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  1. Thanks everybody! I still got to set up my computer for this but I'll get there. DSDA doom seemed good, but the version I got had an error with the area map, hope they fix that soon. Is this the MBF 21? I'd be very interested in a more flexible dehacked, even at the cost of it not being exactly vanilla. I got the most out of dehacked before by making a mod for Udoom and using all the unused D2 states for additional monsters, sounds, frames etc. It's ok, but inelegant. Whats this new dehacked called?
  2. Hey everybody, it's Years, some of you might remember me as the creator of Nihility: Infinite Teeth, which somehow won a caco. I'm back I guess! It's been 5 years since I've done *any* doom editing or mapping. Basically, after my windows computer died, I got onto mac to do music, but of course there isn't many programs on there for doom mapping/editing (afaik) and I simply couldn't get wine to work well. And also my mac had a tiny HDD's so partitioning wasn't great etc Now I have a new windows laptop and I want to get back into things and I have no idea where to start in 2022. -Whats the latest and best map editor? Is it Doom Builder still? Some new fork? (Ideally for vanilla/limit removing) -Is Slade3 still a thing? What to use for resource editing and dehacking? Any new programs? -Image editing? I don't have photoshop anymore and never found it great for making textures and sprites. Is there some cool (free/cheap) replacement? -Any good maps you'd recommend me in my absence? I have barely played much doom in the last 5 years. -Best vanilla or boomy source port? I used PRboom back in the day, but it didn't seem stable recently, is there a new one? -How to get back into mapping 'psychologically' after a big break? My life is totally different now and I can't remember my old mindset. I'd like to start with a single new map and get back into the community but feeling overwhelmed at the prospect! Oh and fix the bugs in Nihility lol. Hopefully this question is relevant and not too weird or anything, but yeah... hi again everybody!
  3. I now am back working on it! I don't think it will be a 36 level megawad in one file, but rather episode-by-episode so each ep can have its own unique dehackery and atmosphere. I don't like the idea of going through 36 levels with exactly the same sounds and monsters as it might get a bit repetitive. Oh also, its not sir, its ma'am, But there will be more! ^__^
  4. 5 levels in, and all I can say this is *outstanding*. The gritty, grainy colour scheme and scanned toy guns, great decentralised level design, balanced gameplay and lovely deHacking making this Absolutely Great. I want to see more wads like this, really digging people getting the most out of dehacked in 2018.
  5. Maskim Xul Like holy shit. Best Dehacking I've ever seen.
  6. years

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    >replace snapmap with either a vector or brush-based level editor (not doom builder, but something allowing *architecture*) >more monsters + infighting management as a (bigger?) gameplay mechanic >more interesting/surreal hell >either good multiplayer, or simply ditch it. >better powerups >singleplayer/co-op DLC, like *level packs* (that does not make up for a shortened SP campaign).
  7. Despite having no music in the only WAD I have ever released, I am a musician/sound artist: https://uboa.bandcamp.com/ +
  8. Yep. The imps have been rendered green so they can be translated into DeHacked recolours. A side-effect of this in PrBoom+ is that when they are recoloured by the engine they don't stick to the palette (i.e. are 16 bit) and have a nicer, darker tone. Weirdly g/zdoom and does not do this, making them look essentially identical.
  9. It's still being made! I swear! Although I don't think these levels are going to make the cut.
  10. years

    Share a random fact about yourself

    fact: I used "I won a cacoward" as a pickup line on tinder
  11. years

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Here's me. See if you recognise my little friend on my arm!
  12. years

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    This looks fantastic! Don't let the Alpha/Bible curse bring you down, 16 maps is achievable. I would offer my services, but currently working Nihility too much rn, plus its been years since I used zdoom for mapmaping. Good Luck!
  13. I just wanted to bump this thread and let everybody know that I still absolutely intend to finish this! I don't want people thinking it is dead at all. However, my PC died and I am currently stuck on mac, which has no Doom Builder. I intend on getting a PC almost purely to finish this once I get money (I'm pretty broke tbh, but that is another story). Hopefully I can get one in the next two months, and then at the very least I will start trickling new screenshots and being more active here. I can't believe I missed this pretty game-breaking bug despite (thinking) I tested this on all difficulties. Whoops! :S Not intended at all... I have never figured out how to do this myself, as I assumed it to be impossible given that the size of the BFG is smaller than the teleport. Maybe it some ports (I tested on Prboom and choco) have different line detection rules. So please let me know how you did it! (Maybe I should leave it in as a reward for finding such an obscure exploit.) (Yo dawg...) These are pretty annoying bugs. Since I don't really have the ability to update it right now due to lack of PC, these will have to wait unless somebody is willing to fix all the errors since the last release for me and give me a heads up. Finally, would people prefer episode-by-episode or all of them being released as a coherent whole at once? I am personally leaning towards the latter, as I have some big plans for this.
  14. years

    Strange Aeons 5.7

    I am up to episode two and yeah, this wad is fantastic. I do agree with the above posters, some form of (more powerful) pistol or rifle would be nice for long-distance targets (with the sceptre being a slot 1 melee weapon).
  15. The levels are deliberately labyrinthine, and backtracking is there deliberately to encourage secret-hunting + atmosphere. Personallly, I love getting lost in huge levels - its terrifying - but this is obviously subjective. However, if this is a common complaint, probably the best I can do is signpost where to go next more obviously and add some shortcuts to some of the longer and more pointless backtracking. In e2m6 the teleporters around the level are there for exactly this reason, so I might apply the same to other levels, such as e2m5. Either that, or some more traps to make backtracking interesting. If you have any suggestions, throw them my way. Funnily enough, I increased the ammo capacity/clip size for bullets precisely to offset the ammo efficiency of the shotgun (which is inherent to doom, it must be said). I'll try adding more bullets and rockets, but I can't go too far as I want to starve non-pistol-starters for ammo as well. Ammo is a privilege, not a right! I've already been applying this advice making the new levels, especially given that the alphas were pretty bright yet still atmospheric. That being said... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯