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  1. SuperSimsam

    My First Maps

    It works! Thanks for the quick fix, I'll play them now. Might come back later and write about the levels a bit.
  2. SuperSimsam

    My First Maps

    When I boot up the WAD in both GZDOOM and Zandronum, I get an error. Here is the error in text form, as an image would be kinda useless. { Execution could not continue. Script error, "MWMC.wad:MAPINFO" line 129: MAP22: Unknown top level keyword } Looking in SLADE, that line in the MAPINFO looks like this: { map MAP22 " " } I'm thinking that it has something to do with how the map doesn't have a name at all. Please look into this, I wanna try out your new maps.
  3. SuperSimsam

    Would you play this shit??

    Well, holy crap. That looks like hell. (pun sorry) I actually would play this though. Well, at least if there were 5 or more people playing, otherwise it'd be overwhelming.
  4. SuperSimsam

    Xuta's Doom Stuff (Pistol Version)

    I think this would be much better used in a map designed for a fist start rather along with maps that have been designed for a pistol start. (no-duh) But yeah, this could be useful for a prison map where all of your weapons have been looted. But, for a mega-wad, it would cause problems with pistol starting levels. (as stated below by Anon)
  5. SuperSimsam

    My First Maps

    Also, what tool did you use for the level names? I've never really found one like it. (The reason i'm asking is because I see all the unedited levels are named --. That shows that you used some program of some sort to do that, and I'd like to know, as it would be extremely helpful, as I'm working on some maps myself!) EDIT: Also, how did you edit the text screen? Yano, the one that happens on MAP07?
  6. SuperSimsam

    My First Maps

    I love this. All of this. And I don't know why. It could be the charming text, or the goofiness of it all, but I really enjoy this. The only thing you should fix is some of the texturing, and maybe have some better architecture (my opinion, you could keep it like this and I'd still like it, but strange abstract rooms can turn away players who think there's nothing really cool in this .WAD) but otherwise, I find all of this fun and charming. And, it has some really cool things in most of the maps. They're all unique in their own ways, and I especially liked when I was about to fight a baron and the ceiling came down, creating a arena. Also, the elevator part, while long, gave me enough time to write this post, so I didn't mind it. :D (EDIT: I didn't notice that the elevator wasn't even ascending. Quite a puzzle, I have to say.)
  7. SuperSimsam

    A WAD (yet to be named)

    I'm a nooby mapper, so I can't give you extremely helpful advice, but I like the textures you have going. And, on MAP03, the way you introduce the hellish textures along with the tech-base ones work well. Make it a gradual decent into madness. The deeper you go into hell, the more corpses, fleshy constructs, and candles you'll encounter. Another thing I'd like to see is a indication of what exit leads to what type of area. If it was a more outdoors-man map, then have a window showing the sky near the exit. Or, if its delving into the bowels of hell, have flesh and skulls showing. It gives players a mental/moral choice instead of a random one. Having two identical elevators, the path that the players choose is random. But, if you show one deepens into hell, and another ascends to the surface, the player is faced with a moral choice. "Do I dive into hell to eliminate the threat, and risk facing great danger?... Or do I run like a coward, and escape this god-forsaken tech-base, and run to the surface, and retreat like a wuss on a space ship?" I feel like this would empress choice to a player. I personally greatly enjoyed MAP01. It felt like an actual BASE, unlike many Doom maps, with Bathrooms, pubs and bars, and other relatable objects. MAP03 was had a nice theme- hell gradually taking over the tech base. Sadly, it is not finished, but I'd love to see the finished map, once it is completed.
  8. SuperSimsam

    A WAD (yet to be named)

    I love this. Branching paths allow a players experience to be unique to their choices. The concept that not everyone will have the same experience is a concept that many of my favorite games own. (Mostly Deus Ex.) It inspires replaying the game- and as a game developer/map maker, you want your players to play your maps more than once. Then they can master your maps- and they'll notice how much work you put into them. Personally, replaying the same map in a linear order can get boring. Luckily Doom had secrets and other goodies that inspired exploration.
  9. Am I still able to sign up? I've hit a mappers block, and haven't really released any of my work since 2013, so I think a deadline would help me get work done.
  10. SuperSimsam

    Is texture variation a good idea?

    http://imgur.com/a/oOLWN Here's some screenshots. You'll see some startan stuff, but I just haven't textured that area yet.
  11. SuperSimsam

    Is texture variation a good idea?

    Wow! Thanks for all the advice, guys. I'll post some screenshots of the map soon.
  12. SuperSimsam

    Is texture variation a good idea?

    I'm making a map right now, and Its tech-base themed, and since there's a lot of textures for tech-base levels, I've been making every room uniquely colored. However, those themes are repeated in other rooms (in which I mean a room is themed red and silver, and then that theme is seen in another room of the map, but not right next to it.) Is this a good idea? I want to know so I can continue texturing the map with some advice. I already know its good to not make you maps rooms look too alike, but I don't want to do it for every room.
  13. My brother was talking about old FPS games and told me about Doom 1 & 2. I got Doom 2 on Steam, but I don't remember when. I got into modding due to one of the news post on Steam was talking about this "Brutal Doom" mod. I checked it out, and suffice to say, I disliked it, but it got me into other mods, and I started making my own maps for the game.
  14. SuperSimsam

    What is this error about?

    Oh, that explains it! Alright. Thanks for the closure! This had been bugging me for awhile.
  15. SuperSimsam

    What is this error about?

    I've been making a map recently in GZDoom Builder and every time I open a map with the doom2.iwad it displays an error message that reads: "Missing sprite lump 'PISTA0'. Forgot to include required resources?" So it seems like the iwad is missing a sprite lump of some sort. I tried reinstalling the iwad from Steam, but with no avail. My map or game is not affected by this error at all, as I can still edit and test my map, but it's just been bugging me. I have also searched this up on Google and have found nothing much but a ZDoom forum post that had the same error, but a completely different cause. I think the error could be involved with a pistol sprite, or something like that, as the name PISTA0 sounds like a frame of animation for the pistol weapon. Heres a screenshot: http://imgur.com/aI4U3hs I hope you guys can help me.