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  1. My family is falling apart at the seams.

    Pretty much everyone in my family hates one another, I have a sister that does drugs for whatever reason, my dad's an alcoholic, and my mom's struggling to provide enough money to pay the bills since my dad lost his job because of having at least four seizures. My other sister is twenty-two, still lives in my house, and wastes more of our family's money. She mainly sits around in her room playing stupid MMO RPG games all day, and going to work to blow all her money on useless role playing game crap. My younger sister is likely to fail 10th grade twice.

    I wish I had a better family. I feel like I'm the only sane one in my house anymore.

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    2. lupinx_resurrected


      wow that must be painful


    3. DooMBoy


      Heh, my family's kinda hit rough times recently, as my mom's been out of work because of hand surgery she had on her right hand 5 weeks ago or so. My older brother hasn't found a job in the last couple months, despite his searching, and my little brother blows about half of the money he does get from his job. Me, I'm still jobless, but at least me and my older brother help out around the house. So basically my dad is the one who really brings home the bacon.

    4. Goat


      Twiztid said:

      "Home is where you make it."

      you like to see homos naked? </joedirtjoke>