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  1. Sparky_KISS

    The /newstuff Chronicles #130

    and if I had Ty's thankless job for all these years, I would have quit filtering years ago. We all owe Ty a HUGE debt of gratitude. How many other communities died purely because they didn't have an accessable and reliable archive?
  2. Sparky_KISS

    The /newstuff Chronicles #130

    fullon.wad isn't in the archive because nearly half of the maps are ripped from doom.wad
  3. Sparky_KISS

    doom alpha graphics

    deathz0r: please tell me that you're still working on the Doom Alpha maps for Doom 2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to play them. Why Doom 2 though, a cool thing would be to use Ultimate Doom: Episode 1 - Doom Alpha Episode 2 - Press Release Beta Episode 3 - Doom's Episode 1 Episode 4 - Doom II mini-episode Obviously, Episodes 3 and 4 would require patching from the user's Doom and Doom2 iwads. But then again, who wants to play Doom2 with Doom Alpha monsters and weapons?
  4. Sparky_KISS

    Tormentor667 - auto texture/pname deletion

    Thanks Jack, now that's something the community has needed for years! How many of us poor modem users have downloaded a 3MB file to find the author just appended all the gothic resources and only used a few of them? I've sworn at these lazy bastards more than once, that's for sure! Thanks for the continued development and listening to us users.
  5. Sparky_KISS

    Aligning Textures

    Maths 101 with sargebaldy... ----------------------------------------- Question: How do I balance my cheque book? sargebaldy: uhhh, heh. you'll figure it out eventually. just mess around with the dollars and cents. ----------------------------------------- Question: How do I calculate a value for pi? sargebaldy uhhh, heh. you'll figure it out eventually. just mess around with the diameter and circumference. ------------------------------------------ Question: How do I make words with my calculator, like 01134? sargebaldy uhhh, heh. you'll figure it out eventually. just mess around with the buttons.
  6. Sparky_KISS

    doom alpha graphics

    ...and if someone in interested in recreating the Doom Alpha maps then try the map editor Yadex - also by André Majorel. Let us know in the editing forum if you have any success. By the way, I just realized as I was getting this link, that a new version of Yadex was recently released after a 2 year break - thanks André. Here's the Yadex homepage: http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/yadex/
  7. Sparky_KISS

    doom alpha graphics

    Correct, here's a link to Alpha Guns (270KB): ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/combos/alpha04g.zip
  8. Sparky_KISS

    Quiver - a Doom clone from 1997

    Has anyone played the game Quiver? It's a Doom clone from 1997. a) does anyone know anything about an updated SVGA version which was supposedly released a year after the original version? b) has anyone got any hints on getting the original version to run on a modern system? Thanks, Sparky
  9. Sparky_KISS

    mmmm.... Soup.....

    Japanese miso soup cream of pumpkin leek and turnip broth mmm...mmm...stop it, you're making me hungry!
  10. Sparky_KISS

    Fave side schrollers

    Realms of Chaos
  11. Sparky_KISS

    Artist Needed

    Two laughs in the thread, and they're both by Fredrik. Either the community is becoming more serious, or Fredrik should try stand-up comedy. ...and Steve - they're lazy as well as gay!
  12. Sparky_KISS

    Looking for an egyptian themed midi.

    What about Exhumed (a.k.a. Powerslave)? I'm pretty sure the demo version of Exhumed contains music. You can get the demo from here: ftp://3dgamers.in-span.net/pub/3dgamers/games/exhumed/exwebdem.zip Otherwise, the full version is available at abandonware sites all over the net. The CD version has awesome Egyptian music (shame about the game though). I hope this helps.
  13. Sparky_KISS

    [Program Suggestion]

    I also would be appreciative as it's a feature I've required MANY times over the years.
  14. Sparky_KISS

    Picture of archvile in id offices?

    I didn't know he was pigeon-toed... how cute. Opulent: when you say "private picture", do you mean that you took it yourself?
  15. Sparky_KISS

    Sprites of people holding signs

    Hey, thanks Ct_red_pants. That's a good idea... I'll stick the Wolfenstein Nazis on the other side of the pinko demonstrators so they can do the dirty work and the player can just stand and watch the carnage guilt free. Although, even with the hate bit set, only about 50% of the Nazis would attack the DEMONstrators - the rest would show solidarity and support for the troops in the field.