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  1. Congrats on remembering maps 31/32:) Impressive run
  2. PjSpartacus


    Well if you enjoyed his HolyHell run you will like this rare demo from a map equally as ridiculous. I'm pretty sure this was a TAS run because the map is borderline impossible... oku2v31.zip Okumap_110.zip
  3. PjSpartacus


    His Sunder map 6 still bothers me to this day. Don't understand how he can get hit 7-8 time in the opening 2 mins for the absolute min damage every time. But if you played a map hundreds of times I guess it's possible to get this lucky. 0xf00ba12 demonstrated it was certainly beatable but the damage taken was way more realistic. Also Killer5 came around and showed us some sick Reality runs on some slaughter maps so its certainly possible that okuplok was ahead of his time...
  4. PjSpartacus

    New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    I figured there was a legit reason why runners have done episode 1 and 2 UV-Max but stopped at episode 3. Is map 32 entrance a timed exit that makes it impossible to uv-max? This wad def breaks the traditional rules with episode levels. I don't see why we cant just decide to make episode 3 11-15, 31 and episode 4 32, 16-20? I don't think anyone will argue...
  5. PjSpartacus

    New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice run but what happened to maps 31 and 32? If they have to be accessed through map 15 then wouldn't they count as episode 3?
  6. Great, probably my best Valiant demo too. Someone else can have at it cause im not touching it lol
  7. PjSpartacus

    Hell Revealed 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    No Sweat! Now on to Hurt me plenty...
  8. PjSpartacus

    Notable 2017 demos

    I'd like to give honorable mentions to @TheV1perK1ller for not only best newcomer but also most improved runner and grinder of the year. His demos were already solid to start but within a year he has already become an elite runner in the group. Also shoutout to all @Veinen demos and efforts. The only reason he doesn't have "notable demos" is because he chooses less glamorous, non-slaughter, non-iwad, maps that casual players would play. Rest assure the speed and optimization of these lamer maps are "notable demo worthy". (technically this was December of last year but wasn't mentioned in 2016 demos) Thanks to everyone who provides me with hours of entertainment by contributing demos. I may have stopped recording but I'm still silently watching.
  9. PjSpartacus

    The most prestigious records

    Although it is not heavily competed against I believe the most "prestigious" record is doom2 all UV-Max. Something about taking down the original game by killing all monsters and accessing all secrets rings prestige.
  10. PjSpartacus

    Alien Vendetta - D2All UV-Speed in 1:33:21

    Speed of doom next lol :-P
  11. Nice work! My first demos were actually from Valiant as well
  12. PjSpartacus

    Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

    Daaaaamn! Sav sweet demo. I didnt think anyone would touch this old Stx-vile record but you were almost 50% faster. I would never think to play this map like that...
  13. PjSpartacus

    UAC Ultra demos (-complevel 9)

    great times and clever strategies! You should take a shot at the doom2 uv-max record I think you can do it....
  14. PjSpartacus

    Epic 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    I considered this awhile ago but it doesn't seem right unless I beat Tatsurd's 11:43 UV-Fast. UV-max should always be faster... I'm sure Vienen didn't bother because a large part of it is Luck hoping the cyber will fire at you instead of teleporting around like an asshole lol
  15. PjSpartacus

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    slow down? no no no. Demos are great high quality so keep up the good work...