. The final conversion into a voxel is very fast, a few seconds I'd say. -Export the mesh as .obj, use poly2vox.exe to convert the .obj into a .vox. -taking the photos and then start the upload to Recap360, a few minutes. -processing of the photos, hours but you just have to wait for the result, so this doens't count -cleaning the result : can be very long. I think Infinite-Realities process to clean human 7000k scans is one day or more. But here we're aiming a very low res, so I'd say 1 or 2 hour max before having a workable mesh. I already did some real life scans almost ready to use after openning, here the video from youtube as a source wasn't very good.
  7. First ugly Experiment done + mockup of ingame result. The mesh is too different from the original design. A manual remodeling will be more accurate as expected, but the miniature reconstruction will certainly speed up the process.
  8. Yes, 100 is a good amount, but the quantity isn't enough. The turn table (used in the video I found) is a wrong choice, because the lighting on the model will change on each photo, the best is to turn around the subject and have the most stable conditions of lighting as possible. Yes it's the idea, transform the mesh into a traditional character setup.
  9. I already have a career (thanks doom for showing me the light 20 years ago :) ); I am a strong believer of photogrammetry, since years. Anyway, the sprite / voxel project is more for fun (point clouds are not that far from voxels). I'll learn very usefull things from this experience, the sprite generation is just a little part of it; and hopefully will come back with interesting things for this community. update : I've found a video showing multiple angles of painted miniatures. Processing the demon right now =).
  10. Thank you very much ! I'll experiments with these as well. I think the specular highlights of the metal will bug the reconstruction, but I'm really curious and eager to learn. Thank you, I'll use the raw images ! But I think I will have to remodel the sprites, most of the miniatures have already too much differences to the original designs.
  11. This model looks fine, but I'm indeed looking for vanilla things. I've found on ebay some multiple shots of painted miniatures, tried to feed the recap photo with thoses, but 4 pictures is really not enough for this software.
  12. Hello, I've been looking but haven't found anything linked to that question yet. I'm looking for 3D scans or reconstructed models from photos, such as ones made freely by 123D catch. Or I'm looking of photos sets of these miniatures to rebuild them in 3D myself with some more powerfull tools (such as Recap photo or Photoscan). My goal is to capture them, remove the useless parts (such as supports for flying monsters), project the sprites colors on them and then share the cleaned result to the community . This would be a base for making real time 3D version of these, or 3D print the miniatures. My own project is to re-use them as a strong solid start to reproduce the sprites in 3D as closely as possible, then generate voxels from these, because I believe in voxel doom. I already started some experiments on the items with polytovox, and the results are promising. Other benefits of this conversion would be the ability to add interpolated animation frames to the actual sprites, or add other animations, matching the vanilla monsters as much as possible. I doubt somebody did the scans yet, but if some of you have the miniatures and a digital camera, maybe you could take and share the photos of these ? Note 1 : I'm not sure it will be more efficient (fidelity wise) than directly rebuilding the sprite in 3D. Note 2 : I already tried to submit the cyberdemon sprite's 8 angles to recap-photo or 123d-catch, both haven't been able to rebuild the monster in 3D, that would have been the best first step. Note 3 : I'm also starting to look for 3D meshes/animations that already exist, that are very close to the vanilla sprites. Why redo the work if there is already top quality stuff out there :) thanks !