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  1. Hooray.. Less than a week before my birthday, my computer decided to kick the boot.

    I've narrowed it down to one of the following components that might be to blame for the death of the computer.

    1. Motherboard (Which would be a bad, bad thing)
    2. CPU
    3. RAM
    4. Power Supply

    Ugh, there goes any of the ideas my parents had for birthday presents this year. (I was kind of hoping to get a new video card for my birthday)

    Well, now I just need $1000 dollars so I can get a new one.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Simply opening up a PSU isn't dangerous. Being a fucking retard is, though. Don't touch the tops of the capacitors. Don't touch any two of them simultaneously or you could discharge them into your body. Don't touch a capacitor and anything else that conducts electricity to anything else, because you might discharge that capacitor into your body.

      Just looking in to see if the PCB is scorched or if there are any popped parts isn't dangerous. If he just buys another PSU, he might be wasting money and still not figure out what the problem is.

    3. Sporku


      Well, I (carefully) opened up the power supply for the rotten corpse of my computer, and didn't seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. Nothing burned, charred, disfigured, or anything like that.

      I suppose that maybe it's not the problem. Either that, or there is some problem with it that I would not be able to notice with close eye observation (+ magnifying glass/flash-light).

      I was hoping it might be the power supply. Now, I've no way to tell what might be causing the problem, without going around replacing parts.

      It'd probably be more cost effective just to buy a new computer (or just the parts I need to build a working computer (Power Supply, CPU, RAM, Case, Motherboard, etc.)).

      Looks like I'm stuck with this 400mhz piece of garbage for a while. Heh, a very pumped up piece of garbage.

      Current computer specs:
      CPU: 400mhz
      VIDEO: Radeon 9200 (I was surprised to find an AGP slot on the motherboard)
      SOUND: SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1
      HD1: 40GB MAXTOR
      HD2: 60GB SEAGATE

      Hey! I can run UT2K4 at 3 FPS. Not like it really matters, though.

    4. Ultraviolet


      Have you tried transplanting the PSU into the machine you're using now?