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  1. The internet. A wonderful place to find information, download files, and see images. There's another, horrible side, to this world we call the internet. The internet as we know it has degraded the grammar skills of almost all who use it! People are too lazy to type out single words, thus they abbreviate them. "lol how r u?", for example. Not only do people use this on the internet, but people now also use this horrible grammar in thier writing! Why, exactly? Are people THAT lazy? Typing/writing the words "you", "are", etc. can't be too hard, can it? I could understand using abbreviations for some things, but why would someone need to abbreviate a 3 letter word? Bah! Stupidity! I'm no grammar genious, but I know enough not to type that stupidly.

    -A rant from the Demonic Spoon.. I mean.. Agent Spork.-

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    2. Draconio


      Ultraviolet said:


      Quick, someone start a Doom3 mod about Ultraviolet eating Ralphis' head =P

    3. DarkWolf


      It's really annoying when you take something like a foreign language or grammar class that forces you to learn English grammar and you have to listen to people slaughter everything you've learned. After taking Latin it's hard to even listen to the corrupted English pronunciation of Latin phrases and words.

    4. Jenblaze


      i type like that somethimes:$ but thats only bc (:P) i am so used to wtiring on my phone... now i usually just forget to capitalize and i dont give a shit about spelling:S