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  1. I fail to understand what's wrong with the current Lost Soul sprite.
  2. Top job my man! Though I think that thing in the center that opens when you fire is intentional (I have no idea how the hell that is called).
  3. Quaker540

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    Will you post that "update" you had for this pack?
  4. Quaker540

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    I really like this mod. Finally this is something that doesn't get far away from Doom. Totally recommended.
  5. Quaker540

    HD sprites from Doom 3

    The only reason why I disagree with this it's because Doom 3's monsters look slightly different from Doom 1/2, otherwise this looks cool because Doom 3 has some nice monster graphics :)
  6. I'm not trying to say that posting those here is wrong, but it would be a lot better if you first read some SLADE guides over the Internet and even search for some videos with the information you want and then come back here to ask any of us. Here, I drop this link for you; https://github.com/sirjuddington/SLADE/wiki This is the official SLADE wiki. There you can find documentation about SLADE's installation and other handy goodies like this. For now there are only 3 tutorials (I'll probably write some myself later), but you can also check out the forum; http://mancubus.net/forums/index.php?board=40.0 Or even better, if someone can't help you, you can also contact sirjuddington himself; http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=contact You're welcome! ^_^ TIP; Please don't post too many screenshots without adding them to a spoiler, it lags my browser a lot.
  7. Quaker540

    DOOM HD Project

    I've the feel that those are .DDS models or Rage models (id Tech 5). So basically... What will you do with them? Capture a screenshot side by side and then cut all the unnecessary pixels so it will be an HD sprite? If yes, THAT'S AMAZING! I'd LOVE to see (real) HD sprites! Everyone else out there just filters the original sprites and "sell" them as "HD", which quite honestly, this changes nothing. This is finally something really awesome and I look forward to the final result!
  8. Quaker540

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    I forgot to post this... I recently looked over the Wolfenstein 3D sounds. Wolfenstein 3D sounds are a little bit higher quality compared to some Duke Nukem 3D sounds (7042 kHz, still low though). Luckily enough, when I searched the Hitler's sounds I realized that his step sound is VENTBUST.VOC, and I was really surprised with that! Though, Hitler's step sound is a modified version of VENTBUST.VOC (And in some parts stretched), but most parts from the sound are in much higher quality. If someone can find an HQ Wolfenstein 3D Hitler Step sound, I'll make a good replica!
  9. Quaker540

    The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

    Well... I'm not too sure about this. Lots of PSX Doom sounds were possibly created by hand as they sound original, and not stock sound effects. The only sounds I could think that PSX Doom has stock is the Pistol, Shotgun, SSG and the BFG9000. I can't think of anything else.
  10. Quaker540

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    I've edited my first post with some very useful information, if you want take a look at it above! As for Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, look the "Episode 8" file. There is a sound which is actually the FLYBY.VOC in rich high quality. Also, the Pistol sounds almost sound the same if you downsample it to 8000 kHz and 8 bit depth. Many sounds, if edited, could be a lot useful.
  11. Quaker540

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    [/b] I knew that it was the Ogre in Quake! :) Don't forget that there's an HD sound pack for Quake. As I can remember it contains some Ogre sounds. http://gfx.quakeworld.nu/details/384/mindgridaudio-high-resolution-quake-1-sounds/[/b] The first part with the "AGH" is indeed the extreme death scream in Doom, but the rest is probably DSPOSDTH3 (It can be what I said but mixed with the other scream, I'll check that when I'll be back in my Laptop). "Waramb*" actually sounds completely awesome, "wpnsel21" too, but "wpnsel21" can be better by having the PSX sound as a base and adding some filters? Or the sound was better in quality in that archive? Open the ZIPFS files with 7-Zip. At the moment, I'm not in my Laptop so I can't really do much, but when I'll be back I'll PM them to you.
  12. Quaker540

    Favorite Drink

    Honestly I can't decide. There are lots of cool drinks in this world which is insane to decide. Though, I like some more than others, and those are; Water - Obviously. Good ole cold water. Who doesn't drink?! Milk - I'm just one of the ones who think that milk is tasty, refreshing and just yummy. I prefer drinking it cold, and of course after eat - Otherwise it kills my stomach. Pepsi - Refreshing, cold and tasty. I drink it with extra fresh lemon. Beer - I drink this very rarely, but it's really awesome especially when you are with friends. Monster - Another rare drink. I've heard that it's terrible for your health but hell, if there's something to do that needs energy, I drink it. Tea - Green Tea or Black Tea, both are OK. I usually take a thermos and fill it with tea when I'm out of my home. Juice - Haha, this just rocks.
  13. Quaker540

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    Don't forget that HeXen/Heretic/Strife also use Duke Nukem 3D sounds. If you can find/create HeXen/Heretic/Strife HD sounds, you will probably find lots of Duke Nukem 3D sounds. Also, don't forget to check out Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project! Without Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, I wouldn't find an remastered version of FLYBY.VOC Yes, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project has the FLYBY.VOC sound, in 44100kHz and 16-bit depth and in .OGG format, you'll easily notice this sound at the end of the game. If you open the ZIPFS files, go to the "episode 8" file, and extract the sound. So, the culprits this HD sound pack has are; "predpn.wav", "Bos1rm.wav", "octarm.wav" and "scuba.wav", they sound like in reality are MUCH lower quality, I bet they could be 22500kHz due to how low quality they sound. It's like you just added some noise reduction and sample them up, probably that's what you did. I'll include a modified version of this sound pack soon.
  14. Quaker540

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    Thanks Perkristian for such an awesome pack! Do you think you could use or edit the sound effects used in Duke Nukem PSX? Duke Nukem PSX sound effects are the same but in much better quality. I did not ripped those sounds, but here you go; http://www.mediafire.com/download/n35tttysczykxpg/PSXSoundPack_wav.rar All of them are in .WAV
  15. Quaker540

    The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

    YES!!! That means that you'll share the HQ Duke Nukem 3D Sound Pack? I've an HQ Sound pack already, but I can't find most of the sound effects. Duke Nukem PSX was a good choice to take sounds (I've almost every sound from my PSX, in the correct sample rate and in .WAV), but you Perkristian... You've did a very nice HQ sound pack right here, and I'd LOVE to see what you've done! Can't wait to see that one uploaded!